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Devoxx - The Groovy Ecosystem


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Devoxx - The Groovy Ecosystem

  1. 1. EcosystemAndres AlmirayCanoo FellowCanoo Engineering AG
  2. 2. About the Speaker• Java developer since the beginning• True believer in Open Source• Groovy committer since 2007• Project lead of the Griffon framework• Currently working for
  3. 3.• Started in 2005, inspired by Ruby on Rails• Apache License 2.0• Builds on top of Spring, Hibernate, Sitemesh• More than 600 plugins available• Used for both small and large scale projects• Latest release 2.0.0-RC1• Peter Ledbrook will be around
  4. 4.• Started in 2008, inspired by Grails• Apache License 2.0• Build desktop apps effortlessly• More than 170 plugins• Polyglot aware• Multi toolkit support• Latest release: 0.9.4
  5. 5.• Started in 2009• Apache License 2.0• Provides lightweight abstractions over GAE’s services• Emerging plugin system• Latest release: 1.0• Guillaume will be around
  6. 6.• Started in 2007• Apache Licence 2.0• Groovy DSL for project building• Harness the power of maven conventions• Has a very deep DAG for handling task dependencies• Plugin system ready• Latest release: 1.0-milestone-5
  7. 7.• Started sometime in 2006• Apache License 2.0• Think Ant without the ugly XML• Used by both Grails and Griffon• Latest release: groovy1.8-1.9.7
  8. 8.• Started in 2008• Apache License 2.0• Inspired in JBehave• Enables BDD testing for Java/Groovy code• IDE Integration• Plugins for Grails & Griffon• Latest release: 0.9.8
  9. 9. Spock
  10. 10.• Started in 2007• Apache License 2.0• Testing DSL framework• Think Junit4 meets RSpec plus some magic
  11. 11.• Started in 2009• Apache License 2.0• Enables static code analysis for Groovy code• Plugins for Grails, Griffon and Gradle• GMetrics: sibling project that provides basic code metrics
  12. 12.• Started in 2009• Apache License 2.0 (?)• Brings concurrency management structures to Groovy: –Actors, Dataflow, fork/join• Don’t miss Vaclav Pech at 17:25 today!
  13. 13. And many more!• Ratpack –• GContracts –• Groovy++ –
  14. 14. Thank you!Andres