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Israel 130426100611-phpapp01

  1. 1. + Israel: Country Analysis #NewhouseIDSM By Lisa Prywes
  2. 2. + Geography  Middle east region  262 miles long, 65 miles at the widest point  Bordering Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip  North: Golan Heights (mountain regions) Mount Hermon (8900 ft)  South: Negev (desert) and the Dead Sea  East: Jordan Rift Valley  West: Mediterranean Sea
  3. 3. + Golan Heights: bordering Lebanon, Syria and Jordan
  4. 4. + History  Creation of the state on May 14th, 1948   Thousands of years of history to create the ‘Jewish State’ Zionist movement- headed by Theodore Herzl  Balfour Declaration of 1917, which asserted the British Government's support for the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.  May 14th, 1948-Independence Day War  Constant struggle to keep the country and keep peace with other Arab nations
  5. 5. + Culture  Work Days: Sunday-Thursday 8 AM-5PM  Friendly atmosphere: Address people by their first names  Very laid back style  Very casual dress code- Western European dress  Religious parts of Israel require more conservative attire  Most restaurants keep Kosher (even McDonalds)  At 18, men and women enter the armed force
  6. 6. + Jerusalem: capital city
  7. 7. + Tel Aviv: named second best high-tech center-the country's industrial, commercial, financial and cultural life, founded (1909) as the first Jewish city in modern times
  8. 8. + Haifa: a major Mediterranean port and the industrial center of northern Israel
  9. 9. + Be’erSheva: the largest population center of the south
  10. 10. + Infrastructure  Modern, well-developed housing developments  To cope with its growing population and to improve the functioning of the economy  making large investments to upgrade its infrastructure  Major project:     the construction of a new terminal at Ben Gurion International Airport a tunnel through Mt. Carmel to provide a bypass route around Haifa the Cross-Israel Highway, a major north-south artery mass transit systems planned for Jerusalem, Beer Sheva, and the Tel Aviv region.
  11. 11. + Political System/Government  parliamentary democracy  governmental system is based on several basic laws enacted by its unicameral parliament, the Knesset  The president (head of state) is elected by the Knesset for a 5-year term.   Knesset-120 members voted by secret ballot for a 4-year term (though Prime Minister has the ultimately authority) The prime minister (head of government) exercises executive power and has in the past been selected by the president as the party leader most able to form a government.
  12. 12. + Economy  Advanced/diversified economy  Strong high-tech sector       high-technology electronic biomedical equipment metal products processed foods chemicals transport equipment  Israel has 4,000 active tech start-ups. It has more of these firms than any other country outside of the U.S.  One of the world’s centers for diamond cutting and polishing  World leader of software development  Tourism (was higher pre-war in 2000)
  13. 13. + Economy  Israel has approximately the same number of companies listed on NASDAQ as Canada, Japan, and Ireland combined  Almost 45% of Israel's exports are high tech. Most leading players, include:     Intel Motorola IBM Cisco  In 2012, Israel's population was approximately 7,590,758 with a count of approximately 9,200,000 cell phones!  Israel entered the global economic crisis in good shape, recovering by 2003
  14. 14. + Immigration  1989- Wave of Jewish immigration from former U.S.S.R countries   Most were highly educated   Brought nearly one million new citizens These Jewish immigrants account for 13% of Israel’s 7.5 million person population Key factor is Israel’s high-tech development
  15. 15. + Social Media  Israelis use many of the same SM platforms as the U.S (some in English, some in Hebrew, and some in Arabic)  The IDF used Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, blogs to make the case for its campaign in Gaza, as well as, to issue a warning to Hamas.  Used social media aggressively- hostile voice  The Power of Social Media:  Ahmed Jabari’s death was announced first to the ‘twittersphere’  Many Israeli claims are discussed on Hamas’ (the armed branch of the Islamic Resistance Movement) social media (@AlqassamBrigade)
  16. 16. + Social Media- Twitter
  17. 17. + Social Media-Twitter  Twitter   Keeps Israel and the Diaspora involved with Israeli communication, updates (bombings, war, economy), breaking news, etc. Many Israeli news platforms, including the IDF and government agencies, use Twitter accounts
  18. 18. + Social Media- YouTube  YouTube  IDF uses YouTube to publicize military events  Combined YouTube with Twitter to publicize killing of Hamas military chief Ahmad Jabari  Video was entitled: "IDF Pinpoint Strike on Ahmed Jabari, Head of Hamas Military Wing”  Description of video read: "On Nov. 14, 2012, the IDF targeted Ahmed Jabari, the head of Hamas' military wing, in the Gaza Strip. Jaabriwas a senior Hamas operative who served in the upper echelon of the Hamas' command and was directly responsible for executing terror attacks against Israel in the past.”
  19. 19. + Social Media- Facebook
  20. 20. + Other Social Media-Facebook Brands
  21. 21. + Source List    