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Johanna klein - CAD


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Aalto Global Impact organized together with the New Global an event called Co-creating Business Ecosystems in Emerging Markets on 17th of June. The event was hosted by Fortum.

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Johanna klein - CAD

  1. 1. Co-creating ecosystems in the Mobile Innovation Space Johanna Klein
  2. 2. CAD Who we are • CAD offers consulting services to international organizations, private sector in the field of sustainable development • CAD represents the Spanish Lab as part of the Laboratories of the Base of the Pyramid Network • CAD is build as a network of experts who bridge their capabilities together accordingly to each project needs • CAD counts on a range of specialised partners in each area of expertise • CAD has a central office in Barcelona and regional offices in Washington DC and Berlin. some clients e. t. (34) 93 405 03 85 main fields of expertise services • Green economy and climate change • Partnerships and alliances for development • Supporting the private sector in the transition to sustainability ‒ Inclusive business ‒ Supporting SMEs
  3. 3. Mobile Innovation and Inclusive Business  Six billion subscriptions in use, ¾ in developing countries  Offers major opportunities to advance human development, from providing basic access to education or health information to making cash payments to stimulating citizen involvement in democratic processes.  Many mobile innovations arose in developing countries. These locally designed solutions are better suited to address development challenges and can address concerns for developing countries such as digital literacy and affordability.  To tap into this potential an enabling ecosystem needs to be in place.
  4. 4. Support of ecosystems through the development of mLabs- the example of infoDev
  5. 5. Support of ecosystems through the development of mLabs- the example of infoDev
  6. 6. Ecosystem development in the Mobile Innovation Space
  7. 7. Development of Mobile Ecosystems  To stimulate innovation in nascent ecosystems  To broaden and strengthen the base of potential start-up entrepreneurs  To increase local institutional capacity with regards to Mobile Innovation Innovation Roadshow to promote Mobile Innovation Development of informal hubs and networks to promote the developing ecosystem and provide a platform for support Implementation of a full fledged pre- and incubation centre
  8. 8. Partnerships and Support Channels  Inspiration  Innovation  Learning
  9. 9. Development Impact through Mobile Innovation
  10. 10. Afroes
  11. 11. Aftarobot
  12. 12. Merci! Contact: Johanna Klein