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Union budjet 2014 15 negatives


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Union budjet 2014 15 negatives

  1. 1. Introduction  • The Union Budget, presented by finance minister Arun Jaitley on 10th July 2014, had much to offer to sectors across board. • Here’s a look at the negatives on different industries.
  2. 2. POWER  • The budget also proposed an increase in import duty on coal to fuel domestic coal supply. However, this could negatively impact power producers largely dependent on coal imports.
  3. 3. DEFENCE  The government has open the doors for the flow of FDI from the usual 26 percent to 49 percent for the next fiscal year in the defense department. The defense department has the highest allotment of 229000 crores. The increase in the defense budget is not at all needed when India has been a country that has stood for non violence. This sector already has the highest flow of monetary fund that comes form the pockets of the Indian common people. The FDI inflow may have increased but the chunk of the money is still from tax payers.
  4. 4.  Promoting FDI in media sector is agianst the national intrest  FDI in public sectors will affect its prime motto of service seriously.So price hike will happen Foreign Direct Investment
  5. 5.  The debatable aspect of the budget is the plan to erect a S.V. Patel’s statue in Gujarat for an expansive amount of 200 crores. This is unnecessary as certain sectors that really require the money are given a cheaper allotment  The plan to build more IIMs and IIT colleges is also questionable as the number of students opting for IIT has reduced incredibly. There is no need for extra colleges that are not going to be student’s choice. This venture will just be seen as a waste of money.  effectively
  6. 6.  There are no concrete decisions in the budjet for eg direct tax core is mentioned with out any deadline  No specific measures to reduce inflation  Very little mentions about new jobs for the 12 million people who are coming to the employment market each year  No nuclear measures to increase reveniew or tax collection
  7. 7. Service Tax & Subsidies  Service taxes are raised. So most of online courier services felt difficuilties in their servicing  It is decided to cut off all the subsidieswhich will affect the favours of poors