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Celebrate the failure - The International Day for Failure


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The International Day for Failure is an annual event which happens on October 13th, to celebrate failure. The aim is to help people overcome fear of failure and understand failure as a learning experience.

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Celebrate the failure - The International Day for Failure

  2. 2. Our culture does not accept failure. Why?
  3. 3. You’re afraid because people judge you.
  4. 4. Of course,it hurts
  5. 5. And perhaps becausethere might be nosecond chance?
  6. 6. Fear of failure prevails like a virus. The result is… Massive Discouraged No timely sufferings bold actions action forand stigmas and new starts problems
  7. 7. HOWEVER,the biggest price youhave to pay is…
  8. 8. The valuable lessonsARE NOT SHARED. The success stories ARE NOT CREATED.
  9. 9. Let’s re-shapeour culture forfailure
  10. 10. In order to make it happen,We must celebrate failure.
  11. 11. TWO YEARS AGO IN FINLAND,We organized our first National Day for Failure tocelebrate failure and help them understand failureas a valuable learning experience.
  12. 12. WE INTERVIEWED PUBLIC FIGURES,We gathered people together to share their failuresstories and lessons. And..
  13. 13. Extensive media coverage andattention from the public followed. 1 mil+ 80,000+ 300+ Visitors for our Personal failure Views for our videos Facebook page stories shared Given the small population of Finland, these were no small numbers!
  14. 14. SINCE THEN,we came to truly believe in our power to make adifference and amplify our impact on a global scale.
  15. 15. We invite you to get involved and celebrate The International Day for Failure in your region. There are tons of ways to celebrate the day!Failure-sharing party with Workshops at organizations such as a Public events family and friends school or a company For more details, visit our website.
  16. 16. Join us and MAKE OUR IMPACT BIGGER These are our partners who made the success of last year possible.
  17. 17. SPREAD THE WORD Check out our Website Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter
  18. 18. WE ARE LOOKING FORPARTNERS,who want to organize events to celebrate theInternational Day for Failure. We will give ourfull-support to help you organize the event.
  19. 19. Thank you Visit our website to learn more.For questions and feedback, send email to brought to you by Photo Credits: Erkua, LibertyGrace, USAG-Humphreys, Wallbase and TheKenChan