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Zhcet(amu) brochure 2011

  1. 1. CONTENTS PURPOSE1. From TPO’s Desk The brochure is meant to show the2. Aligarh Muslim University glimpses of Myriad facets of one of India’s premier institutes3. Zakir Husain College of Engineering & Technology ZAKIR HUSAIN COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING4. Faculties & Infrastructure & TECHNOLOGY  Department of Mechanical Engineering It briefs you about the College, its faculties,  Department of Electrical Engineering Students and their Activities. It throws  Department of Electronics Engineering Light on the escalating Placement  Department of Civil Engineering scenario.  Department of Chemical Engineering  Department of Computer Engineering  Department of Petrochemical Engineering CONTACTS  Department of Architecture College website:5. Teachers’ Statistics www.zhcet.ac.in6. Students’ Activities & Achievements University website:7. Distinguished Alumni www.amu.ac.in8. Top Recruiters Training & Placement Officer: tpo@zhcet.ac.in fareedmahdi@rediffmail.com Tel/Fax: +91-571-2700542The Training & Placement Office, Zakir Husain College of Engineering & Technology, AMU Page 1Tel/Fax: +91-571-2700542 Email: tpo@zhcet.ac.in , fareedmahdi@rediffmail.com
  2. 2. FROM THE TPO’S DESK  Our students fully understand the importance of good customer service in any business and always try hard to meet the needs of their customer. They are keen problem solver and take a great deal of pride in helping people. Our students are taught to work in an organized and methodical manner with a high degree of accuracy.  Our students are taught to work in an organized and methodical manner with a high degree of accuracy often writing reports and articles detailing their findings. The students are The Babe-Syed Gate instrumental in writing reports and papers to“I feel our students have the necessary skills and ability external bodies which they gain due toto quickly become a successful and valued member of participation in various seminars/any organization. Their skills include: symposia/workshops etc.  Excellent organizational and time  The students here display a high caliber of management skills which they develop during technical qualities, which helps them in solving their study period, planning and managing difficult problems. They have full grasp and their work in order to complete the knowledge of their discipline and have an assignment within the required time scale. excellent attitude towards innovation and The students here develop excellent progress. By their hard work, clarity of thought communication skills during their course of and quest for knowledge, they are kept abreast studies as they are required to present with the latest trends and developments in the lectures/seminars to large groups of people. field. Formal as well as informal discussion with Seminar is an integral part of the curriculum them reveals a keen mind, abiding interest and where they prepare and present lectures on genuine enthusiasm in new ideas, techniques new technological development. and approaches.  Our students have sound knowledge of their  The students are actively involved in respective fields and new development in their extracurricular activities such as sports, NCC, field as our curriculum is revised frequently to group discussions, organizing cultural and cater the need of changes in technology. literary programs etc which help them in their  Students of this college enjoy working with overall personality development. people from many different backgrounds, they are team player but they are also capable of working alone using their own initiative.I am sure that they will have good working relationship with their bosses and support staff and thus I recommend them for a position at your firm and am confident that they will be an outstanding staff member.” Dr. (Capt) Fareed Mahdi, Training & Placement OfficerThe Training & Placement Office, Zakir Husain College of Engineering & Technology, AMU Page 2Tel/Fax: +91-571-2700542 Email: tpo@zhcet.ac.in , fareedmahdi@rediffmail.com
  3. 3. ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITYTHE UNIVERSITY AT A GALANCE AMU – A SKELETONIZE SURVEY  Founded by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan as Anglo-  Number of students enrolled = 25,033 Mohammedan Oriental College at Aligarh in 1875, it was granted University status in 1920  Number of teachers =1290  Modeled on the University of Cambridge, it was one of the first institutions of higher learning set up during  Number of employees = 5901 the British Raj.  Number of foreign students= 174  First life time member of AMU students union was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.  Area of campus= 1200 acres  University has played a lead role in promoting new ideas, the spirit of integration of the world and  Number of faculties = 14 cultivation of intellect and culture.  Number of departments = 85SPECIAL FEATURES AND INFRASTRUCTURE:  Number of halls = 18  Fluidly juxtaposed, traditional and modern style Infrastructure in a sprawling 1200 acres green  Number of hostels = 70 campus in the outskirts of Uttar Pradesh that integrates environmental concerns with student centred facilities.  There are 18 halls of residence , each complete with in- house library , common room and sports facilities.  TATA-INFOTECH Computer Centre with a capacity of 5000 students.  THE KENNEDY AUDITORIUM with a seating capacity of 1647.  MAULANA AZAD LIBRARY – One of the Asia’s best library with More than 8,50,000 rich collection of books, manuscript and periodicals in all the well known languages.  COACHING AND GUIDANCE CENTRE which Provides coaching facilities for various competitive Examinations like IAS, PCS, and NDA etc.  THE GENERAL EDUCATION CENTRE, The literary The Maulana Azad Library and cultural hub of the university. The Faculty of Arts, AMU The Kennedy AuditoriumThe Training & Placement Office, Zakir Husain College of Engineering & Technology, AMU Page 3Tel/Fax: +91-571-2700542 Email: tpo@zhcet.ac.in , fareedmahdi@rediffmail.com
  4. 4. ZAKIR HUSAIN COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (ZHCET)ZHCET – AN OVERVIEW SALIENT FEATURES AND ACHIEVEMENTS  Honored to be amongst the top seven institutes to be nominated for the upgradation process to IIT level on the recommendation of S. K. Joshi’s Expert Committee, based on stringent benchmarks for parameters, such as, academic performance, research quality, staff qualifications, physical infrastructure, long term stability, etc. Out of the AICTE’s approved Government Institutions and Universities all over the country, the Committee considered the top 200 institutions and short listed 40 among them in the first round. Out of these institutions, the Committee looked into greater details and finally listed seven institutions/universities for final consideration for the upgradation. The Department of Electrical Engineering  B.Tech. Programmes of the Zakir Husain College of Engineering & Technology (ZHCET) have been  Named after a great scholar of AMU and the accredited with excellence by the National Board of President of India, Dr. Zakir Husain, the Zakir Husain Accreditation (NBA), a programme set up to assess the College of Engineering & Technology came into qualitative competence of technical educational existence on the 21s t November, 1938 institutions at all the levels of education by AICTE, for a period of five years w.e.f. 10.02.2009. Amongst one of  Zakir Husain College of Engineering and Technology the very few, rare cases, all the B. Tech. Programmes aims to provide knowledge according to the industry of the college were sanctioned accreditation for a standards. The program structure is designed, maximum possible period of five years., in the very first keeping in mind the needs of Industry standards and attempt. provides the students firsthand experience in a  MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW), a web-based variety of areas related to modern Technologies. publication of virtually all MIT course content  The Zakir Husain College of Engineering & comprising of 1700 courses, spanning across 35 Technology offers courses in Undergraduate academic disciplines, is networked within the college. (B.Tech) as well as Post Graduate (M.Tech & Ph.D.) The MIT OCW has only 7 mirror sites in the world, 2 courses. The College offers undergraduate courses in the sub-continent and the only one of its type in in 8 disciplines of Engineering. India. Branch No of UG seats Mechanical 90 Computer Science 50 Electronics 50 Electrical 60 Civil 60 Chemical 30 Petrochemical 20 Nadeem Tareen Hall – One of ZHCET’s HostelsThe Training & Placement Office, Zakir Husain College of Engineering & Technology, AMU Page 4Tel/Fax: +91-571-2700542 Email: tpo@zhcet.ac.in , fareedmahdi@rediffmail.com
  5. 5. FACULTIES AND INFRASTRUCTURETHE DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERINGIntroduction Thrust Areas and Laboratories Thermal Engineering Combustion & Pollution Wind Tunnel at Fluid Mechanics Lab  Established about sixty years back with Ph.D., M.Tech (Thermal Engineering, Industrial & Production Engg. and Machine Design), B.Tech. & Heat Transfer IC Engines B.E. (Evening) programmes being offered.  The faculty has published over 600 research papers in the International & National Journals of repute.  An Instructional & Research Resource Centre (IRRC) has been established in the department to impart modern education through Multimedia Projection system including dozens of audio-visual cassettes on state of the art information on current Power Plant Engineering Refrigeration & AC topics, software packages, over forty computers and fully furnished Conference room as well as series of lectures by invited experts from Industries and Institutions.  The department has the following facilities and Laboratories: Turbine & Pump, Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics & Turbo machines, Microprocessor Applications, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Internal Combustion Engines, Heat Power, Refrigeration & Fluid Mechanics Computing Systems Air Conditioning, Combustion & Pollution Control, Heat Transfer, Machinery Dynamics, Stress Analysis & Tribology, Production Engineering, Computers and Robotics, Material Science, Metrology & CNC, Quality Assurance, CAD & CAM. Machine Design Industrial & ManufacturingThe Training & Placement Office, Zakir Husain College of Engineering & Technology, AMU Page 5Tel/Fax: +91-571-2700542 Email: tpo@zhcet.ac.in , fareedmahdi@rediffmail.com
  6. 6. THE DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINGIntroduction Laboratories High Voltage Lab Control System Lab The Department of Electrical Engineering  Established in 1935, the EED, has been availing various National and International scholarships to Electric Drives Lab Power Electronics Lab send the faculty members abroad, boosted by QIP programme.  The faculty members of the EED have till date, published more than 800 research papers.  The EED has organised several short-term training courses and the national level seminars/conferences for young Engineers in industries and academics. Thrust areas of the Department Simulation Lab Power System Lab  Power System Dynamics and Control including Parallel AC/DC & Simultaneous AC/DC Transmission system.  High Voltage Engineering with special emphasis on the development of Superconducting and insulating materials.  Power Electronics and Drives focusing on the development of novel converter topologies and multi- Electric Machines Lab Circuit & Instrumentation Lab phase motor drives.  Renewable Energy Sources with effort in optimising the tapping of energy from solar photo-voltaic systems.  Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing with orientation towards bio-engineering. Microprocessor Lab Research LabThe Training & Placement Office, Zakir Husain College of Engineering & Technology, AMU Page 6Tel/Fax: +91-571-2700542 Email: tpo@zhcet.ac.in , fareedmahdi@rediffmail.com
  7. 7. THE DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS ENGINEERINGIntroduction Thrust Areas of the Department 1. VLSI Design 1. Low power Design 2. SoC and NoC Design issues in Deep submicron 3. Novel and energy efficient FPGA architectures 2. Signal Processing & Applications 1. Audio & Speech Processing 2. Image and Video Coding 3. Video streaming 3. Wireless Systems and Networks 1. RF Design & Transceiver algorithms 2. Multimedia over wireless 3. New wireless systems and application The Department of Electronics Engineering  Created in 1988, the department has made Laboratories remarkable progress in terms of developing infrastructure, updating course structure and syllabi o Electronic Circuits & Systems Lab [123] and upgrading laboratories to the level comparable o Communication Systems and Radar Lab [97] o Communication Systems Simulation Lab [25] with those of the best institutions of the country. o IC Design and Fabrication Lab [39] These have been achieved by adapting a need o Digital Systems and Microprocessors lab [89] based continual evaluating policy from the day of its o Instrumentation and Control Lab [89] inception, and in order to impart knowledge to the o Optical Communication Lab [26] students about the latest developments in o Signal Processing Lab [57] Electronics Engineering & Technology. o Computer Lab [90] o Research Lab [40]  The highly qualified staff members have o Telematics Lab [112] published/contributed large number of high quality o Electronics Workshop [26] research papers in international and national o DRS Lab [49] journals and in conferences of repute. The faculty has supervised a good number of Ph.D. theses,  Each Faculty is provided with a PC having internet M.Tech. Dissertations and undergraduate projects. facility. In addition, the department has floated a number of  Main Computer Lab of the Department has 24 P-IV projects to the funding agencies. It has already been system.  Computational Hardware/Software Infrastructure. awarded financial assistance by various agencies  Direct Access to the DEC-ALPHA HP Mainframe including DRDO, MHRD, AICTE, UGC and CSIR Systems & several Graphics Work Stations. etc.The Training & Placement Office, Zakir Husain College of Engineering & Technology, AMU Page 7Tel/Fax: +91-571-2700542 Email: tpo@zhcet.ac.in , fareedmahdi@rediffmail.com
  8. 8. THE DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING  The Department offers B. Tech. (Civil) course and M.Introduction Tech. course in three major fields of specialization viz. Structural Engineering, Hydraulic Structures, and Environmental Engineering. At the Doctorate level, the Department offers Ph. D. in Structural Engineering, Hydraulic Structures, Environmental Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering. Thrust Areas of the Department  Structural Engineering o Fibre Composites and New Construction Materials o Transient Dynamic Analysis of Structures o Structural Masonry o Experimental Stress Techniques and Non- The Department of Civil Engineering Destructive Testing  Established in 1942, the department has grown o Numerical Modelling and Optimization Techniques manifold and contributed immensely in the o Reliability Analysis and Risk Assessment of technology transfer and propagation of technological Structures advancements to the industry. The department has o Earthquake Resistant Low Cost Housing maintained pace in coming at par with the latest and o Wind Engineering most sophisticated R&D, design, testing, o Offshore Structures instrumentation and computation facilities etc o Corrosion Engineering  The department owns a rich library having 9000 text o Fly ash Utilization and reference books. Many research projects o Instrumentation Technique, Application of Optical sponsored by A.I.C.T.E., U.G.C., D.S.T., C.S.I.R., Fiber D.R.D.O., C.S.T. (U.P.), Ministry of Environment and  Hydraulic Engineering Forest and Indian Oil Corporation, Govt. of India o Sediment Transport and Flow Through Porous have been successfully completed in the past. The Media faculty members have published significant number o Hydraulic Structures of Research papers in International Journals. The o Hydrology faculty members have also published several o Computational Hydraulics textbooks and prepared an appreciable number of  Geotechnical Engineering Technical Reports, Laboratory Manuals, and other o Fly Ash Utilization and Disposal Teaching Aids. The faculty members also have to o Ring/Annular/Shell and Pile Foundations their credit many awards such as Khosla Award, o Soil Structure Interaction and Environmental Geo- Suchit Kumar memorial Award, Institution of Technology Engineers (I), Khosla Research Prize, ISET Best o Application of Geo-synthetics in Ground Paper award, Deshpande award (FM & FP, India), Improvement Techniques Jai Krishna Award, Sir Arthur Cotton Memorial Gold  Environmental Engineering Medal to name a few. Many faculty members have o Hazardous and Solid Waste Management Physico chaired technical sessions of different National and Chemical Treatment Processes Corrosion Control International meets and have also been the Air Pollution members of the various technical committees. o Modeling and Simulation of Treatment Processes.The Training & Placement Office, Zakir Husain College of Engineering & Technology, AMU Page 8Tel/Fax: +91-571-2700542 Email: tpo@zhcet.ac.in , fareedmahdi@rediffmail.com
  9. 9. THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING  Heat Transfer OperationsIntroduction o Multi effect evaporator o Boiling heat transfer o Heat pipe o Shell and tube heat exchangers o Plate heat exchanger o Cross flow heat exchanger o Drop wise film wise condensation  Mass Transfer Operations o Packed bed/bubble cap distillation column o Rotary and tray driers, batch drying o Cooling tower o Absorption column & Solid dissolution o Liquid-liquid, Solid-Liquid extraction The Department of Chemical Engineering  Fluid Mechanics & Transport Analysis  The idea of the creation of the Department was born with the visit of His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin o Velocity profile in pipe flow Sultan Al-Nahyan of the UAE in 1975 as a beginning o Characterization of fluids towards the larger goal of establishing an Institute of o Flow in straight and curved pipe Petroleum Studies. o Bernoulli experiment flowThrust Areas of the Department  Fluid Particle Operations  Thermosiphon Reboiler  Process Modeling & Simulation o Size reduction equipments o Plate and frame filter press  Computer Aided Design of Process Plants o Rotary drum vacuum filter  Nucleate Pool Boiling o Flocculent/Discrete setting  Energy Integration and Mass Exchange Network o Particle size measurement  Membrane Separation/Inorganic Membranes o Packed/fluidized bed  Industrial Pollution Control and Waste Minimization o Closed circuit grinding  Thermodynamics of Phase Equilibria  Hazardous Waste Management  Thermodynamics & Chemical Reaction Engineering  Cellulose Chemistry & TechnologyFacilities o Heterogeneous non-catalytic reaction o CSTR o CSTR cascade  Fuels Testing and Energy Resources o Reaction kinetics o Laboratory tests on solid, liquid and gaseous  Process Instrumentation & Control fuels  Product Development & Testing o Photo-voltaic cell and flat-plate collector  Safety & Environment Laboratory o COD/BOD analysisThe Training & Placement Office, Zakir Husain College of Engineering & Technology, AMU Page 9Tel/Fax: +91-571-2700542 Email: tpo@zhcet.ac.in , fareedmahdi@rediffmail.com
  10. 10. THE DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER ENGINEERING THE DEPARTMENT OF PETROCHEMICAL ENGINEERINGIntroduction Introduction The Department of Computer Engineering. The Department of Petrochemical Engineering  Various laboratories relating to testing and determining  In the short span of time since its creation, the the characteristics and properties of refinery and Department of Computer Engineering has performed petrochemicals products, petroleum and petrochemical exceedingly well on academic front. The success of processing and other facilities have been established in a Department is best judge by the performance of its the department. students. The students have fared commendably in  The Department has research facilities in the area of various national as well as International level Hydrodesulphurization, Heat Transfer Studies to Boiling competitions like, GATE, CAT, GRE, SAT etc. They Hydrocarbon Liquids and their Mixtures in Vertical tube have secured admissions to higher studies at Thermosiphon Reboiler, Nucleate Boiling of institutions of repute. The training and skills that they Hydrocarbon Mixtures on Smooth and Enhanced acquire have aided in their overwhelming success at surfaces, Studies on Corrosion & its Control for placements in prestigious organizations both at Petroleum Industries, Kinetics Studies of Hydrogenation national as well as global level. and Oxidation reactions, etc. are also available.Thrust Areas of the Department Thrust Areas and Laboratories  Parallel Computing  Crude Evaluation Laboratory  Soft Computing  Petroleum Products Testing Laboratories  Web Mining  Fuel Technology & Combustion Laboratory  Computer Networking  Computer Controlled Process Control Laboratory  Software Engineering  Reaction Engineering and High Pressure Laboratory  Multimedia Techniques  Instrumental Analysis Laboratory  Computational LaboratoryThe Training & Placement Office, Zakir Husain College of Engineering & Technology, AMU Page 10Tel/Fax: +91-571-2700542 Email: tpo@zhcet.ac.in , fareedmahdi@rediffmail.com
  11. 11. THE DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTUREIntroduction Thrust Areas of the Department  Computerized Studios  Computer designing and drafting labs with the related infrastructure.  Availability of latest software for designing and drafting.  Further the department has plans for the extension and expansion in terms of building space and physical infrastructure. Laboratories  5 studios with conventional drafting boards  Material museum & Model making labs  Construction Lab for better learning and practical experience of various building materials.  Arts & Graphics room for indoor sketching exercises. The Department of Architecture  Established in 1993, the department runs as per the norms of the Council of Architecture and AICTE. The department aims to develop a great seat of learning for young Architects with high intellectual qualities to meet the challenges of the changing scenario of the world. The department is committed to maintain high standards of discipline and achieve high academic excellence. To achieve this, the effort has to be planned in a pragmatic manner taking stock of what exists and what needs to be developed/ required in time with the standards prescribed by COA in a phased manner.COA is apex statutory body which regulates & controls the profession& education of Architecture in the country. It is thus mandatory for any & every Institution imparting education in Architecture at UG & / PG The Computer Lab level, to meet their prescribed standards for the same.  The department has received a grant of Rs.15 lakhs from AICTE for the development and modernisation OTHER SUPPORTING DEPARTMENTS of studios and laboratories of the department of Architecture under MODROBS scheme.  The Department of Applied Physics  Various Design projects have been taken up by the department faculty, during last couple of years, to an  The Department of Applied Chemistry amount of Rs. 1.5 crore.  The Department of Applied MathematicsThe Training & Placement Office, Zakir Husain College of Engineering & Technology, AMU Page 11Tel/Fax: +91-571-2700542 Email: tpo@zhcet.ac.in , fareedmahdi@rediffmail.com
  12. 12. TEACHERS’ STATISTICS TEACHER STUDENT RATIO 1:11 Cadre Qualification 2% 23% Professors Ph.D 46% 39% Associate Post Graduate Professors 59% Under Graduate Assistant 31% Professors Experience Ph.D Holders 6% Less than 5 20% 19% years Ph.D from 5 to 10 years abroad Ph.D from India More than 10 75% 80% yearsThe Training & Placement Office, Zakir Husain College of Engineering & Technology, AMU Page 12Tel/Fax: +91-571-2700542 Email: tpo@zhcet.ac.in , fareedmahdi@rediffmail.com
  13. 13. STUDENTS’ ACTIVITIES @ingenioussolutions @ingenioussolutions is a forum, under the umbrella of training and Placement Office which was floated by a group of enterprising final year students of 2006 batch with the sole objective to help their fellow batch mates in improving their soft skills and in turn provide an impetus to the college placements. It is a community of students where the experienced ones share with their juniors some of the pleasant and unpleasant experiences they had while carving a niche for themselves. Getting students placed in an MNC to enjoy a lucrative job is not its only motive but also to make them articulate and work towards their overall personality development. It provides the ZHCETians with a platform to overcome their weaknesses and discomfitures ZHCET – A Hub of students’ activities like stage fright. In other words, it has helped the technocrats tap their talent and develop their caliber. The TECHNOCRATZ AMU ROBO CLUBInternet has emerged out as the best means of communication Roboclub is one of most sought after clubs where hobbyisttoday. Realizing it as the need of time, the students decided to converge electronics, programming & mechanics to innovate andexploit it for the benefit of ZHCET and came up with a website make robots with cutting edge technologies. Housed in the Dept ofas http://www.theTECHNOCRATZ.com about a year back. Electronics Engg, the club has active support from faculty,http://www.theTECHNOCRATZ.com was launched as a industry & alumni. Students are given guidance & infrastructure tostudent portal to bring all the college activities under one prepare for events in the domain of Robotics, embedded,umbrella and give them an online platform. The website has a electronics and software.lot of exclusive sections like results with detailed analysis,students database, campus videos, uploads from faculty, INTOUCH – THE COLLEGE POSTcollege gangs etc. The website is updated on regular basiswith regular feedback from students, alumni and teachers. INTOUCH – THE COLLEGE POST, the college magazine isTheTECHNOCRATZ is now a student forum that has a web circulated by the students under the patronage of the dean. Itdevelopment club running under its umbrella. provides an excellent platform for the artistic instincts of the budding engineers.The Training & Placement Office, Zakir Husain College of Engineering & Technology, AMU Page 13Tel/Fax: +91-571-2700542 Email: tpo@zhcet.ac.in , fareedmahdi@rediffmail.com
  14. 14. RECENT STUDENTS’ ACHIEVEMENTSName Year of Passing AchievementTalha Bin Masood 2010 Rank 10 in GATE 2010Gaurav Pandey 2010 Rank 11 in GATE 2010Gaurav Yadav 2010 Rank 135 in GATE 2009Nitin Raghav 2010 Selected in PGCILSandeep Yadav 2010 Selected in PGCILAfaq Hasan Khan 2010 Two Papers Published in ICFCC 2009 (IEEE Conference), MalaysiaVikas Sharma, Ankit Agarwal, Sabahat 2010 One Paper Published in ICCSIT 2009 (IEEE Conference), Beijing,Hussain ChinaMohd Siddique Khan, Tauseef Ali, 2010 One Paper Published in ICACT 2009 (IEEE Conference), SouthRehan Ahmad KoreaAhmad Mohd Khalid 2010 One Paper Presented at SCHEMCON 09 (IIChe Conference), IITRSyed Abdus Samad Ali 2010 Got Admission in M. Tech. at Imperial College in LondonSyed Kashif Hassan 2009 PGP, IIM Kolkata (2009-2011) – 99.99 percentile in CAT 2008Umair Azmi 2009 MS, IISC Bangalore (2009-2011) – Rank 17 in GATE 2009 (CS)Shadab Mallick 2009 PGP, MDI Gurgaon (2009-2011) – 99.1 percentile in CAT 2008Fahad Ali Usmani 2009 Amongst 20 candidates shortlisted for Commonwealth ScholarshipBeenish Zia 2009 MS, University of Ireland with 100% ScholarshipUmair Azmi 2009 98.7 percentile in CAT 2008Harsh Vardhan 2009 98.1 percentile in CAT 2008Faraz Khan 2009 6 Papers published in various IEEE/ICCEE international conferencesAkshat Saxena 2009 MS, University of Cincinnati, Ohio with 90% shcholarshipKinshuk Varshney 2009 MS, John Hopkins University with 30% scholarshipTabish Ali 2007 MDI Gurgaon alumnus, 99.1 percentile in CAT 2006Mohd Kaif 2007 NITIE alumnus, 98.9 percentile in CAT 2006Syed Sabauddin Ashraf 2006 IIM Indore alumnus, 99.19 percentile in CAT 2005The Training & Placement Office, Zakir Husain College of Engineering & Technology, AMU Page 14Tel/Fax: +91-571-2700542 Email: tpo@zhcet.ac.in , fareedmahdi@rediffmail.com
  15. 15. DISTINGUISHED ALUMNIName DesignationZ.A. Nizami Chancellor, Sir Syed University of Engg & Technology, former Director General KDA (Pakistan)V.K.Agarwal Former Chairman, Railway Board, IndiaSatish Chandra Former Chairman, CWC, IndiaMatloob M.Khan Group General Manager, NASH Group, former GM, Birla GroupLaiq Ahmad Advisor ETA Star Project, UAEMasood H.Rizvi M.D, Five Star, UAEUreed A.Siddiqi Consultant, Borouge, UAEDawood Bin Uzair M.D, Alfuttaim Engg, UAEShadan Niamat Proprietor, Western technologies, USAAsim Samiuddin Head, Funds silver point capital, Greenwich, USAAshok Kumar Trehan Chief general Manager, UPSEBZafar Alam Link Locks, Aligarh, IndiaMohd. Haider Hashmi Project Co-coordinator, Kulijan Power Corporation, Philadelphia, USASyed Jamal Ahmad G.M, Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers, IndiaD.P.Agarwal Member, Union Public Service Commission, IndiaKhushboo Mirza Scientist, ISRO, IndiaZafar Iqbal Former Indian Hockey CaptainNayyar Azam Google IndiaMohd Arif Scientist, ISRO, IndiaNazeer Ahmad Scientist, ISRO, IndiaThe Training & Placement Office, Zakir Husain College of Engineering & Technology, AMU Page 15Tel/Fax: +91-571-2700542 Email: tpo@zhcet.ac.in , fareedmahdi@rediffmail.com
  16. 16. TOP RECRUITERS The Training & Placement Office YOURS COULD BE HEREThe Training & Placement Office, Zakir Husain College of Engineering & Technology, AMU Page 16Tel/Fax: +91-571-2700542 Email: tpo@zhcet.ac.in , fareedmahdi@rediffmail.com