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Game Studies and Research in Aalto ARTS


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Game Studies and Research in Aalto ARTS

  1. 1. Game Studies and Research in Aalto ARTS Miikka Junnila
  2. 2. Game studies in Aalto ARTS Media Lab • Two-year MA programme focusing in Game Design and Production • A unique possibility for learning game design and production skills while building theoretical and conceptual understanding on games
  3. 3. Game studies in Aalto ARTS Media Lab • Project-oriented, multidisciplinary, international • Around 15 game courses – Lots of visiting teachers from the industry • Also courses from related fields such as 3D animation, interactive storytelling, interaction design and sound design
  4. 4. Game trailers • • • •
  5. 5. Game studies in Aalto ARTS Media Lab • Already before Aalto, Media Lab has provided the Finnish game industry with professionals
  6. 6. Game Research • Gameplay innovation through technical innovation • Novel creativity tools to save time and create fresh aesthetic •
  7. 7. Thank you! For more information, come talk to me or send some email to
  8. 8. Minor subject studies • Network, deepen your skills and get a game into your portfolio • Special module for media technology students • Also, ARTS minor subject for any students with passion and relevant skills from any school of Aalto
  9. 9. Games Now! –course series • International and national speakers addressing the hot topics of the changing industry • Lectures once a month + workshops, starting next autumn • Meant for students and industry professionals alike • Stay tuned for more info!