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Meme pandu amrish


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Meme pandu amrish

  1. 1. Amrish D.Wagh Jr. AVMeme-Pandu
  2. 2. Origination Of The Meme-He is more popularly known as the father of thePandavas and ruled Hastinapur.How did it Co-opted-The name was adpoted as a character’s name in a 1975 Marathi film‘Pandu Hawaldar’ which made Dada Kondke an overnight star inmarathi films.How did it Progress (In Culture)The traffic and police constables after the film are always referredto as ‘Pandu’Is there any end to itIt virtually has no end as this name has become an identity for policeand traffic constable.
  3. 3. THANK YOU