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Infrastructure Requirements for e2Commerce


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Infrastructure Requirements for e2Commerce

  1. 1. e2Commerce Infrastructure requirement for e2Commerce 20th November 2001 Dinesh Jain
  2. 2. e2Commerce Agenda 1. Definition of e2Commerce 2. Importance of E and e 3. Technologies and systems 4. Infrastructure Physical 5. Infrastructure Intellectual 6. Action Plan for stakeholders 7. Further Research 8. Introduction of iS3C
  3. 3. e2Commerce e2Commerce The relevant meanings of the three words as per Merriam Webster dictionary are as follows: 1. Electronic – of, relating to, or utilizing devicesDefinition constructed or working by the methods or principles of electronics ; also : implemented on or by means of a computer <electronic food stamps> <electronic banking> 2. Ecology – the totality or pattern of relations between organisms and their environment 3. Commerce – the exchange or buying and selling of commodities on a large scale involving transportation from place to place
  4. 4. e2Commerce e2CommerceDefinition e2Commerce is the buying, selling and delivery of goods and services using electronic media so as to up keep the totality of relations between humans and the natural environment
  5. 5. e2Commerce Environment Importance Since ancient times Asians have always worshipped Environment such as Mountains, Rivers, Trees, Forests, Animals; which has been an Eco concept all along.Importance The ancient Jain religion talked about it in the clearest way. All living beings are interdependent “Just like a person can not live alone, similarly human species can not survive by itself; Humans have to coexist with all other living beings by preserving the natural environment.”
  6. 6. e2Commerce Eco Aspects of eCommerce • Reduction in Paper usage • Reduction in travel & infrastructure usage for exchange of goods and servicesImportance • Reduction in Energy usage and waste due to efficient Production and Usage by  Intelligent design of Products  Intelligent production processes  Intelligent operation of products and  Efficient delivery • Reduced Urban expansions due to decentralization of business
  7. 7. e2Commerce Importance of e2Commerce “eCommerce offers the potential of improving the environmental efficiency – by using efficient delivery mechanism and cutting waste” - Braden R. Allenby, Prof. Columbia Univ. and VP AT&TImportance “The capabilities of IT are needed to ensure that economic growth is achieved through reduced use of energy & other natural resources and an improved environment ” – Henry Kelly, OSTP USA • Globalization is inevitable • eCommerce is essential for Global progress • Humanity must maintain the ecosystems intact for its own survival
  8. 8. e2Commerce Available Technologies and Systems  Current technologies of Web and Internet • B2B Exchanges • Portals and Vortals – WARP of Toyota • eProcurement - eKomatsuTechnology • eMarket Places - Steel Exchange of India • Web Malls –  VSAT, WLL technologies for remote and rural area integration for SMEs and craftsmen from there Upcoming technologies of THE GRID  Examples of current Technologies empowering Rural and scattered communities with e2Commerce are: 1. Midas Communications 2. Technology and Action for Rural Advancement
  9. 9. e2Commerce Current TechnologiesTechnology eCommerce Technologies available today
  10. 10. e2Commerce Infrastructure Needs PhysicalInfra- Something tangible like hardwarestructure Intellectual Something intangible like processes or software
  11. 11. e2Commerce Physical Infrastructure  Computers, Network systems and other necessary hardware and equipmentInfra-  Logistics and Shippingstructure  Communication bandwidth  Suitable changes to Packaging industry  Skilled human resources  Connecting global communities with necessary equipments and skills
  12. 12. e2Commerce Intellectual Infrastructure  Common standards for e2Commerce  Huge software systems and Databases  Communications’ security systemsInfra-  New financial systems and their integration with legacystructure  New legal systems for e2Commerce policing  New governmental regulations of customs, taxations etc.  New Auditing mechanisms for e2Commerce compliance  Grading systems a la ISO; for Eco Organizations and their products and services.  New Labeling standards with alternatives of ‘Green’s  Incentive and disincentive for Producers and consumers
  13. 13. e2Commerce Action Plan for Stakeholders 1. National Governments 2. World bodies like – UN, WB, IMF, WTOAction Plan 3. NGOs 4. Large Global Corporations 5. SMEs 6. Common People 7. IT Industry
  14. 14. e2Commerce Action Plan for National governments • Taxation and Legal policies and framework • Setting/Combining Eco and eCommerce standards for e2Commerce national standardsAction Plan • Eco Audit systems for organizations and their products and services • Setting up of e2Commerce physical infrastructure  Logistics and Shipping  Communication bandwidth • Suitable changes to Packaging and labeling to declare the Eco Measure and if not up to mark, the alternatives • Incentive and Disincentives for producers as well as consumers • Training and education to skill up people
  15. 15. e2Commerce Action Plan for World Bodies The United Nations, World Bank, IMF, WTO and other such World bodies must • Set Global e2Commerce standardsAction Plan • Lobby actively for e2Commerce technology transfers to have-not nations • Include e2Commerce aspects in Nation rankings like HDI etc. • Declare Important and fragile Ecosystems as World Heritage and reserved areas • Set up World Ecological Funds like WWF • Incentive and Disincentives to nations for compliance
  16. 16. e2Commerce Action Plan for NGOs • Lobby with World bodies • Lobby with National GovernmentsAction Plan • Policing non compliance by Organizations • Identifying fragile eco Systems • Promoting e2Commerce awareness among masses
  17. 17. e2Commerce Action Plan for Global Corporations Actively promote e2Commerce internally and externally • Set up of e2Commerce physical infrastructure • Comply with e2Commerce standardsAction Plan • Enforce e2Commerce to supplier • Educate employees and customers • Audit internal divisions and subsidiaries • Incentive mechanism for internal and external compliance • Transfer technologies to have-nots • Fund in own R&D and University education for e2Commerce technology and awareness
  18. 18. e2Commerce Action Plan for SMEs • Set up e2Commerce physical infrastructuresAction Plan • Comply with e2Commerce standards • Incentives and Disincentives for employees • Educate employees • Lobby large corporations and national governments
  19. 19. e2Commerce Action Plan for Common People Each individual in their personal capacity must do all or at least some of the following :Action Plan • Be proactive in knowing, using, propagating and lobbying for environmental issues • As far as possible, Use goods and services compliant with e2Commerce standards only • Invest in personal eCommerce infrastructure • Buy goods and services using eCommerce • Promote e2Commerce awareness among Family, Friends and Colleagues
  20. 20. e2Commerce Action Plan for IT Industry • Bring out ‘Better, Faster and cheaper’ technologies and products for e2CommerceAction Plan • Adhere to e2Commerce standards • Invest more in e2Commerce R&D • Focus on environmental concerns by developing technologies and products consuming less energy and having reusable components • Lobby governments and World bodies for development of e2Commerce
  21. 21. e2Commerce More on e2Commerce Further details on e2Commerce could be seen on the web sites ofFurther An organization dedicated toResearch connect people, groups and organizations for e2Commerce An organization dedicated to bring benefits of digital economy for betterment of environment World Resource Institute’s environmental arm Information Impact Magazine US Government site for promoting eCommerce EU site for promoting eCommerce and among other issues environment
  22. 22. e2Commerce e2Commerce – The way Ahead The integration Environmentalism E and e of eCommerce to create e2Commerce is the way for the progressConclusion and survival of humanity. And all the stakeholders need to act upon to fulfill the requirements of both Physical and intellectual infrastructure for success of e2Commerce.
  23. 23. e2Commerce iS3C  Global IT Consulting firm established in 1996- At a  Focused on e-Business, ERP and EAI solutionsGlance  Providing world-class software development, consulting, implementation; integration and outsourcing services  450 Professionals, 9 International offices, 5 World-class Global Solution Centers  Partnerships with top industry solution providers  World-wide clientele across multiple industry sectors  An impressive CAGR of 118% over the last 5 years.
  24. 24. e2Commerce ’s e-HiveComprehensive SolutionCapabilityOutstanding PeopleGlobal Solution CentersSolving IT TogetherValue for Money
  25. 25. e2Commerce e-ERP Solutions (18%) System Integration ’s (36%)  Business Modeling and  Collaborative commerce Solution Implementation  Multi–product Application Integration and  Customization/Bolt-On  Process integration with CRM, SCM Service  Data Migration  Enterprise, B2B Integration Offerings  PDM  Adapter Development and Support e-Business Solutions (31%) Application Outsourcing (15%)Comprehensive Solution  Application development andCapability  Self service applications Maintenance supportOutstanding People  Knowledge Portals  Product development & supportGlobal Solution Centers  E-commerce  Implementation and roll-outsSolving IT TogetherValue for Money  E-CRMsupply chain  Migrations, Upgrades, re-tool  E-procurement  Global Knowledge Repository
  26. 26. e2CommerceGlobalPresence,World-wideDelivery • Global Solution CentersComprehensive Solution + OfficesCapabilityOutstanding PeopleGlobal Solution CentersSolving IT TogetherValue for Money 350 Referenceable client sites in 37 countries
  27. 27. e2Commerce Project Profile BaaN ERP implementation and integration with i2, BroadVision and Extricity Solectron Challenge This mega project offered the challenge of migration to the latest version of BaaN ERP and integration with i2, BroadVision and Extricity. Solectron, the top semiconductor manufacturer, has also undertaken major tasks of deployment of EDI with all its customers and suppliers, enhancements of the service module for the semiconductor industry, and setting up a level-2 support center for its global operations. Solution In coordination with IBM, the lead partner in this project, iS3C’s team of 35 functional and technical consultants has been deploying its expertise in integrations, EDI deployment, enhancements of the service module and setting up of the global support center. Value Proposition • Expertise in BaaN functional and technical areas. Results BaaN ERP implemented in record time. • Expertise in specialized areas such as EDI, service and supply chain management. Technology BaaN ERP 5.0b (Greig), Target methodology for implementation, BaaN development methodology for customization, migration from BaaN IVcx to BaaN ERP.ERPBaaN
  28. 28. e2Commerce Project Profile Integration of SAP and Oracle using WebMethods’ Enterprise Motorola Challenge Global implementation to integrate disparate systems like Oracle Applications, Informix-based legacy application, i2 running on multiple operating systems and databases; Complexity of the global integration; Stability, performance and data integrity issues. Solution Studied configuration files to verify permissions; Modified integration components to handle Java exceptions due to incorrect data; Applied a patch to take care of fail-over mechanism for clusters; Shifted local adapters on NT boxes to Solaris and Unix machines; Created views to reduce excessive request/reply, controlling network traffic. Results The investment in legacy systems was protected and leveraged by successfully integrating Oracle Apps Order Value Proposition Entry modules with the legacy back-office systems. • iS3C’s knowledge of multiple databases, applications, legacy systems and WebMethods Technology integration tools helped in quickly putting WebMethods Enterprise integration tools; Adapters: together a robust integration architecture. Informix/Oracle/Flat File; Tools:Visual Integrator/Business Integrator/Transaction Coordinator. • iS3C quickly deployed a team at Motorola’s multiple global project locations.SystemIntegration
  29. 29. e2Commerce Project Profile Design and development of a Portal for marketplaces CITI Challenge Enable straight-through processing of transactions for the client, provide unified information content to its customers worldwide and complete the project within a fixed time-frame. Solution Used WebSphere application server to facilitate Citibank to allow buyers create payment transactions using an internet based solution, at marketplaces having a relationship with Citibank. The portal which was designed and developed offered an unified front-end and was integrated with a back-end processing system through a custom- built transaction layer. Value Proposition • Met the challenge ahead of time. Results • Reduced number of errors • Project-managed the entire design, • Improvement of about 35% in the EOD processing development and deployment of the solution. • Targeted personalized offerings to users. • Solution deployed from Global Solution Center at Chicago. Technology WebSphere App Server 3.5; VisualAge for Java 3.5; IBM SecureWay; EJBs, Servlets and JSPs.ApplicationOutsourcing
  30. 30. e2CommerceSome Clientswho receivedValue from …Comprehensive SolutionCapability &Outstanding PeopleGlobal Solution CentersSolving IT TogetherValue for Money
  31. 31. e2CommerceSome Clientswho receivedValue from …Comprehensive SolutionCapabilityOutstanding PeopleGlobal Solution CentersSolving IT TogetherValue for Money
  32. 32. e2Commerce Thank you all Dhanyavaad Xie XieThank You Arigato Gozaimasu Shukran Teri Makasir Any Questions, Please