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Presentation made by Aagami during Illinois Science and Technology Park Event


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This presentation was made by Aagami CEO during Illinois Science and Technology Park Event on 02 June, 2016

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Presentation made by Aagami during Illinois Science and Technology Park Event

  1. 1. Realizing Possibilities, Together Aagami , Inc. | 2135 City Gate Lane, Suite 300, Naperville, IL 60653 USA | P: +1-630-364-1837 | India Lifesciences Industry: Landscape & Opportunities for IL Companies © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | Dinesh Jain, Founder CEO, Aagami Inc.
  2. 2. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved |  India – an Introduction  IN Life sciences Industry Snapshot  Major centers of Life sciences in India  Major Deals and Investments Involving Indian companies  India IPR Scenario  Business and Cultural Differences  Benefits of Partnering with Indian companies  Introduction of Aagami, Inc. 2 Table of Contents Note : These are some of the deals which Aagami Market Research Team have sourced from Publicly available data and hence not exhaustive
  3. 3. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | 3 INDIA – An Economic Introduction  8000 year old civilization (even older than Egypt and Mesopotamia)  The 2nd most populous(with over 1.32 billion people), 7th largest (by area)  Indian economy is the world’s 3rd largest in PPP (Purchase Power Parity) and 7th largest by nominal GDP .  The Indian economy would become the world's 3rd-largest economy by 2025  India also topped the World Bank’s growth outlook for 2015-16 growth of 7.6% in 2015-16 and expected to grow 7.7-8.0% in 2016-17.  Total transaction value of M&A involving Indian companies stood at US$ 26.3 billion with 930 deals in 2015. The total value of M&As involving Indian companies surged nearly 63 per cent to ₹507 billion ($7.8 billion) in the first three months of 2016.  Total private equity (PE) investments in India for 2015 reached a record high of ₹1,267.5 billion (US$ 19.5 billion) through 159 deals, according to the PwC MoneyTree India report.  During FY 2015, India received the FDI equity inflow from USA of ₹228 billion (USD 3.51 billion). Commitment of US$42billion (2015-2017) from USA organisations. Source: Aagami Business and Market Research and Authoritative sources such as, See more at:
  4. 4. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | Source: Indian Economy At a Glance". Retrieved 2015-10-09. https://principles-of-economics-and-, overview#sthash.InZGWgd8.dpuf, IMF Key Parameters Value Year GDP ₹156 trillion (USD 2.40 trillion) 2016 GDP Growth 7.6% 2016 Inflation 5.39% May 2016 GDP per Capita (PPP) USD 5,900 2015 Foreign Direct Investment Inflow USD 63 billion 2015 Foreign Direct Investment outflow (Jan-Feb 2016) ₹ 325 billion (USD 5 billion) 2016 Global consumer confidence Index created by Nielsen Rank #1 Dec 2015 Indian Economy at a Glance Economic Growth Projections  India is placed among the top three countries with the most number of billionaires in the world.  India has 97 billionaires, and their combined wealth adds up to $266 billion. 4
  5. 5. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | India is the 3rd largest Pharma market by volume and 10th in terms of value globally. Every 3rd pill in the world, is Made in INDIA. Largest Provider of Generic medicines Globally (20%) Over 20,000 pharmaceuticals and biotech companies. More than 550 US FDA Approved facilities, highest for any country outside the US India Pharma is expected to expand at a CAGR of 12.89% to reach USD55 billion by 2020 (conservative projection). The drugs and pharma sector attracted cumulative FDI inflows worth ₹874.25 billion (US$ 13.45 billion) between April 2000 and Dec2015 More than 60,000 distributors and about 800,000 pharmaceuticals retailers.* Approval time for new facilities has been drastically reduced. Source: Dec 2015-India Brand Equity Foundation; Lifesciences Industry in India: Fast growing and Regulated – 1 of 2 5
  6. 6. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | More than top 50 Indian companies have presence in the regulated market (US, Canada, Western EU and Japan). More than 100 companies from India are present in 50+ countries. Indian healthcare market is ₹6,500 billion (USD100 billion) (Dec 2015) Healthcare sector is expected to reach ₹16,250 billion (USD 280 billion) by 2020. Growing at a CAGR of 17% The hospital and diagnostic centers attracted FDI worth ₹221.6 billion (US$ 3.41 billion) between April 2000 and Dec2015 Approx. 50% of the essential medicines that UNICEF distributes in emerging countries come from India Indian medical tourism is pegged at ₹195 billion (US$ 3 billion) per annum (Dec 2015) Domestic formulation market stood at ₹685 billion (US$ 10.54 billion) India's filing of Drug Master Files (DMF's) with USFDA is among the highest in the world. Source: Dec 2015-India Brand Equity Foundation; 6 Lifesciences Industry in India: Fast growing and Regulated – 2 of 2
  7. 7. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | Cost Efficiency • Low cost of production and R&D boosts efficiency of Indian pharma companies • India’s cost of production is approximately 60 per cent lower than that of the US and almost half of that of Europe • Due to lower cost of treatment, India is emerging as a leading destination for medical tourism Economic Drivers • Economic prosperity to improve drug affordability • Increasing penetration of health insurance • With increasing penetration of chemists, especially in rural India, OTC drugs will be readily available Diversified Portfolio • Accounts for over 10 per cent of the global pharmaceutical production • Over 60,000 generic brands across 60 therapeutic categories. • Manufactures more than 500 different APIs • 49 per cent of all drug master filings from India is registered in the USA Policy Support •Government unveiled ‘Pharma Vision 2020’ aimed at making India a global leader in end-to-end drug manufacturer •Reduced approval time for new facilities to boost investments •100 per cent FDI is allowed under automatic route India Pharma INDIA PHARMA – Key Features Source: IBEF Pharma Report Jan 2016 Parameters Total cost in % Cost in US 100% Production cost in India 50% R&D cost in India 30% Clinical trial cost in India 40% Relative Cost advantage in India(%) [Thumb Rule] 7
  8. 8. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | India Pharma by Type of Drugs and Therapy Areas Source: IBEF Pharma Report Jan 20168
  9. 9. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | Notable Trends from India Pharma R&D • Indian companies spend 8-11 % of their total revenue on R&D • Expenditure on R&D has increased due to the introduction of product patents; companies are developing new technologies and drugs to boost sales Export Revenue • India’s pharmaceutical export market is thriving due to strong presence in the generics space • Pharma exports reached USD15 billion in 2015 and estimated to reach USD18.02 billion in 2016 Joint Ventures • Multinational companies are collaborating with Indian pharma firms to develop new drugs Global Expansion by Indian companies • Indian companies are expanding globally by mergers, acquisitions, and other partnerships. • Indian companies are not only cash rich but also hungry to compete with the Best of the West Less Time for Approval • In order to compete with global players in pharmaceutical industries, approval process of drugs have been simplified by the authorities and approval time for new facilities has been drastically reduced 9
  10. 10. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | Majority of Indian states host Life Science business centres in India (1/2) City Major Companies Mumbai Sun Pharma, Lupin, Wockhardt, Glenmark, USV, Ipca, Indoco Remedies, Bharat Serum and Vaccines Ltd, Cipla, FDC, Most MNCs Ahmedabad Zydus, Cadila, Intas, Torrent, Dishman, Helios, Claris Lifesciences Hyderabad Dr.Reddy’s, Aurobindo, Suven LifeSciences, Divi’s, Hetero, Shantha Biotech, Granules India, Natco Pharma, GVK Biosciences Bengaluru Biocon, Micro, Strides, GSK,Advinus, AstraZeneca, Aurigene, Avesthagen, Bal Pharma, Biozeen, Bayir Group, Bhat Bio-tech, Camson Bio technologies, Global Calcium, Indigene Life system New Delhi Ranbaxy, Panacea, Jubilant Life Sciences, Advanced Life Sciences, Akum Drugs & Pharma, Dr. Lal Path Labs, JagsonPal Pharma, Life Medicare & Biotech, Mankind Pharma, Medicamen Biotech, ModiMundi Pharma, More pen, Nestor Pharma, Ozone Pharma & Ayurvedic Chennai Orchid, Shashun, Tablets India, TTK Healthcare, Amrutanjan Health care, Arvind Remedies, Axon Drugs, Bafna, Caplin Point Labs, Cholayil, Fourrts India Labs, Life Cell International, Malladi Drugs & Pharma, Medopharm, Nutra Specialities Pune Bilcare, Serum India, Advinus Emcure, Acoris Research, Hindustan Antibiotics, National Chemical Lab, Vlife Sciences Navi Mumbai Reliance Life Science, Pfizer India, Wanbury, Alkem Pharma, Lilac Medicare, Thyrocare Technologies Source: The Indian Diverse geography caters to many Life Science business centres in India 10
  11. 11. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | City Major Companies Chandigarh Surya Pharma, Nectar Life Sciences, Ind-Swift Labs Vishakhapatnam Falcon Biotech, Vijaynagar Biotech Ltd, Actimus Biosciences Pvt.Ltd, Eisai Pharmatechnolgy Ltd, Techno med systems Baroda Alembic Pharma, Ambrosia Ltd, Divine Laboratories, Hindustan Biosynth Ltd, Sterling Biotech Unicure Remedies Noida & Gurgaon Ranbaxy Labs, Jubilant Life Sciences Thane Aarti Drugs, Calyx Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Kremoint Pharma, Herbert Brown Pharmaceuticals & Research Kolkata Adinath Bio-Labs, Allister Biotech, Krish Biotech, Allen India Ltd, Albert David Ltd, East India Pharmaceuticals Works, Emami, TCG Lifesciences Indore Alpa Laboratories, Syncom Healthcare, Biofil Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Cyano Pharma, Parenteral Drugs India Ltd Source: The Indian Diverse geography caters to many Life Science business centres in India Majority of Indian states host Life Science business centres in India (2/2) 11
  12. 12. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | City Centres New Delhi All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, (IGIB) National Institute of Immunology, Institute of Cytology and Preventive Oncology (ICPO)  International Centre for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology (ICGEB)  Jawaharlal Nehru University TERI University, Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences Bengaluru National Centre for Biological Science (NCBS) , National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences Stem Cell Institute University of Agricultural Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Hyderabad Ashoka Trust for Ecology and the Environment  International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT)  Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB)  LV PRASAD EYE INSTITUTE  National Institute for Nutrition Indian Institute of Chemical Technology Pune Agarkar Research Institute Indian Institute of Science Education and Research National Chemical Laboratory (NCL)  National AIDS Research Institute (NARI) ,National Institute of Virology (NIV), Microbial Containment Complex The National Centre for Cell Sciences Mumbai Advanced Centre for Treatment Research and Education in Cancer Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) Bombay Natural History Society Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT- Bombay) Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR)  University of Mumbai Ahmedabad National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOH) The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute Institute for Plasma Research Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A) India has active Public and Private Institutes focused on research covering spectrum of Lifesciences (1/2) (Few centers listed below) 12
  13. 13. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | City Centres Kolkata Bose Institute Indian Institute of Chemical Biology Indian Statistical Institute Jadavpur University University of Calcutta Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Calcutta Medical Research Institute Marine Engineering & Research Institute Indian Institute of Management (IIM- C) Nagpur Central Institute for Cotton Research National Research Centre for Citrus (NRCC) Indian Bureau of Mines National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) National Institute of Intellectual Property Management (NIIPM) Lucknow Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany Central Drug Research Institute National Botanical Research Institute Industrial Toxicology Research Centre (ITRC) Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research (IISR) Chennai Indian Institute of Technology Madras University of Madras National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis The National Institute of Epidemiology (NIE) CENTRAL LEATHER RESEARCH INSTITUTE (CLRI) India has active Public and Private Institutes focused on research covering spectrum of Lifesciences (2/2) (Few centers listed below) 13
  14. 14. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | 14 India Co. USA Co. Deal Size (USD Mn) Year Remarks Wipro Health plan 460 2016 HealthPlan Services is a Leading Technology and Business Process as a Service Provider in the US Health Insurance Market Strides J&J N/A 2016 received CCI approval to acquire 7 brands from Johnson and Johnson SRF Dupont 20 .0 2015 Pharma propellant business Lupin Gavis 880 2015 Expand US generic Torrent Pharma Zyg Pharma N/A 2015 Expand derma business in US Cipla InvaGen Pharma & Exelan Pharma 550 2015 To boost its US business Sun Pharma InSite Vision Inc 50 2015 The acquisition was completed by means of a short-form merger under the Delaware law Piramal OPIL & MSD BV 15 2015 acquisition of five trademark rights for India Piramal Coldstream Laboratories 30.65 2015 Injectable market segment Aurobindo Natrol Inc. 132.5 2014 Nutraceuticals platform for US & ROW Sun Pharma Pharmalucence N/A 2014 Radio- pharmaceuticals and US injectable business Kemwell Cirrus N/A 2013 Products with faster time-to-clinic and cost savings for customers
  15. 15. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | 15 US Companies Indian Companies Deal Size (USD Mn) Year Remarks Mylan Famy Care 800 2015 Global women's health care Quantum solutions Parexel N/A 2015 Create greater scale in service area, and provide comprehensive and efficient solution to global clients. Hospira Orchid Pharma 200 2014 API supplier for key antibiotics and future API development. Carlyle Group Bharat Serum 83 2014 25-30% stake from existing investors. Amneal Pharma Epsilon Pharma 16 2014 Expand footprint in India. Includes 200,000 + sf. US FDA certified manufacturing facility. Mylan Agila 1,600 2013 Become top-three global player in injectable India Co. USA Co. Year Remarks Ami Organics Photolitec 2015 Clinical trials to determine cancer treatments safety and and efficacy. Emami Hevert-Arzneimittel 2014 Launched products via 400 homoeopathy medicine retail outlets across diverse distribution channels via Emami. Agila Biotech Pfenex Inc 2013 Develop, manufacture and commercialize initial pipeline of 6 biosimilar products. AB = 51% equity stakeholder USA - India – Joint Ventures
  16. 16. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | 16 USA Companies India Companies Year Remarks Lab Pisa Biocon 2016 co-development & commercialization agreement for rh- Insulin in USA BioQ Pharm Cipla 2016 agreement to commercialize BioQ's Ropivacaine Infusion System in India Cyclopharm Jubilant 2015 Jubilant's subsidiary DraxImage signs pact with Cyclopharm to market Technegas in US. DraxImage will provide up to $4.5M USD to fund the USFDA clinical trial , and also pay 17.5% royalty. Golden Helix MedGenome 2015 better tailor diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to individual patients. Phyto Biotech Hysun Inc 2015 Hysun Inc forays into India market through partnership with India based Phyto Biotech Oncobiologics Ipca Labs 2014 Development, manufacture and commercialization of biosimilar monoclonal antibodies. BioQuiddity Cipla 2014 Commercial collaboration on OneDose ReadyfusOR™ in anaesthetic applications for post- surgical pain management. Endo Pharma GVK Bio 2013 Novel small molecules. GVK BIO will use discovery expertise and Endo will develop/commercialize product. Moffitt Cancer Centre Advinus 2013 New oncology therapies. Onconova Therapeutics GVK Bio 2013 US JV to move Onconova oncology assets from early discovery to clinical development stage. Novavax Cadila 2013 Extension to JV in 2009 collaboration to develop novel malaria vaccine in India.
  17. 17. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | 17 USA Companies India Companies Year Remarks Fidelity Growth MedWell Ventures 2015 Fidelity Growth Partners invest USD 10 Mn in India based Medwell Ventures, with plans to expand rapidly across the country US Market Glenmark 2014 Greenfield facility for US market for USD 100 Mn Chase Pharma Cipla 2014 Alzheimer’s drug development. Part of $21 M investment through syndicate Oncobiologics Strides 2014 Strategic stake US Market Lupin 2014 2 new US R&D Centres on inhalation and complex formulations research for USD 177.5 Mn  During FY 2015, India received the FDI equity inflow from USA of ₹228 billion (USD 3.51 billion). Commitment of US$42billion (2015-2017) from USA organisations. US – INDIA - Foreign Direct Investments
  18. 18. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | 18 USA Co. India Co. Year Remarks Xenoport Dr. Reddy’s 2016 enters US licensing agreement for development and commercialization of a clinical-stage oral new chemical entity Natera MedGenome 2015 Exclusive license to develop Natera's Panorama. Gilead Strides Arcolabs 2015 Non-exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute Tenofovir Alafenamide (TAF); license extends to 112 countries Gilead Natco India 2015 Generic versions of chronic hepatitis C medicines. Visterra Serum 2015 license agreement for a humanized monoclonal antibody.Deal value approx. USD 40 million excluding royalties Fresenius Kabi Caplin Point 2015 Caplin Point receive milestone payments for licensing agreements with Fresenius Kabi USA, and Cycle Pharma, UK Taxus Cardium Dr. Reddy’s 2015 Announces licensing agreement Epirus Ranbaxy 2014 Infliximab (arthritis) with annual sales of $6 billion.. Merck Sun Pharma 2014 Worldwide rights to tildrakizumab. $ 280 M Deal Cytosorbents Biocon 2014 Distribute CytoSorb® for critical care applications in ICU and cardiac surgery applications for India and select emerging countries. India from USA – Licensing deals
  19. 19. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | The Evolution Of India’s Patent Law India’s Approach To Patentability Standards Compulsory Licensing Patent Linkage And Data Exclusivity Pharma Economics In The Rich And Lesser Rich Worlds Emerging Challenges The Road Ahead INDIA- IPR Regime (ref: India IPR Report Aug 2015) 19
  20. 20. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved |  The time limit given for submitting the application for grant has been reduced to 4 months from 12 months, providing an extension of 2 months  Necessary permissions to be taken from the concerned authority before the grant of patents  The introduction of product patents in India in 2005 gave a boost to the discovery of new drugs  India reiterated its commitment to IP protection following the introduction of product patents INDIA- Draft Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2015 20
  21. 21. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved |  India's stance is that the current patent regime is fully TRIPs compliant, striking the appropriate balance between the grant of monopoly patent rights and public health imperatives  IPA presented data to suggest that the gulf between US and Indian patent regimes may not be as wide as perceived in terms of outcomes for patentees.  Several collaboration deals between US firms and domestic companies including,  Amgen - Dr Reddy's to distribute Amgen's oncology and cardiology medicines,  Gilead's licensing agreement with companies for hep C generic medicines,  Merck and Sun Pharma for tildrakizumab, and Boehringer Ingelheim India with Lupin for linagliptin, INDIA-Strengthening the Patent Office  Supreme Court has interpreted the Patents Act to remove apprehensions of abusive multiplicity of challenges to the validity of a patent  Important legislation is now in place to speed up resolution of commercial disputes, including those relating to intellectual property rights.  Some long-standing substantive grievances of US companies relating to India's IPR regime remain.  Mainly compulsory licensing provision, prohibition on grant of patents to new forms of known substances without therapeutic benefit.  US innovator companies are also concerned by the alleged lack of data exclusivity. Specific steps have already been taken; MNCs are collaborating with companies in several ways above to increase access in the Indian market. Souce: body-slams-Indian-patent-regime/articleshow/50908408.cms> 21
  22. 22. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved |  Many US-based companies, are trying to evergreen their patents through cosmetic changes, and applying for fresh patents. But they have been largely unsuccessful in India 16/SUB/306160708/landmark-patent-case-broke-seldens-lock- on-auto-industry  A special provision in the Indian Patents Act, Section 3 (d), allows the Indian Patents Controller to  Deny patents on items that are not significantly different from their older versions.  Low cost generic medicines manufactured in India have been making medical care affordable for millions in Africa and Latin America, not to mention the US itself. “Criticism of India’s IPR regime is best ignored”  The powerful US pharmaceutical lobby has a problem with Indian pharma producers, who have managed to serve the poor not just in India but across the world.  It also does not want compulsory licenses to be issued for manufacture of copies of patented drugs to address situations of national emergency, as permitted by the TRIPS agreement.  Placed in the ‘priority watch’ list of countries that (according to the US)need to tighten their IP laws.  Through its Special 301 report, the US is trying to push India to drop Section 3 (d).  With the multilateral trade laws on India’s side and the interest of millions of poor, USTR’s efforts should be ignored or laughed off Source:
  23. 23. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | 23 Business Cultural Differences sample Meanings of Phrases and points in the US vs IN  As Soon as Possible: ASAP vs ASAP  Tomorrow: Next day vs In near future  Will be done: surely be done vs will try best  Business focus: Specialist vs Generalist  Work driven by: Process vs Ad Hoc  Everyday working: MBO vs MBC  Business Transaction: Contractual vs Trust base  Importance: Transaction vs Relationship  Relationship: Short Term vs Long Term
  24. 24. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | Benefits to companies Collaborating with Indian Companies Source: India Pharma Inc. Enhancing value through alliances and Partnerships – Pharma Summit- 2011(PwC & CII Report)  Pharma MNCs collaborating with Indian companies bring to table new products, latest technology, higher investments, quality systems and the knowledge of regulatory process  On their part, Indian companies provide local market knowledge, cost advantage and local scientific talents.  Such alliances have the potential to bring significant benefits to both parties and value to society as a whole. Such partnership bring in new drugs and therapies to the market and increase patient's awareness about diseases and wider treatment choices available >> Lilly is currently transforming itself from a traditional fully integrated pharmaceutical company into a fully integrated pharmaceutical network, so that it can draw on a range of resources beyond its own walls. >> Lilly hopes teaming up with the other organization to create virtual R&D programmes will enable it to get better access innovation, reduce costs, manage risks more efficiently and enhance productivity. For example, the Chorus project is a virtual organization to take molecules quickly to proof of concept. >> Lilly also uses external networks comprising third parties such as Piramal Life Science, Hutchinson MediPharma, and Suven Life Science in the development of molecules Enhancing value through alliances and Partnerships © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | 24
  25. 25. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | 25 Aagami, Inc. A life sciences consulting firm based in the suburbs of Chicago offers services in For Global Biotech, Pharmaceutical , Medical Devices, Consumer Health products companies, Universities, in their initiatives with US, India, Asia, Brazil, Latin America and Emerging Markets. Strategic Consulting Technology Licensing Market Intelligence
  26. 26. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | 26 Strategic Consulting Services  In-Licensing  Out-Licensing  Co-Development and Partnerships  Investments to and from US/India/Asia/Brazil/Latin America  Mergers & Acquisitions  Finding the Right Partners  JV and/or Distributors/ Contract Sales/Marketing/Contract Manufacturing, CRO and CRAMS providers  New Market Entry Strategy/ Development
  27. 27. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | 27 Aagami brings  Deep Understanding of business and socio-cultural differences in ways of working.  Extensive network with Top LifeSciences companies at C levels  Global Deal experience.  Aagami Partners bring value of combined experience of over 150 years.  Focus on client needs, objectives, success and work as an extension of client’s own team.
  28. 28. 28 International Phosphagenics Australia PeptiSyntha Belgium DelMar Pharma Canada Affitech Denmark Pieris Germany Merus Holland Venus Remedies India Opsona Ireland Toppan Japan Otago University New Zealand Aagami has completed over 100 assignments for more than 60 clients in the last 13+ years. United States Advangene IL Loyola Univ. Chicago IL Dow Chemicals MI ScyFIX MN OncBioMune LA Penwest Corp. NY DesignMedix OR PLx TX CreAgri CA New Heaven Pharma CT Sample list of Aagami Clients
  29. 29. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | 29 Sample of Aagami Connectivity in India We have a working relationship at C Level of TOP 100 Lifesciences companies in India. Some of the popular names are below. Biocon Intas Sun Pharma Cadila Lupin Themis Cipla MicroLabs Torrent Pharma Dr Reddys Piramal USV Glenmark Reliance Wockhardt Hetero Drugs Strides Zydus
  30. 30. © Aagami, Inc. 2016 | All rights reserved | USA (Head Office) Aagami, Inc. 2135 City Gate Lane Suite 300 Naperville, IL 60653 P: +1-630-364-1837 INDIA Aagami 741, Nelson Square Nagpur – 440013 P: +91-712-258-6678 Dinesh Jain Email: M: +1 630-853-3520 Godwyn Francis Email: M: +91-787-501-6957 30 Realizing Possibilities, Together CONTACT US