Beauty Is a Beast


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Beauty Is a Beast

  1. 1. Beauty Is a Beast (A single light comes up on the Fairy)FAIRY: Now how is this story supposed to start. Lets see! Once upon a time there was aprincess named Beauty. But wait, thats not really when the story started. It really started longago, in a land far, far away, when Beauty was just a baby. Perhaps I should start by sayingtwice upon a time. Anyway, There was a royal family. They were kind and fair rulers who didwhat was best for the people. As a reward for their good deeds, I decided to make theirnewborn daughter the most beautiful person in the world. But as you will soon see, makingBeauty that way was a big mistake. (FAIRY snaps her fingers and lights go to black) SCENE 1 (Lights come up on a medieval village. A castle rises [C] above the peasants homes [L, R]. Villagers wander, going about their business. Two stop when they see the beautiful PRINCESS)SARAH: Isnt she the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?MARY: She is the most perfect woman in the world (The PRINCESS notices them talking about her)SARAH: Her parents must have been truly happy having such a beautiful princessPRINCESS: (Angry) What are you two staring at?MARY: (Nervous) We were just,PRINCESS: (Mocks her) "You were just" what? Staring? Why dont you go somewhere andmind your own business?SARAH: Forgive us, Princess.MARY: We didnt mean to hurt you. (SARAH and MARY rush away nervously)PRINCESS: Yeah, well forgive this. (She throws stones at them)PRINCESS: Ha! Got them. (Laughs). Thatll teach them.TUTOR: (He comes from castle) Must you treat the people that way?PRINCESS: (Pulls his long beard) I must!TUTOR: Cant you behave like a lady?PRINCESS: I will, if you will! (Laughs)TUTOR: Quit acting like such a beast!PRINCESS: Do not say that again or Ill cut off your head! (She smiled sarcastically and throws another stone at a passing pe ople)TUTOR : Im just worried about you. You dont seem to care for anyone or anything.Someday youll insult the wrong person and youll be sorry.PRINCESS: No, its them who will be sorry. Guards! (GUARDS appear and she points to TUTOR)PRINCESS: Take him away. (Laughs as the GUARDS drag him off screaming)PRINCESS: So what is on my schedule today? read it!
  2. 2. (She snaps her fingers and a SCRIBE appears in a hurry)SCRIBE: (Scrambles to find the right scroll on the ground) Well, you have a hairappointment at 9, a dress fitting at 10. . .PRINCESS: Enough! I want to have a party instead.SCRIBE: But Princess,PRINCESS: BUT WHAT? (PEOPLE stop to see what is going on)SCRIBE: But of course, Ill go arrange it immediately.PRINCESS: Good scribe. (Pats him on the head)SCRIBE: Yes, quite. (EXITS)PRINCESS: (To PEOPLE) What are you staring at? (They scrabble away)HONOR: (ENTERS) Hello, sister. How are you this fair day?PRINCESS: Are you just pretending? Oh.. Youre always so sweet. Dont you ever get sickof being sweet?HONOR: Well, Where is your fair scribe off to?PRINCESS: He is preparing a party.HONOR: Oh, dear. I already had a party planned.PRINCESS: You? You never have parties. Youre not the popular one.HONOR: I know. I thought it was a silly idea too, but father insisted. Theres a prince. PrinceAndres of Acrime.PRINCESS: Never heard of him.HONOR: Acrime is the large kingdom East of here. Daddy says the kingdom is larger thanours.PRINCESS: Larger than ours?! Impossible. So why are you having a party for this prince?Oh, I know! The party is for me!HONOR: Well, actually,PRINCESS: I must hurry and get on my most lovely dress. (PRINCESS exits happily)HONOR: (Sad) Actually, the party was for me. (EXITS. FAIRY appears)FAIRY: Ahhh. Poor Honor. Beauty has always treated her so badly, but Honor continues tobe as kind as ever. I must do something for Honor. I must reward her for her goodness insome way. Maybe I could give her a golden. Oh, I know. How about a handsome prince? (ANDRES walks in. Stands proudly)FAIRY: Yes, that should do nicely. But how can I keep Beauty from stealing him? Oh, Iknow. (Snaps her fingers and ANDRES stumbles and waves his arms around)FAIRY: Ill make him blind. That will protect him from Beautys powers. (ANDRES is guided by servants because of his blindness)JANIE: Hello, good prince.ANDRES: Is this the castle of the fair princess of Callentine?JANIE: Maybe. Which princess?
  3. 3. ANDRES: Oh, yes. There is more than one.JANIE: Beauty and Honor.ANDRES: Yes. This is the castle I seek. Thank you good people. (ANDRES exits with servants) (THEY all rush off to the party and FAIRY reappears)FAIRY: I just love a party. They might as well call it a surprise party because Beauty isgoing to get the surprise of her life. And she aint gonna like it one bit. (Snaps her fingers and lights go black) SCENE 2: PARTY (Many people are attending the party. Everyone is in fancy costumes and dances to the music. HONOR and the KING join in. BEAUTY hangs back and looks pretty)HONOR: (After dancing) Come dance the next dance, sister. its so fun.PRINCESS: I dont want to mess up my dress. Ill wait here for the prince to arrive.HONOR: He already has.PRINCESS: What? And he didnt say hi to me yet.HONOR: He hasnt seen anything. Hes blind.PRINCESS: Blind? You mean he cant see? (Nervous) Then, Ill have to go talk to him.HONOR: That would be a lovely idea. Come. Ill introduce you. (HONOR goes to get ANDRES)HONOR: (Brings over ANDRES) Andres. This is my sister, Beauty.(ANDRES holds out his hand. PRINCESS reluctantly reaches out her hand. ANDRES takes her hand)ANDRES: It is a pleasure to meet you.PRINCESS: So good to meet you too. (Silence) how do you like the party?ANDRES: Its wonderful. Honor said that she was going to give me a tour of the kingdomafter the party. Im looking forward to it.PRINCESS: You are?HONOR: Its such a beautiful day outside. It should be lovely.ANDRES: Your sister has been so kind to me. I wish Id heard about your kingdom yearsago.PRINCESS: (Insincere) Yes, me too.HONOR: Come, Andres. Lets have one more dance. (Another dance begins and HONOR and ANDRES join in. PRINCESS watches unhappily)PRINCESS: Well, Ill show her. When Im becoming “Queen of the Ball”, as usual, thenAndres will realize who the best princess is.KING: Attention everyone! Attention! (Everyone gathers around)KING: We now must declare the Queen of the Ball. (PRINCESS crosses to her father proudly)KING: And for the first time, the voting was unanimous. The envelope please. (SCRIBE brings envelope)
  4. 4. KING: And the winner is, Princess Honor. (HONOR is shocked, as is PRINCESS. ANDRES cheers, as do the PEOPLE “Hip – hip Hurray!) (HONOR is crowned and given flowers. She is embarrassed)HONOR: This is such a special day for me.KING: As our Queen of the Ball, you have the opportunity to make one royal decree.HONOR: As Queen of the Ball, I decree that tomorrow will be a holiday.PEOPLE: No work! Hurray!HONOR: And we will have a feast for ALL the people of our kingdom. Rich and poor. Andwe…PRINCESS: Shes only allowed one thing. Thats two. (HONOR is totally embarrassed. ANDRES steps forward)ANDRES: Tomorrow we will have a wedding. Honor has agreed to marry me.PRINCESS: What? I cant believe this. They didnt even notice me today. I might as well beinvisible. (PEOPLE crowd around ANDRES and HONOR and they all hurry off stage excitedly. SERVANTS linger, cleaning up) (FAIRY godmother appears)FAIRY: That can be arranged. (She taps PRINCESS with her wand.)PRINCESS: Hey! What did you just do?FAIRY: I made you invisible. I did. You have been the center of attention for too long. Itstime you learned what its like not to be noticed.PRINCESS: Who do you think you are? Arent you supposed to be nice to me?FAIRY: Im your fairy godmother. I was once. Im the one who made you beautiful whenyou were a baby. Now Im here to correct my error.PRINCESS: Error? That was no error.FAIRY: It was Beauty. You may be lovely on the outside but you are ugly on the inside.PRINCESS: How dare you call me ugly!FAIRY: You must stay invisible until you learn!PRINCESS: Invisible huh? This could be fun. (She kicks a servant who thinks its another one. They get in a fight as a result). (She pulls another servants hair)FAIRY: Oh, dear. (PRINCESS picks up something and makes it float around)FAIRY: Maybe I need to rethink this. (Zaps PRINCESS and she freezes)FAIRY: Perhaps there is another way. (She waves her wand) Zippidy , wippidy , mippidy .do. You pick on servants and now they will pick on you! (PRINCESS collapses and BLACKOUT) SCENE 3 (KING, HONOR, and ANDRES gather to talk to the SCRIBE)
  5. 5. KING: This is dreadful. Are you sure she is nowhere to be found?SCRIBE: Im sorry, my king. We have looked everywhere. She has just disappeared.HONOR: This is all my fault. I must find her and talk to her.KING: You have the right to make parties as she is. She has no right to be upset about that.ANDRES: We will search everywhere for her, my princess. We wont stop until we find her.KING: (To the SCRIBE) Gather every available person. The search must beginimmediately. A hundred pieces of gold to the one that finds her.SCRIBE: Yes, my king. (They all depart)FAIRY: This will go according to my plan. Yes, I have a plan, believe it or not. I didn’t sleeplast night. Well, youll see. This story will have a happy ending. Ill bet my wand on it. Now,it’s time to check on Beauty. (Snaps fingers and blackout) SCENE 4 (Outside the castle there is a strong man contest going on. Different people compete, trying the lift various objects)PRINCESS: Where am I? Oh, what happened? Where are my lovely dresses? Who did thisto me? (Realizes) My fairy godmother did this. Where are you? (NICK enters and notices the PRINCESS is upset)NICK: What seems to be the trouble? And who are you?PRINCESS: Believe it or not, I am Princess Beauty.NICK: Thats a funny name.PRINCESS: Whats so funny about it?NICK: Well, youre not exactly,PRINCESS: I know. My fairy godmother did this too me.NICK: I thought fairy godmothers were supposed to be helpful.PRINCESS: Where is she? This isnt funny, fairy godmother. If you dont turn me back now,youll be sorry.NICK: If youre really Beauty, why dont you just go home and tell them what happened?You can take a bath and get cleaned up and it will be okay.PRINCESS: Thats an excellent idea. (She marches up to the castle gate)PRINCESS: Hello, you stupid servants. Let me in. Its Princess Beauty.GUARD: Sorry, but youre not Princess Beauty. You cant possibly bePRINCESS: I am so. Step aside. I want to see my father.GUARD: No way! Back off.PRINCESS: Dont touch me. (They push her out and she lands on the ground)GUARD: And dont try that again or well throw you in the jail.PRINCESS: (Cries) Now what am I going to do?NICK: (Helps her up) Do you have anywhere else to go?PRINCESS: No. No where.
  6. 6. NICK: Come with me. Well get you cleaned up and fed. Then well decide what to do. (NICK takes PRINCESS by the hand and leads her away)FAIRY: Well, well, well. Beauty has found herself a handsome boy. A most unexpected andPLEASANT peasant development. A day with the "little people" might be exactly whatBeauty needs to see things differently. Now for the difficult part. I must teleport all of youinto Nicks tiny home. Its much smaller than this castle here. If you dont mind Ill have toshrink you down a bit. You will be no bigger than mice. Everyone ready? Here we go. (Snaps her fingers and black out) SCENE 5 (NICK takes PRINCESS to his humble home. Its a simple peasants home)NICK: Here we are. Arent you hungry? (Holds out some bread to her)PRINCESS: (Not pleased) Oh. (Eyes bread) Just a little.NICK: Then eat.PRINCESS: Anyway, Wheres your family?NICK: Theyre probably out for their afternoon walk. (Hears them coming)NICK: There they are now.PETER: Hello, Nick!NICK: Hello, family. I have great news. I won the strong man contest. I won five pieces ofgold.JANIE: Thats wonderful. That can feed us for a year. (She notices PRINCESS) Whos this,Nick? Is it your girlfriend?NICK: This is a friend in need.PETER: Whats her name?PRINCESS: Beauty. My name is Beauty. (Some of the kids laugh)JANIE: Dont laugh. Even though she may not be beautiful on the outside, she must bebeautiful on the inside. Thats the most important Beauty.PRINCESS: If only that were true. Im afraid Im ugly inside and outside.JANIE: You mustnt say that. Come with me. Lets fix you up and well see if we cant findthat beauty again. (JANIE and PRINCESS exit out back L. There is a knock R)NICK: (Answers door) Yes?SCRIBE: I am the royal scribe. We are offering a reward for anyone who knows wherePrincess Beauty is. 100 pieces of gold.NICK: How can I know her?SCRIBE: Shes the most beautiful woman in the kingdom. She has a birthmark on her foot.You cant miss it when she takes off her shoes, which she rarely does. Its the oneimperfection in her perfect beauty.NICK: Thank you. Ill let you know. (Kids, Janie, Princess return)NICK: What did you do, Janie?
  7. 7. JANIE: A little scrubbing and a nice dress did a little bit of magic.PETER : Youre pretty. Nick thinks so, too. (Princess sad)JANIE: Whats wrong, Beauty?PRINCESS: I dont understand why youve been so kind to me. Ive never done anything foryou.NICK: We are always willing to help those in needJANIE: Before they died, mother and father made us promise to always help people.NICK: And now Beauty can help serve.PRINCESS: Serve? Ive never served anyone. (YELL AT JENIE)NICK: Now, look here. You cant go around and yell at my family. Weve tried to be nice toyou and look how you treat us.PRINCESS: Fine, Ill leave.PETER: Beauty. Please dont go. (To NICK) Please let her stay.NICK: Only if she cleans up that bowl of stew she threw down.PETER: Please, Beauty. Please clean it up. We want you to stay.PRINCESS: Fine. Ill clean it up. (PRINCESS starts to clean)FAIRY: (A light appears on her). And clean she did. She had never done anything asdifficult, or as fun, or as wonderful. She cleaned until the sun faded in the West and shecouldnt see the end of the broom anymore. She was tired but happy, and forever transformed. SCENE 6(PRINCESS is sitting, her feet propped up on a chair. She is Tired from cleaning. It is night. A candle is lit)NICK: (Enters quietly) Youre finally done? Whats wrong?PRINCESS: My feet. They hurt so badlyNICK: Its those shoes. They look too small for you. Can I take them off for you?PRINCESS: No, thats okay. Im fine.NICK: No, really. Ill rub them for you. May I?PRINCESS: Oh, Im too tired to argue.NICK: (Removes her shoes. He stares, stunned) The birthmark !!PRINCESS: Isnt it ugly? Nick? Whats wrong?NICK: (Speechless) Youre the princess!PRINCESS: Ive been trying to tell you that.NICK: (Falls on his knees) Oh, your highness. Im so sorry.PRINCESS: Nick, please dont be like that. Thats why I liked you. Im just a normal peasantgirl now. My smart fairy godmother made me like cleaning.NICK: Should I go get the Scribe? We can show him your birthmark and then you can gohome.PRINCESS: And you can get your hundred gold pieces for bringing me back home?NICK: I dont want any reward.PRINCESS: Youre crazy not to take it.
  8. 8. NICK: I should be paying them a hundred pieces of gold for letting me spend time with you.Theres something about you. The way you are that makes me never want to let you go. Itsnot your beauty, its you. Your fairy godmother took the beauty on the outside and put it onthe inside. (FAIRY appears)FAIRY: You called?PRINCESS: I cant thank you enough for what youve done.FAIRY: I’m going to change her back nowPRINCESS: No, wait. I just got used to being this way.NICK: But dont you want to be a princess?PRINCESS: But if I become a princess, I cant be with you.FAIRY: Oh, what to do, what to do. Fairy godmother rules said that I must change you backsince you learned your lesson.PRINCESS: Cant you break them, just this once?FAIRY: But what about your family, Beauty. Theyre worried about you. If you dont goback,PRINCESS: Oh, my goodness. I forgot about them. How awful of me.NICK: Beauty? You must go home. Ill miss you, Beauty. (Takes her hands)FAIRY: Ready? Here we go! (ZAP! And lights go black)PRINCESS: Sister! Father! (She runs and hugs them)KING: Beauty? Is it really you?HONOR: What happened to you? Im so glad your safe.PRINCESS: Something wonderful. I dont know what would have happened to me if ithadnt been for Nick.KING: Nick?NICK: (On his knees) Yes, your highness. (with his family)KING: Please rise. (The kids all start to gather)PRINCESS: Thank you all for taking care of me. Youve all been so wonderful.PETER: Are you leaving us?NICK: She must go. Shes a princess.PRINCESS: But, I cant just go back to the way I was. I like my new life.HONOR: Father? Cant we let Beauty stay here? Then why dont you get rid of the peasants.NICK: What?!HONOR: That sounded terrible. What I mean is why dont you make all the peasants nobles,lords, and ladies? We can give them all some of our riches and they can all live as well as wedo.KING: I suppose we could do that. Then who will lead my kingdom?PRINCESS: Perhaps Nick would be willing.NICK: Me?HONOR: You could make him a prince, father.
  9. 9. NICK: Me?PRINCESS: And then we could get married.NICK and KING: Married?HONOR: It looks like were going to have a double wedding! (Lights fade to black)FAIRY: (A light comes up on her. Shes sobbing happily) Wasnt that a touching story? Oh,Im sorry. Im a sucker for a happy ending. (Gets herself under control)FAIRY: Things were never the same in the kingdom again. Peasants were freed from theirburden of taxes and numerous holidays were declared for the upcoming weddings of Beautyto Nick and Honor to Andres. And they all lived happily ever after, of course. (Stops as if someone has asked her a question)FAIRY: Me? Im off to Hawaii for our centennial fairy godmother convention. I heard thebig island is going to blow its top. That will be quite a show. Almost as good as this one. Byenow! (Snaps her fingers and lights fade to black) END OF PLAY