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[Handout for Mini-Workshop] Content Architecture: Where Humans and Machines Agree


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Handout to accompany Andrea's Information Development World mini-workshop

mini-workshop slides:

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[Handout for Mini-Workshop] Content Architecture: Where Humans and Machines Agree

  1. 1. © Idyll Point™ LLC 1 Building a Content Model Use this checklist and worksheet to create an abstract content model for your organization. Checklist: Questions to answer before you start/as you go Is your ecosystem ready to build and use a content model? Do you have stakeholder support? Are your key silos bridged? Do you have a basic process that everyone (across silos) is wiling to (or already) follows for planning and creating content? Is your content context well understood? Who are your content users? What kinds of content do they use? How do they use it? o Where? o When? In what forms and formats do they use it? What kind of content are you creating now? Does it overlap with the kinds of content your users want and need? What patterns can you discern from that content? o How is it similar? o How is it different? What abstract pieces can you pull out of those pattern? o Titles o Abstracts o Tasks o Specific kinds of images, diagrams, etc. What else do you need to make the abstract model consumable? Documentation? Education? Consulting?
  2. 2. © Idyll Point™ LLC 2 Content model: type structure worksheet User Deliverable Required elements Optional elements Subject Context* Format** Channel(s) Owner *Start with a general concept, here, and break out specifics when you've determined what they should be, e.g., product, platform, version, user task **Medium/media, mime type Definitions Deliverable Subject <Contexts> Format Channel Owner