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MRUN India Presentation by Aagami


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Connecting Midwest High Tech Startups With India

MRUN Conf - Oct 12, 2012

Presentation by - Dinesh Jain, Founder CEO, Aagami Inc.

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MRUN India Presentation by Aagami

  1. 1. Connecting Midwest High Tech Startups With India MRUN Conf - Oct 12, 2012 Dinesh Jain, Founder CEO Aagami, Inc. …LifeSciences Catalyst
  2. 2. Topics covered India – an Introduction IN Lifesciences Industry snapshot Major centers of Lifesciences in India Major Deals and Investments showing  India as a Market Place  India as a Resource Place What Indian LS firms are looking for How Aagami Supports Companies Lifesciences Catalyst 2
  3. 3. India – a Brief Introduction (V-IMP)Nation of 1.22 Billion people (~EU+Africa) 28 States and 7 Union Territories 22 Official languages – English is widespreadAncient Civilization – Young Nation Most Heterogeneous and complex Very Traditional Yet quite Modern Last 20 years GDP CAGR at ~7%3rd Largest economy of the world in PPP (IMF) Sizeable # of Rich, yet average person very poor Sci, Tech and Business excel, poor Infrastructure Lifesciences Catalyst 3
  4. 4. Indian LS Industry Snapshot 3rd Largest Pharma market (by volume) LS Market ~ $25B, Healthcare ~ $65B Over 20,000 Pharma/BT companies Top 20 Companies have presence in Regulated markets (US, Canada, Western EU and Japan) Top 100 companies are present in 50+ countries Globally successful in Generics “Every 3rd pill in the world is Made in India” Medicine Source of the developing world WHO sources over 70% from India Largest # of US FDA approved mfg facilities Lifesciences Catalyst 4
  5. 5. Indian LS Industry Snapshot…cntd Biotech Industry with exploding growth Largest pool of Chemists and Biologists Abundant specialty health institutions  14000+ Hospitals, 700,000+ Beds Large Pool of Medical professionals  ~200 Medical Colleges graduating 30,000+ doctors per year  600,000+ Doctors  Largest pool of Biosciences Graduates Per annum - 3 Million B.S., 700,000 M.S., 15000 Ph Ds  Indian Regulation – a Super Set of US-FDA All Technical & Business work in English Lifesciences Catalyst 5
  6. 6. Major Centers of LS Business City – Major Companies Mumbai – Sun, Lupin,Wockhardt, Glenmark, USV, Piramal, Ipca, Most MNCs Ahmedabad – Zydus, Intas, Cadila, Torrent  Hyderabad – Dr. Reddy’s, Aurobindo, Suven, Divi’s, Hetero, Shantha, Bharat  Bengaluru – Biocon, Micro, Strides, GSK,  New Delhi – Ranbaxy, Panacea, Jubilant  Chennai – Orchid, Shasun, Tablets India,  Pune – Bilcare, Serum India, Advinus, Lifesciences Catalyst 6
  7. 7. Major Centers of LS Research City – Research Institutes  New Delhi – ICPO, IGIB, TERI, ICGEB, IofPath, NIMS, NIMR, NIPGR,  Hyderabad – ICRISAT, CCMB, IICT, CDFD, ILS, LVP Eye, NCLAS, NIN, ISB,  Pune – NCL, Agarkar, Micobial Complex, NARI, NCCS, NIV, Mumbai – TIFR, BARC, Genetic RC, ICT, Ahmedabad – NIPER, NIOH, NSD, IIM, Bengaluru – IISc, NCBS, IBioInfoABio, Kolkata – Guha CGEB, IICB, NICED, Chennai – Biosys BT, CLRI, NIE, TBRC, Nagpur – ICAR, CI Cotton R, NEERI, NIIPM, NRCC Lucknow – CDRI, CI Med & A Plants, IIToxR, NBRI, Lifesciences Catalyst 7
  8. 8. Major Intl Deals and Investments  Wockhardt – Morton Grove, IL  Sun – Caraco, MI, & Taro Israel  Dr. Reddy’s – BetaPharm, DowPharma, BASF  Lupin – Kyowa, Japan  Piramal – Design Resource Group, MA  DaiIchi Sankyo – Ranbaxy  Abbott – Piramal Pharma (Shifting generic mfg)  Sanofi – Shantha Biotech  GSK – Large R&D center  Fresinius Kabi – Large Development Center  Merck, Estellas, Takeda, Biogen, Amgen, started Lifesciences Catalyst 8
  9. 9. Latest Relevant News …. Oct 11 – Pharma industry creates 2nd most # of billionaires Oct 7 - India US announce Jt Research in BT Oct 5 – Takeda in $90 M Discovery deal with Advinus Sep 30 – DBT and ABLE roadmap for a $125B by 2025 Biotech industry from $4B in 2011 Sep 14 – Piramal to launch own innovative drug in EU Sep 12 – Panacea forms JV with US’ Osmotica Jul 4 – Serum acquires Dutch firm Bithoven for $100M Jul 2 – AstraZeneca & Cellworks to design TB therapies Jun 20 – Novozymes & Praj to jtly develop Biofuels Jun 4 – Abbott sets Nutri research center with Biocon Apr 21 – Merck to set up $150M vaccine lab in Delhi Apr 16 – Piramal acquires Imaging R&D portfolio of Bayer Lifesciences Catalyst 9
  10. 10. Indian Firms are looking for Partnerships, Investment, Licensing or Acquisitions of Innovative compounds and technologies Co-Development Opportunities Novel Drug Delivery Systems  Manufacturing in IN and the US Companies in Regulated markets Lifesciences Catalyst 10
  11. 11. Aagami Consulting Services offer  In-Licensing or Out-Licensing  Co-Development and Partnerships  Mergers & Acquisitions  Investments to and from India  Finding the Right  JV partners and/or Distributors  CRO and CRAMS providers  Contract Sales/Marketing companies  Contract Manufacturing companies Lifesciences Catalyst 11
  12. 12. Aagami brings Extensive Operational Experience Globally Deep Understanding of business and socio- cultural differences in ways of working Extensive network with top 100 Indian LS companies at CXO levels Deal experience with Western, Japanese and Indian industry Dedicated team with focus on Client success Lifesciences Catalyst 12
  13. 13. Business Cultural Differences sample Phrases and points in the US vs IN •As Soon as Possible : ASAP vs ASAP • Tomorrow : Next day vs In near future • Will be done : surely be done vs will try best • Business focus : Specialist vs Generalist • Work driven by : Process vs Ad Hoc • Everyday working : MBO vs MBC • Business Xaction : Contractual vs Trust base • Importance : Transaction vs RelationshipConfidential Lifesciences Catalyst 13
  14. 14. Sample List of Aagami Clients USA International Dow - MI  Solvay - Belgium Aegis – CA  Delmar - Canada Advangene – IL  SOM Biotech - Spain MacuCLEAR – TX  Phosphagenics - Australia DesignMedix – OR  NanoSensing - Brazil Unitech Pharma – MI  Affitech - Denmark Loyola U Chicago – IL  Ilsan Ilvac - Turkey MW Univ. – IL, AZ  Pieris - Germany PLx - TX  Toppan – Japan Lifesciences Catalyst 14
  15. 15. Our Approach Prepare ‘Elevator Pitch’ on client technology and/or company customized to Specific business culture for e.g. India, Japan Identify Relevant Companies from our Database and resources Broadcast EP to Relevant Companies by email Follow-up with phone calls and emails with all Coordinate CDAs with interested Companies, and supply further info thru emails and conference calls Organize a road show to India along with client representative/s Take appointments with right executives in interested companies Coordinate the logistics of the road show (v imp) Support in structuring and negotiations for finalizing the deal(s) Lifesciences Catalyst 15
  16. 16. Realizing Possibilities with Aagami, Inc. 2020 Calamos Ct, Suite 209 Naperville, IL 60564 Phone: (630) 799-1572 Lifesciences Catalyst 16