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Final Presentation: Rick's American Cafe

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  • Rick’s American Café was established in East Lansing in 1980. It is a popular bar for college age students as well as alumni coming back to the MSU area. It’s located on Abbot Rd. below Beggar’s Banquet.
  • Rick’s American Café was established in East Lansing in 1980. It is a popular bar for college age students as well as alumni coming back to the MSU area. It’s located on Abbot Rd. below Beggar’s Banquet.
  • Rick’s American Café was established in East Lansing in 1980. It is a popular bar for college age students as well as alumni coming back to the MSU area. It’s located on Abbot Rd. below Beggar’s Banquet.Rick’s is arguably the busiest and most popular bar in East Lansing. It has daily and nightly drink specials, such as Ladies night on Thursdays and continuous deals such as “free cover until 11pm”. Homecoming weekend is a time for students, alumni, family, and friends to gather and celebrate MSU Football, while enjoying good food and libations. With the amount of traffic coming through East Lansing that entire weekend, Rick’s must take a competitive advantage and get the word out to attract customers and profit as much as possible.
  • Rick’s will be preparing for high traffic during homecoming weekend for two weeks following up to Homecoming Saturday. During this time, alumni traveling from all over the country as well as current college students will be making plans for the entire homecoming weekend. Knowledge of what bars are having what specials, and options are best will be a must for them. High traffic areas include Facebook, Twitter, Mobile specials, and advertising, which I will utilize GoogleAdwords for. In effort to keep prospective customers engaged, I will offer give-a-ways a few times each week, offering free cover, gift cards, etc.
  • The target audience will be the MSU student population in East Lansing, as well as alumni living in the surrounding East Lansing area and throughout the rest of the country (United States). The ultimate goal of this project is to get as many people to come to Rick’s during Homecoming weekend, primarily Homecoming Saturday, as possible.
  • My total budget is $15,000 and is allocated for the 14 days following up to homecoming Saturday. I figure the number of hours per day to work on the campaign will be 6, and I multiplied that by $200 for the average amount a digital agency would charge. I want to be on the safe side in terms of monetary investment to make sure I don’t run out of money right before the most important points of the campaign, which will be the last week and few days before Homecoming Saturday. I also anticipate my daily clicks traffic estimator at about 15/day. The money will also pay for my social media and advertising manager who will be overseeing all of this. I’m confident I can execute this campaign in a productive fashion just as well as hiring an agency to do it.
  • The social media strategy I will use will include Facebook and Twitter, considering these are the two most popular social media sites College students and alumni use. I will tweet on a daily basis, and encourage active engagement with my tweets. I’ll ask questions geared towards the MSU student population, and I’ll use hash tags to get my tweets noticed more. Examples include #RicksHomecoming and #HomecomingSaturday and #CelebtrateatRicks. With Facebook, I’ll post a couple times a day leading up to Homecoming weekend, and use similar tactics as Twitter, where I’ll ask questions to get users engaged. Examples include: “What are your plans for Homecoming weekend?”; “Where will you be watching the game on Saturday?”. The specials and encouragement to join Rick’s to celebrate will be posted on a daily basis as well. A mobile strategy will include a mobile website for Rick’s as well as offers to win gift cards, free cover and free t-shirts after signing up for the e-mail list and mobile phone list. “Text Rick’s to 8776 for a chance to win a free Rick’s $20 gift card” would be one example. The nice thing with the mobile strategy is once users text the number, I will have access to their phone numbers, and will be able to text them for future events. This is similar to tropical smoothie, where you text the number and receive a coupon, and thereafter I receive weekly specials and updates and incentives to go back and give them business. Great tactic!With respect to Google Adwords:The category: Nightclubs, Bars, Music Clubs; phrases include: “Ricks East Lansing”, “East Lansing Bar Specials”- low competition, 170 local monthly searches, “bar specials” –low competition 9,900 local monthly searches; “Homecoming weekend East Lansing bar specials”.Exact Match: [Rick’s East Lansing] Max CPC= $5.00 Phrase Match: “East Lansing Bar Specials” or Exact Match [East Lansing Bar Specials]Broad Match: Homecoming Weekend 2013 East Lansing bar specials
  • To verify my performance in this digital strategy campaign has been successful, I intend to do a full evaluation of the key performance indicators. I will initially chart how many of the following I have before the campaign, and then evaluate how many I have thereafter. If this campaign proves successful and I bring in revenue, I will implement this in future events and special weekends.
  • NMDL

    1. 1. Rick’sAmericanCafe@AnneHickner#NMDL Section 701
    2. 2. Outline of Presentation About Rick’s American Café Digital Strategy Review  Target Audience  Goals  Budget  Tactics  Key Performance Indicators
    3. 3. About Rick’s•Notorious bar in EastLansing, home to MichiganState University•Food, daily drink specials,music, dancing, and sportsHomecoming Weekend Busiest weekend of the year Alumni and Fans Food and Alcohol demand
    4. 4. Digital Strategy Why does Rick’s need a new digital strategy? How will this be accomplished?  Facebook  Twitter  Google Adwords  Mobile  Give-a-ways
    5. 5. Target AudienceCurrent CollegeStudents aged 21-25 YoungAlumni
    6. 6. Goals Ultimately full capacity each night of Homecoming Weekend Increased Twitter and Facebook following Increased advertisement clicks through Google Search Engine Increased overall online engagement and targeting of advertisement population
    7. 7. Budget  Total Budget of $15,000  Will account for:  Google Adwords  T-shirts, Gift Cards and cover give-a-ways  Cost of help for managing social media  Text Messaging rates  CPC Bidding  Lower Actual CPC expected  Maximum Cost Per Click = $5.00 for Search Optimization and Advertising
    8. 8. Tactics Facebook  Daily postings Twitter  Hashtags Mobile  Texting offers Google Adwords  Search engine optimization and advertising Free Give-A-Ways  incentives
    9. 9. Key Performance Indicators Number of “likes” Number of followers Number of re-tweets Number of clicks Number of visits on webpage Overall performance of Google Adword account
    10. 10. Questions? Please contact Anne Hickner for any questions or concerns at: hickner3@msu.edu Twitter: @AnneHicknerReferences:Ricksamericancafe.comThe New Media Drivers License Guide