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Closing the Gap Without Falling Into It: Creating an Ecosystem to Unify Content Strategy Across the Client Journey


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Presentation by Andrea Ames (@aames) from Intelligent Content Conference 2017 (#intelcontent):

Are you a Marketer thinking post-sales content has only a niche role to play in marketing? If you’d like to increase post-sales content in the pre-sales phases of the client journey, do you have resources — time, money, or people — to do so?

Are you a post-sales content professional who has been told “everybody sells?” Have you been asked to demonstrate how your work contributes to revenue generation and customer loyalty?

If this sounds familiar, join Andrea to discuss how a content strategy that is unified across the entire client journey — from discovery to advocacy — and the right ecosystem (team, culture, etc.) can help you address these truths. In this session, you will learn:

Key components of a unified content strategy to deliver successful content across the client journey
Content ecosystem prerequisites for successfully creating and implementing that unified strategy
How people and culture (organization, roles, incentives, performance measures) can drive your strategy — or send it over a cliff!

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Closing the Gap Without Falling Into It: Creating an Ecosystem to Unify Content Strategy Across the Client Journey

  1. 1. @aames • #intelcontent Closing the Gap Without Falling Into It Creating an Ecosystem to Unify Content Strategy Across the Client Journey Andrea L. Ames Enterprise Content Experience Strategist, IBM @aames @aames • #intelcontent • © 2017 IBM
  2. 2. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent AGENDA @aames • #intelcontent AGENDA ① First, a story… ② Truths about content ③ Unified content strategy to the rescue! ④ Q&A @aames • #intelcontent
  3. 3. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent AGENDA @aames • #intelcontent 1 Once upon a time… @aames • #intelcontent
  4. 4. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent AGENDA @aames • #intelcontent EVERYBODY SELLS. WHAT IS OUR IMPACT? @aames • #intelcontent
  5. 5. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent@aames • #intelcontent Response Determine the impact of tech content on pre-sales Evaluation Guides High-value, solution-oriented content
  6. 6. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent AGENDA @aames • #intelcontent 2 Truths about content @aames • #intelcontent
  7. 7. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent@aames • #intelcontent
  8. 8. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent@aames • #intelcontent Using content encompasses more than 55% of sales cycle time (vs. 21% spent talking to sales people) Source: Marketing Interactions …Buyers, influencers and researchers are not simply consuming content and speeding to decisions. Rather, they are creating distinct sharing circles that curate and circulate content across the decision- making hierarchy. Source: CMO Council & Content ROI Center Using technical content generates more than 50% of viable sales leads. Source: Forbes Using technical content is the 2nd most important pre-sales activity for technology buyers. Source: IDC
  9. 9. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent@aames • #intelcontent Technical content accounts for more than 47% of page views on Source: IBM Digital Analytics 87% of respondents visiting indicate that having high-quality technical content is a major factor in their purchase decision. Source: CIO Digital 32% of new visitors to are looking for technical content on Source: IBM Digital Analytics 44% of returning visitors to are looking for technical content on Source: IBM Digital Analytics
  10. 10. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent AGENDA @aames • #intelcontent 3 Unified content strategy @aames • #intelcontent
  11. 11. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent AGENDA @aames • #intelcontent Content strategy is king J ① What is it: Key components ② Ecosystem prerequisites ③ Culture gotchas @aames • #intelcontent
  12. 12. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent@aames • #intelcontent What is it? Defining and validating the right messages and experience for delivering those messages, including • when and where in the experience the content is delivered • the form, format, presentation, media, etc., of the content
  13. 13. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent@aames • #intelcontent What is it? Based on a deep, validated understanding of the "content ecosystem,” which includes • the content consumer (for example, the user of a product) • the delivery context (product-embedded or not, for example) • the business context (product strategy and positioning, competitive situation, business goals, etc.) • the creation context (stakeholders, tools, technologies) • growth (the value and effectiveness of the content to meet user and business needs)
  14. 14. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent@aames • #intelcontent What is it? Supported by • a practical and maintainable content creation and curation process • appropriate organizational incentives and professional content creator career development • tools and technologies for authoring, management, analytics, and delivery
  15. 15. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent AGENDA @aames • #intelcontent ACROSS THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY @aames • #intelcontent
  16. 16. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent AGENDA @aames • #intelcontent CREATE THE RIGHT ECOSYSTEM @aames • #intelcontent
  17. 17. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent AGENDA @aames • #intelcontent ACROSS CONTENT CREATION SILOS @aames • #intelcontent
  18. 18. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent@aames • #intelcontent Who creates content? How are they incented? Documentation Technical support Training …
  19. 19. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent AGENDA @aames • #intelcontent WITH MANAGED STAKE- HOLDERS @aames • #intelcontent
  20. 20. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent@aames • #intelcontent Who are your stakeholders? How are they “incented?” Customers Executives Sales Other content creation teams …
  21. 21. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent@aames • #intelcontent CULTURE THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY @aames • #intelcontent
  22. 22. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent@aames • #intelcontent Tales from the trenches Channel woes Incommunicado across the ”buy gap” “The documentation sucks”
  23. 23. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent@aames • #intelcontent The bottom line… 1. Put someone in charge; give them authority 2. Communicate it 3. Write it down; keep it updated 4. Communicate it 5. Validate and measure it constantly; fix it incrementally 6. Communicate it…incessantly
  24. 24. @TwitterHandle • #intelcontent AGENDA @aames • #intelcontent Q & A @ a a m e s • # i n t e l c o n t e n t ? @aames • #intelcontent
  25. 25. @aames • #intelcontent Andrea L. Ames Enterprise Content Experience Strategist IBM @ a a m e s • # i n t e l c o n t e n t@aames • #intelcontent