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Oxford 3000 spelling course updated


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Oxford 3000 spelling course updated

  1. 1. How to use the Oxford 3000 Spelling Course
  2. 2. Start page: • All 12 Word lists are available so you can study ahead if you like. • You will not see all the work at once. • When you pass the list quiz with 8 or more, the next exercise file will appear.
  3. 3. Doing the work: • There are three things to do in the exercise files: The Word list, Practice and the Quiz. • The Word list is a pdf of the list in English and Arabic. • You can right click and print.
  4. 4. Practice Link: Quizlet You should do the Learn and Speller exercises. You must spell each word correctly twice to complete the Learn exercises. Speller has sound. You can listen and spell.
  5. 5. Then, a quiz • The small quizzes are for practice. The teacher will not take the mark. • BUT, you must get at least 8/10 to get the next list.
  6. 6. Grouped List Practice • When you finish 3 quizzes, you will get a Practice link which reviews the 60 words you learned. • Do the Learn and Speller exercises to practice all the words.
  7. 7. The Big Quiz • Then take a Big Quiz. You must do this on desktop computers, not on iPads. • The teacher will take the mark for the Big Quizzes. • You must get 18/30 to pass. You can have more than one try.
  8. 8. Getting your mark on the Big Quiz • When you finish the Big Quiz, click Save and submit. • Then, you click a small OK box in the corner, • ..and the score and mistakes are displayed. Click OK in the corner
  9. 9. Enjoy! Questions? Contact