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Cv writing

  1. 1. I belong to Chishtian Sharif.
  2. 2. I did my Matric from Govt. Model High School Chishtian.
  3. 3. I did my F.Sc. From Govt. Post Graduate College Chishtian.
  4. 4. And now I am studying in Federal Urdu University Islamabad for BS(CS).
  5. 5. CV Writing:
  6. 6. What/Purpose of CV writing:  A curriculum vitae (CV) provides an overview of a person’s experience and other qualifications.  An outline of a person’s educational and professional history.  It is typically used to screen-applicants , (employees) often followed by an interview.
  7. 7. What/Purpose of CV:  A CV is a most flexible and convenient way to make applications.  It is an application that is designed to bring out the essentials of information and personal qualities that the employer requires.
  8. 8. Information a CV should include: Personal details Education/qualification Work experience Interests and achievements Skills Language skills and Hobbies References
  9. 9.  Personal details: Personal details consist of your :  Name  Address  Cell#  Email  Gender  Objective Attach your picture
  10. 10. What is objective? Stating an objective can convince employers that what we know what we want to do and are familiar with the field. Mean’s that we challenge the position on the base of our skills, and we say that I am eager to learn new skills and technological advancement.
  11. 11.  Education/qualification: This part shows our academic background. In this part , we will write our degree names in the chronological form. Remember that in the chronological form(most to least)
  12. 12.  Education/qualification: The degrees should be in the following syntax: Degree Name Grade/Division Year Institution Most to least.
  13. 13.  Work experience: If you have any work experience then write else escape this part.
  14. 14.  Interests and achievements: In this part , we will write our interests and achievements that we want to do. Such as:  Teaching  Engineering  Doctoring
  15. 15.  Skills: In this part , we will write about our skills that what we can do? Such as:  MS Word  MS Power Point  MS Excel  MS Access
  16. 16.  Language skills and Hobbies: In this part , we will write about our language skills and hobbies. Such as: Language skills Hobbies C++ Reading news paper Java Reading novels C# Reading books
  17. 17.  Reference: In some cases, when the references becomes necessary for a job then the employer will have to request references in the job posting.
  18. 18. Instructions for a Reference: When references are required as part of the job application , send or upload a separate page with a list of references , including name , job title, company , address, phone#, and email address for each of your references.