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Aagami Strategic Consulting Presentation


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Aagami, Inc., is a life science consulting firm which offers
• Strategic Consulting (including Business Development support in regions where you are unable to reach out due to bandwidth)
• Technology Licensing
• Market Research Services
for Global Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical Technology and Consumer Health products companies

In Brief, Aagami Brings:
• Global Deal experience
• Extensive ‘C’ level network
• Deep Understanding of business and socio-cultural differences in ways of working
• 150+ years combined experience
• Focus on client needs, objectives, and success

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Aagami Strategic Consulting Presentation

  1. 1. Strategic Consulting → Realizing Possibilities, Together ← Aagami , Inc. | 2135 City Gate Lane, Suite 300, Naperville, IL 60653 USA | P: +1-630-364-1837 | January 2018 Meet us at
  2. 2. Aagami One Page Factsheet 60+ Clients 125+ Assignments Large ‘C’ level network 20+ deals Multi- geographic presence 250+yrs Global Experience Client Success – most important US$ 500+MM X-Border deals and Investments Dinesh Jain Elizabeth Song Michael RosenLinda Pullan 2
  3. 3. 3 Aagami, Inc. A life sciences consulting firm offering  Strategic Consulting  Technology Licensing  Market Intelligence Pharma Biotech Medical Devices Consumer Healthcare CROs/CDMOs Research Institutes & Universities For Global
  4. 4. 4 Your Needs, we Serve In-Licensing Out-Licensing Partnership/ Co-Development Funding/Investment Mergers & Acquisitions Market Entry/Development Strategy Finding the Right Partners • JV and/or Distributors/ Contract Sales/Marketing/Contract Manufacturing, CRO and CRAMS providers
  5. 5. Certain challenges Clients face 5 Considerable time spent with immense value of your cost per hour Opportunity Cost Uncertainty on Results Understanding dynamics of all markets is difficult Limited connections in Target geographies
  6. 6. Deep Understanding of business and socio-cultural differences in ways of working of various countries Extensive ‘C’ level network Global Deal experience Aagami Partners bring combined experience of 250+ years Augmenting your bandwidth to save time, effort & cost Solutions Aagami brings
  7. 7. 7 Many companies such as yours have benefitted from our services  Licensing and Co-Development partnership for Novel Protein Therapeutic Platform of a German company; Deals done with 2 Major Pharma.  Investment for development of therapies and vaccines of a oncology focused Louisiana Biotech Company. Facilitated Listing on OTC Markets using reverse merger resulting in Line of Credit (US$ 10mn).  Licensing of a dermal delivery system of an Australian company, applicable to both pharmaceutical and personal care products. Licensing Deals signed with 3 companies; Product launched with one; A few more deals in discussion.  Finding customers for Peptides API for a EU conglomerate. Orders received from 8 companies.  Out-Licensing & Distribution partnerships for an Ophthalmic Medical Device company. Signed with a major Pharma Company.  Creation and management of MSDS for a Fortune 100 Chemical company from Midwest US by striking alliance with the right partner in India. 85% Cost reduction was achieved within 6 months of starting operation. Few Examples of successes brought out to our clients: (Also see Case Studies for more details)
  8. 8. 8 Sample list of Clients whom Aagami has served USA Batu Biologics CA New Heaven Pharma CT Advangene IL Loyola Univ. Chicago IL OncBioMune LA Dow Chemicals MI ScyFIX MN Penwest Corp. NY DesignMedix OR DisperSol TX International Avixgen South Korea PeptiSyntha Belgium DelMar Pharma Canada SiSaf UK Pieris Germany Getinge Group Sweden Opsona Ireland Toppan Japan Temple Nederland Phosphagenics Australia Completed 125+ assignments for 60+ clients since 2003
  9. 9. 9 Strategy Segment IN Licensing OUT Licensing M & A Partnership Co-Development Regulatory Market Research & Entry Supply Chain & Distribution BD Pharmaceuticals Biotechnology CRO & CRAMS Delivery Technology Diagnostics Consumer Health Products Nutraceuticals/ Cosmeceuticals Medical Device Labware Supported all Segments and Strategies The colored boxes represent our experience in that Sector and assignment completed in Strategic area
  10. 10. 10 The tested and proven Approach> For your Success Setup • Understand and capture important details about the asset/technology • Prepare ‘Elevator Pitch’ (EP) customized to specific business culture • Identify relevant companies from our database and resources Prospect • Broadcast EP to Relevant Companies • Follow-up with phone calls and emails • Coordinate CDAs with interested Companies • Supply further info through emails • Organize conference calls for clarifications Finalize • Organize Road show • Manage appointments with right executives • Coordinate the logistics of the road show • Advise on structuring the deal • Support in negotiations (most critical) For clients on the sell side. Approach is customized as per nature of assignment
  11. 11. 11 Engagement Model  Dedicated Teamwork (60-80 Hours/month/geography)  Small monthly ‘commitment’ fee for first 6 months  Success bonus % of deal value according to Lehman formula elaborated in consulting agreement draft  The gap between the commitment fee and a retainer, is our investment.  For Aagami to Succeed our prime focus is YOUR SUCCESS
  12. 12. 12 Dinesh Jain, MBA – Founder CEO • A business leader in Science and technology industry since 1984 with global experience in starting and managing several technology companies. Has held positions of CEO, President, Vice President. Is a prolific entrepreneur. Has executed several dozen international deals across 4 continents. He is a regular speaker in International conference son Life Sciences Business with India, and also on board of several consulting and research companies Dr. Mahendra Shah, Ph D – Scientific & Business • A veteran Scientific leader in Bio-Pharmaceutical field since 1968 . After his PhD, he has worked with some of the top notch companies like Bristol, Squibb, Schering, Lyphomed, Fujisawa, EJ Financials, First Horizon, NextWave. Mahendra is an active Investor in BioPharmaceutical field and is on the Board of several companies across the country. Michael S. Rosen, MBA - Business • A Senior executive and entrepreneur working globally since 1974. Managed 3 multinational pharma and agro- science companies working in Europe, Latin America, Japan, Canada, Asia and Israel. CEO experience starting and growing several biotech and medical device companies in the U.S. and Europe, raising more than $50 million in equity and taking 1 company public. Economic development expertise creating and expanding vibrant science parks and life-science ecosystems as public-private partnerships Aagami Leadership Team 1 of 3
  13. 13. 13 Aagami Leadership Team 2 of 3 Dr. Shridhar Andurkar, Ph D – Scientific • Chair and Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical sciences at Midwestern University, Chicago College of Pharmacy, is a Ph D from Auburn University in Medicinal Chemistry, Conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Houston. Dr. Andurkar has published numerous papers and made several presentations in this field. He holds a US patent in the area of anticonvulsant drugs and is on the advisory boards of several companies. Nancy Chew - Regulatory • A serial entrepreneur, veteran business leader, biochemist and Pharmacologist by education, Regulatory expert, Several top honors & award winner and Advisor to numerous Life Sciences companies. Nancy's accomplishments and achievements of over 39 years would take several pages to detail. Dr. Aman Ahuja, M.D., F.P.M., F.R.C.A. – Medical • A specialist pain medicine physician and consultant at the North Queensland, Australia. MD Anaesthesia from India, Fellow of Royal College of Anaesthetists, Ireland, Masters in Pain Medicine from UK, Fellow of Tess Cramond Multidisciplinary Pain Centre, Australia; Dr. Ahuja has focus on clinical practice, research and advancing rational therapies for a diverse range of conditions. His current interests include studying the expanding role of radiofrequency in field of Pain Medicine. Dr. Ahuja uses a compassionate and multidisciplinary approach in his well known practice as a Pain Specialist and Anesthetist.
  14. 14. 14 Godwyn Francis – Vice President • Godwyn brings 15 years of experience with companies like Accenture, Prudential, Tata, and other firms in management consulting. At Aagami, Godwyn leads business development and growth efforts for profitable new and existing business. He also lends his support and oversight to research and consulting assignments for global clients. He has worked each year on multiple term sheets and contributed to signing deals worth tens of millions of dollars. Linda Pullan, Ph D– Business and Science • Linda has over25 years of pharmaceutical and biotech experience in research and licensing, business development, R&D and consulting. She has worked for AstraZeneca, Amgen, Kosan Biosciences and now consulting for a decade, helping companies with all aspects of partnering. Linda has an In-depth understanding and proven success in drug development, evaluation, valuation and negotiation for strategic alliances and licensing deals. Linda has authored 66 scientific literature publications. She has also been honored as an Advisor, Reviewer, Lecturer and Speaker. Elizabeth Song, Ph D– Business and Science • Elizabeth Song, Ph.D., is a Global Senior Executive, with over 25 years of progressive experiences in business and corporate development in established, emerging and start-up biotechnology companies. She has 15 years of experience in operational and logistical management for clinical trials in the US, Europe and Asia including Korea. Dr. Song’s presence is immensely valuable to Aagami in enhancing its business portfolio with her experience and contacts in industry across the world, especially in South Korea. Aagami Leadership Team 3 of 3
  15. 15. 15 Head Office Aagami, Inc. 2135 City Gate Lane Suite 300 Naperville, IL 60653, USA P: +1-630-364-1837 Dinesh Jain Email: M: +1 630-853-3520 CONTACT
  16. 16. Case Study Client Client Need Solution Approach Results **Data has been sanitized and meant for Illustrative purposes only Facilitating investment for development of targeted therapies and therapeutic vaccines Investments and partnering to further develop its technologies and pipeline. 16 Louisiana based biotechnology company specializing in innovative cancer treatments  Aagami scanned the global market, identified right investors/ partners, and took them to 50 + companies.  With focused efforts 10+ companies had post CDA level scientific and clinical discussions.  Aagami kept facilitating and persevering, 3 companies moved to term sheet level discussions.  Finally Aagami found a right partner to facilitate reverse merger with a OTC Markets listed company.  This is enabling access to large sums of funds to develop clinical stage programs.  Listing on OTC Markets by a reverse merger  Financial resources to enable development of existing pipeline and technologies
  17. 17. Case Study Client Client Need Solution Approach Results **Data has been sanitized and meant for Illustrative purposes only Establishing Partnerships for Development and Commercialisation of Novel Class of Protein Drugs • Innovator partners in India to collaborate on a new class of proteins - Anticalins® to develop various programs in Oncology and Ophthalmology. 17 German Biotech company making safer, effective and differentiated Novel drugs • Aagami identified right partners, and took them to 7 interested companies for Anticalins® • With focused efforts 3 companies moved to term sheet level discussions. Aagami kept facilitating and persevering. 2 companies remained for final negotiations. • Aagami maintained its spirits and perseverance knowing Indian ways of working; even when client was ready to give up as per Western ways. • Finally co development partnership happened in next few months with one company in Oncology. • Second company took more time and couple of visits before signing co-development deal for ophthalmic therapy. • Client signed co-development deals with 2 companies in Oct and Dec 2013 respectively • Right companies, right advice, structure, perseverance and commitment were the key success factor. in making it happen. • Aagami proved highly influential in negotiations for finalization of the deals due to deep experience in business culture nuances of India. • It brought repeat and referral business to Aagami.
  18. 18. Case Study Client Client Need Solution Approach Results **Data has been sanitized and meant for Illustrative purposes only Technology Out-licensing of Transdermal Drug Delivery Technology with 3 Indian Companies across 4 deals To Out-License TPM® Technology and Co-Develop in clinic products using proprietary Delivery technology and market such products in India and possibly larger region. 18 TPM® Technology and Products Company from Australia  Aagami scanned numerous companies and got 10 relevant companies interested.  Discussion with 8 companies progressed.  Took client to India 3 times for term sheet level meetings and deal signing.  Facilitated entire evaluation and deal structuring process  Aagami made sure testing and other protocols were honoured before deal was made.  During the process Aagami ensured clear understanding despite socio cultural differences in styles of working.  Deals with 3 global companies of India –The first deal was struck for diclofenac topical gel formulation containing TPM platform. The Indian partner not only launched their own product but also out licensed to a major western pharma. Expanded to 16 geographies worldwide in 2016. –The second alliance was struck for use in Skin Whitening and under eye cream. –Third deal - Aagami was able to facilitate a new business model with this prospect, who using client technology increased bio availability as well as stability of a specific antibiotic.
  19. 19. Case Study Client Client Need Solution Approach Results **Data has been sanitized and meant for Illustrative purposes only Exclusive Partnership for Anti Microbial Resistant Anti-infective Drug of the Company Find a suitable North America partner to market their AMR Anti-infective drug, to exploit full market potential 19 Research Driven Publicly listed Indian Pharma Company  Partnership established for Canada Market  Term sheet signed for US market  Aagami approached numerous companies and got 5 relevant companies interested.  Discussion with 3 companies progressed to Due Diligence levels.  Aagami also represented the client in various Trade Shows like BIO, J P Morgan, BIO Europe and Biotech Showcase; resulting in interested companies from Canada, Europe, Japan and Israel  Facilitated entire evaluation and deal structuring process with prospective companies  During the process Aagami ensured clear understanding despite socio cultural differences in styles of working.
  20. 20. Case Study Client Client Need Solution Approach Results **Data has been sanitized and meant for Illustrative purposes only Licensing and Distribution of an Innovative Ophthalmic Device for Dry ARMD and RP in India Finding Right partner for Indian market of their innovative micro- current based Ophthalmic Medical Device. The device prevents progression of dry ARMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration) and Retinitis Pigmentosa 20 Innovative Medical Device company from Minnesota, Midwest, US  A Distribution Partnership established with a Top Tier Pharma company specializing in Ophthalmic market  Aagami first understood and captured the important details about the asset and the technology  Identified Ophthalmic focused companies in India to invest in and distribute client product.  Shortlisted 9 companies, both investors and distributors and sent them customized ‘Elevator Pitch’ (EP)  After follow ups, CDAs and conference calls with interested parties Aagami organized a Road-Show to India with top management of client firm  Aagami supported in structuring and negotiating the deal discussions.  Successfully established the distribution relationship