Model for Expanded Game Experiences
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Expanded Game Experience


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Presentation at Playful Experiences Seminar 2009 at Tampere Finland

Published in: Design, Entertainment & Humor
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Expanded Game Experience

  1. 1. Model for Expanded Game Experiences Annakaisa Kultima University of Tampere Game Research Lab De sig nin g ca su al ga m e ex pe rie nc es ? ty? ili essib c ac vs. play e Gam Ex ca am su as pl al g e: a m me ob s il e ga m es Ex pa nd ed ex pe rie nc e? Expanded Game Experience Activities & transitions cho osi ng to p lay e m ga en ab l i ng a g sin o ho l va c e tri re n tio rma ENTERING INTO info GAME EXPERIENCE p re parati o n s choosing to replay nt nme do ban a aft ch er oo pl sin ay g to sta r t y epla gam D is it sa po to qu l sing choo The user /pla yer/ gam er? l? a su /ca re co re/ o c ard H Expanded Game Experience User states & design U ser state cho osi ng to p lay e e m at ga en a b l st ing a ing er os Us al o ch ev tri re n atio inform ENTERING INTO GAME EXPERIENCE User state p re parati o n s Design choosing to replay nt nm e ndo aba aft ch er oo pl y sin a gt os Di tar e t lay tat sp p game rs os se al U it to qu sing te ch o o r s ta U se Wh at do we de sig n? Expanded Game Experience User state variables, affordances & thresholds Co n nt atio e u xt s it Wo t/ rl d liefs ex /be /s vi i iew tu nt dv a Co ew Us tio Motives/ er te /b l sta n or Motives/ e drivers r lief W se Experience st drivers at s U e transition Interpretation Interpretation Resources Resources act 1 i tes vit le le i ies ab lab reg r eg t iv ul gu eg ula ula c re r un un ble ble a 2 Behaviour Design it ie s ac ti v it i ing om a c t iv pc cu fu rre t o en nt m. rr cu m co es Thresholds Affordances Experience design Receivables Possibilities Restrictions Requirements s? u rio se u e Ar ? e l irc c ct e erf P Expanded Game Experience More organic approach cho osi n gt en a b l op ing lay me ga al a p la y after ing ev s oo ch tri re n atio quit inform ing to choos p re parati o n s ch ch oo oo sin sin g to g to re ga st pl me ar ay pla t /a y ba nd on ? es nc rie pe ex g rin pa m Co Expanded Game Experience Time intensity Buying new computer/console? Fast to start? No gameplay? No replay? s? sion clu Con MEWORK Holistic FRA Use r sta tes s d ol sh e r h /t s e nc a d or f Af Understanding and designing EXPANDED GAME EXPERIENCES Annakaisa Kultima