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Social control

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Unit 11   social control
Unit 11 social control
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Social control

  1. 1.   Raafia Javed  Muhammad Afaq  Qurat ull Ain  Ali Asgher  Waseem Ahmed Group Members
  2. 2. Social Control Formal And Informal Means of Social Control
  3. 3.   Society  Social factors  Social control  Needs for social control  Formal control  Formal means of social control Content
  4. 4.   Society is a group of people who share a defined territory and a culture.  Society is also the social structure and interactions of that group of people.  Social structure is the relatively enduring patterns of behavior and relationships within a society. Society
  5. 5.   Society is also the social structure and interactions of that group of people.  A society is not only the group of people and their culture, but the relationships between the people and the institutions within that group Cont….
  6. 6.   Religion  Ethnicity  Family  Physical attributes (Skin color)  Economic Status Social Factors
  7. 7.   Informal social control  Informal means of social control  Top agencies of social control Cont….
  8. 8.   Education  Locality (Where you live Type of Neighbors etc.)  Life Partner and Children  Political System (Democratic or Socialist) Cont…..
  9. 9.   Social control is the sum of those methods by which a society tries to influence human behavior to maintain a given order.  Any society must have harmony and order.  Society is a harmonious organization of human relationships Social Control
  10. 10.   It controls the behavior, attitude and actions of individual to balance their social situation  A man is born free but in chains everywhere he lives  These are the social norms on which whole society is running. Cont….
  11. 11.   For smooth functions and running of these norms these controls are necessary  It regulates harmony and brings unity among individual of the same group  It also affects socialization process Cont….
  12. 12.   When social norms are followed by the people of the society, It means that they adopt conformity to society and establish control  The deviancy from these norms leads to punishment may be lighter or serious, which touch the border of law Cont….
  13. 13.  Social solidarity is essential for the existence of society  No two persons is alike in their nature, ideas, attitudes and interests.  There are cultural differences among the individuals  As a matter of fact society is a heterogeneous organization Needs for S.C
  14. 14.   If every individual is allowed unrestricted freedom to act and behave, it may create social disorder  The aims of social control are to bring out conformity, solidarity and continuity of a particular group or society. Cont….
  15. 15.   For an orderly social life social control is necessary  Without social control, society as well as individual cannot exist  Therefore, the need of social control is very essential. Cont….
  16. 16.   Reestablishing the Old Social System  Regulate or control individual behavior  Obedience to Social Decisions  To Establish Social Unity  To bring Solidarity Cont….
  17. 17.   To bring Conformity in Society  To provide social sanction  To check cultural mal-adjustment  To maintain permanency of the organization Cont….
  18. 18.   Need of the social control is to keep the existing order intact  The aged members of the family enforce their ideas over the children  Although enforcement of the old order in a changing society may hinder social progress Reestablishing The Old Social System
  19. 19.   People are not alike in their living methods, so that due to this contrast there is a possibility of clash between them  Social control is necessary to protect social interests and satisfy common need.  Due to the removal of social control, society would be reduced to state of jungle To Regulate or Control Individual Behavior
  20. 20.   Society takes certain decisions.  These decisions are taken in order to maintain and upheld the values of the society  Through social control attempt is made to get the social decision obeyed Obedience to Social Decisions
  21. 21.   Unity is not possible without social control.  Social control regulates the behavior of individuals in accordance with established norms which brings uniformity of behavior  It brings unity among the individuals To Establish Social Unity
  22. 22.   Social control is to create the feelings of solidarity in the minds of people  In the competitive world, the weaker group may be exploited by the stronger group  Equally powerful groups may clash among themselves To Bring Solidarity
  23. 23.   This affects the harmony and order.  Some groups may develop anti-social attitudes and pose danger to the organization of the society  Therefore there is necessity for the different groups and institutions. Cont….
  24. 24.   Social control is intended to bring about regularity in the behavior of the individual members of the society  Social control also brings about different types of conformities in their societies To Bring Conformity in Society
  25. 25.   Social control provides social sanction to the social ways of behavior  There are numerous folkways, modes and customs prevalent in society  Every individual has to follow them To Provide Social Sanction
  26. 26.   If an individual violets the social norms, he is compelled through social control to observe them  Social control provides sanction to social norms Cont….
  27. 27.   Formal control is deliberately created  State make use of law, legislation, military force, police force, administrative devices etc  Different other institutions like political, religious, economic, culture or other associations also involved in formal control Formal Control
  28. 28.   Various rules are laid down to make it specific  Necessity of following rules is clearly stated by institutions.  Violators of formal control are given punishment.  Punishment depending upon nature and type of violation. Cont….
  29. 29.   Organization make use of formal control create a official body with power to enforce control  Organization established the police force military force etc  Banks, army, factory all these come under formal control Cont….
  30. 30.   Law  Education  Coercion Formal Means of Social Control
  31. 31.   Law Is the most important formal means of social control  Early societies depended upon informal means of social control but when societies grew they were compelled to rules regulations.  Rules regulations define the require types of behavior which imposed those who violate them Law
  32. 32.   Law Is a body of rules legally enforced by authorized agencies.  it defines clearly rights duties as well as punishment for their violation.  Modern societies' structure consisting of number of groups, institutions or organization which require formal control Cont….
  33. 33.   Law prescribes uniform norms bad penalties throughout a social system.  The earlier customs has been formalized into a body of law  Law in every state is being increased Cont….
  34. 34.   Education is a process of socialization.  It prepare the child for social living  It reforms the attitude wrongly formed by children already.  it teaches value of discipline, social cooperation, tolerance and sacrifice. Education
  35. 35.   It instills in individual quality of honesty, fair play and sense of right and wrong  Importance of education as a means of social control is being growingly realized  Education for creating right social attitude among youth Cont….
  36. 36.   Is the use of force to achieve a desired end.  It may physical or not violent  Coercion is lowest form of social control  It may have immediate effects upon the offender but it does not have enduring effects. Coercion
  37. 37.   Non-Violent consist of the strikes, boycott and non- cooperation  Boycott is the withholding of social or economic intercourse with other to express disapproval  It can be a successful way off effecting social control Cont….
  38. 38.   Informal control includes gossip, slander, resentment, public opinion, sympathy, folkways, mores, customs and such other agents  They are more effective than the formal control  They become deep rooted with people in their practices Informal Control
  39. 39.   They don’t require any extra staff to enforce them.  They don’t have the physical force to enforce conformity to them.  Faith in religion, moral convictions, public opinion, artistic standard are found to be more important in informal control. Cont….
  40. 40.   Value  Folkways  Customs  Ideologies  Social Suggestions Informal Means
  41. 41.   It consist of culturally defined goals.  It involves various degrees of “sentiments and significance.  They are basic , though not exclusive.  Values are “goals worth striving for” Values
  42. 42.   Folkways are the recognized modes of behavior which arise automatically within a group  They are the behavior patterns of everyday life which arise spontaneously and unconsciously in a group,  It is not easy for the members of a group to violate the folkways. Folkways
  43. 43.   They are the long established habits and usages of the people.  They are those folkways and mores which have persisted for a very long time and have passes down from one generation to another.  They arise spontaneously and gradually  They are accepted and followed by the society. Customs
  44. 44.   Ideology is a theory of social life which interprets social realities from the point of view of ideals to prove correctness of the analysis and to justify these ideals.  It is the projection of a certain ideal.  Ideologies influence social life to a very great extent. Ideologies
  45. 45.   Social suggestions and ideologies are important social control methods,  through these suggestions and ideologies society control the behavior of its members.  Society also controls the behavior of its people through many several ways such as through books, writings and spoken words inculcation of ideas. Social Suggestions
  46. 46.   In simple societies, public opinion as a means of social control is greater.  In village people know one another so it is difficult for a villager to act contrary to the public opinion of the village.  Public opinions greatly influences our actions. Public Opinion
  47. 47.   Family  Neighborhood  The School  Administration Important Agencies of Social Control
  48. 48.   Force  Propaganda  Religion Cont….
  49. 49.   Family is an important agency of social control.  It is the first place where an individual is socialized  He learns various methods of living, behavior patterns, convention etc..  He is taught to behave and respect social laws and obey social controls. Family
  50. 50.   Neighborhood is a simple and specific part of a community.  It has a feeling or sentiment of local unit.  There may be more than one neighborhood in a community Neighborhood
  51. 51.   The school is a very powerful agency of social control. It exercises social control through education.  The child learns many things from the school, which he cannot learn from other sources  In the college, also the students are required to obey social controls The School
  52. 52.   The child is taught to obey the discipline, which a student learns at school lasts with him throughout his life.  The school and college or educational institutions are next to family as agencies of social control Cont….
  53. 53.   Administration is very powerful and the most effective instrument of social control.  It forces the individual to obey social control.  The administrations punish the violators with the help of the police, the army etc Administration
  54. 54.   Physical force or coercion is an important means of social control.  It is ancient as society itself.  Even these days some societies resort to it against the deviants or those who disobey social norms  It is essential for social progress Force
  55. 55.   Every state has its own armed forces or police force.  It is an effective weapon to prevent people from indulging in anti-social activities  It also makes people, obey social order Cont….
  56. 56.   The state carries out its functions by means of law, which is ultimately backed by physical force.  As an important agency of social, control the state exercises its force over its people through various means such as the government law, administration, the armed forces, the police and the like Cont….
  57. 57.   Religion influences a powerful influence upon man’s behavior in society.  Religion is an attitude towards superhuman powers  It is a belief in powers superior to man. Religion
  58. 58.   It expresses itself in several forms like superstition, animism, totemism, magic, ritualism and fetishism.  Religion pervades practically in all the societies, though there may be different forms of religious beliefs and practices Cont….