Questions to Ask You Mobile App Maker


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People from all over the world using mobile devices for their personal and business purpose.

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Questions to Ask You Mobile App Maker

  1. 1. People from all over the world using mobile devices for theirpersonal and business purpose. This trend of people open newdoors for skilled mobile app developers who build games, maps,medical, banks applications for iPhone, Blackberry, Playbooks,iPads, and tablets. If your business and service have mobile appthan once in month people shopping and take review of yourservice using Smartphone in USA only, to involved into this newrevenue streams you need to hire experienced mobile applicationdevelopers.Here are some basic questions you need to ask to mobile appdeveloper before start any mobile application work.
  2. 2. Mobile Application Portfolio:Every skilled and experienced developer have portfolio of theirapps development work whether they have build or play majorrole during the development process with recent and past clientsdata to verify about actual apps developer. Also check theirdeveloped apps user experienced and reviews in Apples iOSApp Store, BlackBerry App World or Google Play. It is veryimportant to know because through this you will know aboutyour developer knowledge, capability to solve apps queries,recognizing of different mobile platform and how they satisfiedapp users.
  3. 3. Communication Skill:Transparency of development process builds successful mobileapps, for work transparency you need constant communicationwith your developer who understand each and every single wordfrom you and make work plan according to it. Choose wisely yourcommunication instrument like live chat, email, Skype or instantmessage which preferable for both of you.
  4. 4. Application Distribution:After completion of app development and beta tasting workyour app need approval in Apple app store and Google play tolisting your app in both stores to increase selling of your apps.You developer must familiar with this two stores terms andcondition for faster approval. Also have deep knowledge ofother platforms to promote your apps.
  5. 5. App Maintenance:Many mobile app needs long term attention and maintenanceservices, after selling apps there are lots of technical andrefreshing issues are raising most common payment gate wayissue, developer must short out this type of error for thesuccess of the app.
  6. 6. Payment terms:Every Developers have their own payment method like hour orwith a flat fee, most developer prefer deposit before startingapp development others ask for once fee upfront, make writtenagreement with developer to clarify post-deployment support,maintenance and marketing costs to avoid future paymentdisputes.
  7. 7. About Author: Danial Mark is a UK based journalist whospecialize in writing about mobile app maker like iPhone,Android, Blackberry and windows phone, as well as socialmedia marketing and green technology.
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