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Top 10 Personal Budget Apps For Everyone


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Budgeting is need of everyone. And its very essential. Everyone wants to maintain budget with new technology techniques.

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Top 10 Personal Budget Apps For Everyone

  1. 1. Top Ten Personal Budget Apps ToControl Your Expenditure
  2. 2. Top 10 Budget Apps to Help You Manage Your Money
  3. 3. MintIn terms of budget tracking, it beatsmost apps out of the water with ease.Mint automatically updates yourspending and transactions without anyuser input required. It does so byconnecting directly to your bankaccount through Mints secure andaward-winning online service. It keepsan eye on all of your spending andautomatically categorizes yourtransactions in the background so youdont have to constantly update yourspending profile in order for the serviceto work for you.
  4. 4. Kick-Ass Budget A simple budgeting solution for adults, Students and seniors. Kick-Ass Budget requires no accounting knowledge and will keep you on- track throughout the year. Never get over budget again. The kick-ass budget is available now for download from the IPhone App store and can be downloaded at Quit pouring over past bank statements and records. Just a few taps on your Smart phone you are aware of: • Where your money goes • How to stop unnecessary spending • How to best use every penny. Accomplish your personal financial goals effortlessly.
  5. 5. iReconcileThe easily customizable Android app helps you manage day-to-dayfinancial transactions using a checkbook register. You don’t need tokeep a list of all items you bought or all the money you spent. The appdoes everything for you; once you enter each transaction, your newbalances appear automatically. It also comes with free updates andonline backup.
  6. 6. Grocery GadgetGrocery Gadget helps you reduce the time you spend in the supermarket andthe time you would normally spend rewriting grocery lists. It also helps to cutdown your grocery bill. You can add notes, take photos of grocery items, anduse ecoupons from specific stores.
  7. 7. YNAB You Need A BudgetThe courses (which require registration) alsoteaches beginners the basics of starting abudget and setting up accounts. Meet-ups anddiscussion forums are available if you requiremore help. There is also a blog and daily postspresented as real life case studies. If you findthe courses too basic, the 40 video tutorialshave a bit more substance.
  8. 8. XpenseTracker – ExpenseTracker & Mileage Log XpenseTracker is the app you need while you are on business. Enter your details for each log and XpenseTracker records your expenses. You can add expenses for a weekend at a hotel, car rental, purchases, or business lunches. You can also include descriptions and notes. When you set up your preferred currency, XpenseTracker will calculate your conversion rate. The mileage tracker calculates distance traveled and fuel purchases. This app is compatible on iPhone and iPad. The download is available on iTunes for $4.99.
  9. 9. MoneyBookIts simple in nature, but looking alittle deeper youll find a number ofunexpected surprises. Entering anew transaction is a breeze, withflexible options for adding notes oraffixing a specific category toindividual transactions. Inaddition, MoneyBook has optionsto export your finances and alsolets you password protectsensitive items you dont wantothers to see. I didnt see anygraph or chart options, so youmay want to keep that in mindwhen choosing which app is foryou.
  10. 10. Toshl Need a secure, simple and intuitive way of keeping your finances in order while simultaneously taking advantage of that newfangled cloud technology everyone keeps talking about? Toshl delivers with a clean iPhone expense tracking app featuring a built-in (and free!) easy to use online syncing service. The app takes away the worry of losing your spending history by syncing everything -- literally everything -- to the cloud automatically after adding or updating a transaction, with manual sync options for those looking for a little more control.
  11. 11. ExpenditureExpenditure is a gem of abudget & finance tracking app.It features effortless methodsfor adding new transactionsand going over your allottedchunk of spending money, andcomes with awesome featuresthat were missing from some ofthe other apps I chose for thispost. A good example is whenadding a new transaction youllbe presented with options forincluding a photo or a quicknote, which effectively pushesthe customizability andflexibility of your transactionsbeyond most basic budgetingapps.
  12. 12. iBank 4iBank 4 is more suitable for advanced users, or anyone with previousexperience using heavyweight apps. There is a somewhat high-end learningcurve, but the developers have provided video tutorials about how to use eachfeature.Costing a hefty $59.99 for a single license, iBank 4 does more than simplebudgeting. Mac users track and manage their entire net worth in once placeusing the Dashboard Widget. You can also manage investment portfolios,retirement accounts, and stock options. And there are 10 convenient accountoptions to choose from including line of credit, money market, 401k, asset, andsavings. iBank 4 allows the transfer of funds into foreign currencies.