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silicon on insulator devices

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Soi aalam

  1. 1. A Presentation On SOI Devices Presented by: Aalam Khan 1JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH
  2. 2. OutlinesOutlines • Introduction • SOI Technologies • Advantages Of SOI • SOI Devices • Applications • Conclusion • References JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH 2
  3. 3. IntroductionIntroduction • Increasing demand of high performance, low power, small area can be achieved by SOI Tech. • SIO2 layer is created by flowing oxygen onto silicon wafer. • Insulating layer reduces junction capacitance and also reduce power consumption. • Floating body • Less area because no metal contact to wells JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH 3
  4. 4. 4 depletion region Thin body JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH
  5. 5. Partially Depleted vs. Fully-DepletedPartially Depleted vs. Fully-Depleted • Partially-depleted SOI o The body is thicker than the depletion region, so bulk voltage can vary depending on the amount of charge present o This varying charge changes Vt because of the body effect • Fully-depleted SOI o Body is thin, depletion region spans bulk o Body charge is fixed, body voltage does not change o Harder to make because of thin body 5JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH
  6. 6. SOI TECNOLOGIESSOI TECNOLOGIES • SOS (Silicon-On-Sapphire) • SIMOX (Separation by IMplanted OXygen) • BESOI (Bond and Etch-back SOI) • Smart- Cut® • ELTRAN® (Epitaxial Layer TRANsfer) 6JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH
  7. 7. JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH 7
  8. 8. JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH 8
  9. 9. SIMOX SOI TechnologySIMOX SOI Technology • High oxygen dose(standard) • 1.8E18/cm2, 200 kev • low dose + high temp. oxidation • Oxygen implanter development • High current, low contamination, uniformity JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH 9
  10. 10. JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH 10
  11. 11. JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH 11
  12. 12. JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH 12
  13. 13. AdvantagesAdvantages JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH 13
  14. 14. Benefits of SOIBenefits of SOI • Simple Isolation • Higher Density • Reduced S/D junction capacitance • No latch up • Low soft Errors • Speed Increases • Less Power consumsion • Less area JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH 14
  15. 15. JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH 15 Fully depleted SOI FD-SOI Implementation ARM7 SOI provides a viable low-power solution 1/3 power consumption of bulk device with same performance
  16. 16. JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH 16 The inherent advantages of SOI are essential today • Compared to bulk-CMOS, SOI technology offers – – – – – Lower power, 30- 40% lower power (or higher performance) Less process complexity and variability More reliable: 10x soft error rate reduction and no latch up FD- SOI/ FinFET: stable SRAMs Simplifies Digital, Analog and RF integration in SoCs
  17. 17. SOI DisadvantagesSOI Disadvantages • Floating body causes the History Effect o This changes Vt, which changes the delay of the circuit • Self-heating • Modeling issues 17JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH
  18. 18. Commercialized SOI WafersCommercialized SOI Wafers • SOS : Kyocera, Union Carbide, Asahi kasei • SIMOX : IBIS(Mitsubishi) : NSC, Komatsu(NTT) • Bond and layer transfer SOI • :SOITEC,Canon,SiGen • BESOI : Isonics, BCO, Hughes, SiBond JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH 18
  19. 19. Present SOI Device and CircuitsPresent SOI Device and Circuits • IBM : CPU with 300mm, 0.1 micron, Cu • Motorola : commercial G4, 2GHz G5 power PC • Intel : DST- sub 30nm TSOI, sub 70nm gate • AMD :mobile,space,64bitMPU • Honeywell : Rad-hard, space application • HP : 64-bit RISC processor with copper • IBM, Toshiba, Sony : supercomputer-on-chip JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH 19
  20. 20. Present SOI Device and Circuits 2Present SOI Device and Circuits 2 •Hitachi : mainframe computers •Mitsubishi : RF/anlog devices •Epson : low-voltage ASICs •Fujitsu : high-speed logic devices (adder circuit) •Seiko, Casio : wrist watch chip •Oki : low power high speed rf devices •TSMC : 90 nm MOSFET with SOI JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH 20
  21. 21. ApplicationsApplications • Low power, high speed IC • ULSI Circuit • Rad-hard IC • High power device • High temperature device • Si MMIC • Sensor & MEMS application JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH 21
  22. 22. I (In SOI is part of your daily life! Computing Gaming VN Vehicle Networking) Automotive Quad-Core DSP MSC8144 Networking Images, Ultra LP 22JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH
  23. 23. Tilted 3-D cross section of a FinFET on SOI Emerging SOI application: FinFETs manufacturing low variability & low cost Challenge: In bulk-CMOS it’s difficult to achieve an exact fin-height and minimize this additional variability. Film Thickness 23JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH
  24. 24. Emerging SOI application: Optical waveguides Challenge: To minimize signal loss and cost for optical interconnects both noise isolation and precision manufacturing are essential for highly integrated solutions. 24JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH
  25. 25. Emerging SOI application: CMOS image sensor Challenge: Less expensive cameras and mobile phones demand small and low-cost image sensors, without trading off sensitivity or quantum efficiency. Light passing through a thinned silicon wafer 25JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH
  26. 26. Emerging SOI application: Zero-Capacitor RAM Challenge: SOC's memory content is constantly increasing. High-density, low-cost and low-power memories are essential for many systems. 26JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH
  27. 27. JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH 27 SOI / XDM10 process > 350V D-S breakdown Emerging SOI application: High-voltage switching Challenge: Car batteries will increase to 48V, hybrid batteries output 200 – 300V and > 100A currents.
  28. 28. JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH 28 26 members so far, focused on reducing power The SOI Industry Consortium includes leaders in the electronics industry from users & enablers to suppliers & manufacturers
  29. 29. ConclusionConclusion • After studying the various circuit issues of both the technologies. SOI gives the superior results than Bulk technology, which increases • The circuit performances, high reliability, removes the parasitic capacitance, punch through issue and the circuit compactness. • Hence SOI technology is the leading and upcoming technology in both micro and nano electronics. JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH 29
  30. 30. SOI ReferencesSOI References • Proceedings • ECS SOI symposium proceedings • IEEE SOI conference proceedings • Consortium industry • TEXT • J.B.Kuo : CMOS VLSI Engineering : Silicon on insulator JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH 30
  31. 31. Thank you 31JNU ECE CA12014 SOI TECH