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Aagami Research Services Presentation


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Business and Market Research Services Presentation

Business Research
Market Intelligence Reports
Competitive Landscape Assessments
Analysis of Portfolio and Opportunities identification
Price Discovery Research

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Aagami Research Services Presentation

  1. 1. Sep 2014 Realizing Possibilities, TogetherBusiness and Market Research Services Presentation
  2. 2. Lifesciences Catalyst 2 Aagami, Inc. A life sciences consulting firm based in suburbs of Chicago offers Strategic Consulting Services Business and Market Research NPV Valuations For Global Biotech, Pharmaceutical , Medical Devices and Consumer Health products companies
  3. 3. Business Research Market Intelligence Reports Competitive Landscape Assessments Analysis of Portfolio and Opportunities identification Price Discovery Research IP and Regulatory Research Financial Modeling, NPV valuations New Market Entry strategy Market development strategy Due Diligence 22-Sep-14 3 Lifesciences Catalyst
  4. 4. Study/ Research •Primary •Interviews with different stakeholders in the Value chain including opinion leaders, vendors and customers •Proceedings of Industry events, press conferences and workshops •Surveys /studies •Secondary •Company websites, social media, blogs, forums and groups •Business directories and databases •Online and offline libraries and government data •Economic and Demographic information, Census •Case studies, Reference Customers, vendors, and associations Analysis •Qualitative •Policy and Regulatory environment •Competitive Landscape Assessment (CLA) •Business Analysis, Industry Analysis •Trends & Drivers, •Challenges and Risks •Quantitative •Market Sizing, Segmentation and Forecasting •Market share and Opportunity Analysis Reporting •Deliverables •Whitepapers •Industry Reports •Investment Models •Trend Reports •Tracking Reports •Competitive Report •Price Discovery Report •Corporate Profiles •Forecasts •Guesstimates •NPV Valuation •Client Presentation and clarifications on client questions Assess, Analyze, Derive, Synthesize, Report 22-Sep-14 4 Lifesciences Catalyst
  5. 5. Need Based Suits Adhoc and one- off Requirements. e.g. New Product or Market Entry research, suspect and prospect identification, partner identification, IP Landscape Dedicated Teams Suits regular research needs at low operating costs e.g. Need dedicated support teams for core business or corporate teams Multi-client studies Most suitable for multiple clients with common requirements and shared costing e.g. industry research by association 22-Sep-14 Lifesciences Catalyst 5 Custom engagement models can also be discussed
  6. 6. Case Study Client Client Need Solution Approach Results **Data has been sanitized and meant for Illustrative purposes only Global NPV of Technology (in USD Million) (P) Pessimistic Scenario Discount rate 8.60% Year 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Time 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Revenue from Sale of NPTP POC devices - - 20.30 23.62 32.06 40.80 24.93 Revenue from Sale of Treated Cuvette - - 450.00 614.87 815.48 1,021.15 657.19 Total Cost of NPTP POC devices - - 4.10 5.66 7.69 9.78 5.98 Total Cost of Treated Cuvettes - - 175.00 387.88 514.43 644.17 414.57 Commercialisation Costs 400.00 - - - - - - Total Cash Inflow - - 470.30 638.49 847.54 1,061.96 682.11 Total cash Outflow 400.00 - 179.10 393.54 522.12 653.96 420.55 Net Cash Flow -400.00 - 291.20 244.95 325.43 408.00 261.56 Discount Factor 1.00 0.92 0.85 0.78 0.72 0.66 0.61 Discounted Cash Flow -400.00 - 246.91 191.24 233.96 270.09 159.44 NPV 1,524.77  Client wanted to commercialize ground breaking technology in the MI Diagnostics field, and wanted to know its commercial potential so that suitable licensing fees and model could be determined and also value could be showcased to Licensees 6 Investors Controlled Innovative technology company  Aagami involved a team of a senior consultant part time and a business analyst full time to conduct primary and secondary research involving domain specialists to capture current market scenario.  Performed competitive benchmarking to assess a Relative Cost Benefit Index used later for determining technology platform (product) pricing.  Projected annual demand for next ten years in three different scenarios - Median, Optimistic and Pessimistic across multiple disease categories.  Forecasted Global Average Selling Price (ASP) and Cost associated with capex and opex  Validated commercializing options and measured incremental financial scenario for potential licensees  Determined the Global Net Present Value (NPV) and created Financial models  NPV of the technology and indicative licensing fees, along with several insights generated, served as conclusive guidance to the client for deal-making and negotiations.  The client was delighted which also resulted in repeat assignments 1 Lifesciences Catalyst
  7. 7. Case Study Client Client Need Solution Approach Results **Data has been sanitized and meant for Illustrative purposes only Client, a public limited company in Australia needed to get a competitive landscape of prestige skin whitening, anti-ageing and body shaping market in India, to order to device strategy on their pricing and licensing for Indian Market 7 Publicly Listed Australian skincare products & technology company Aagami involved a team of a senior and a junior researcher part time to conduct secondary research on web and primary research via in person visits to shops, mall and interviews with Industry professionals, Business owners, store managers, salon managers and doctors to assess market and collect data Identified Competitors and their product ranges with their Price points and feedback from stakeholders Prepared a crisp and concise report with data, analysis and Unit Price Map in MS-Excel format in an easy to understand and customized views. Performed competitive benchmarking to assess a Relative Cost Benefit Index and recommended potential product pricing ranges. As per client, the report was extremely helpful and enlightening in preparing for their trip to India, and proved essential in determining conclusively whether their product range is capable of selling in the Indian market at the equivalent of Australian retail prices 2 Lifesciences Catalyst
  8. 8. Case Study Client Client Need Solution Approach Results **Data has been sanitized and meant for Illustrative purposes only Needed to evaluate the Asian market for the product acceptance of Nanotechnology based cardiac diagnostic platform, in which they were considering to invest for commercialization of the technology in Asian and other markets 8 Aagami involved a team of a senior and a junior Analyst to conduct primary and secondary research on cardiovascular disease and its diagnosis in Asia. Parameters such as drawbacks of prevailing diagnosis methods & details of actual time taken by General practitioners , were studied, documented and analyzed. Enumerated the benefits of using Nanoplasmonic tech –MI in cardiovascular, cancer & HIV. Collated the key market trends in East & South Asia and highlighted the key findings in tabular & graphical presentation for quick analysis. Prepared a concise report on the addressable and product acceptance for the new Technology in Cardiac Diagnostic market Client found the report effective and helpful. The key market trends & insights provided, served as conclusiveguidance to the client for finalizingfurther investment into the technology and preparing Market entry and Pricingstrategy for Asian market. 3 Lifesciences Catalyst Investors Controlled Innovative technology company
  9. 9. Case Study Client Client Need Solution Approach Results **Data has been sanitized and meant for Illustrative purposes only The University developed an improved process to make Safranalfaster, cheaper, and greener. After patenting it they were finding it difficult to out license it even after more than 2 years of trying . 9 Technology Licensing Office of a reputed University from Chicago area Aagami deployed a senior consultant to understand and capture important details about the asset / technology Identified relevant companies in India and elsewhere. Shortlisted 68 companies and sent them customized ‘Elevator Pitch’ (EP) After several follow ups on phone calls and emails, coordinated CDAs and conference calls with several interested Companies and brought 3 companies on term sheet level discussions Aagami supported in structuring and negotiating the deal discussions. Finally established the partnership within 6 months from the start date Technology licensing partnerships made with 2 companies in India in 6 months Client said: “It takes a lot of time and people to pull off an agreement like this, ….. we’re very pleased that we were able to align ourselves with these two reputable international companies.” flavor-and-fragrance-research-goes-global/ 4 Lifesciences Catalyst
  10. 10. Lifesciences Catalyst 10 Field Sector IN Licensing Strategy OUT Licensing Strategy M & A Strategy Partner/ Co-Dev. Regulatory Strategy Market Research & Entry Strategy Supply Chain & Distribution Strategy BD Strategy Pharmaceuticals Biotechnology CRO & CRAMS Delivery Technology Diagnostics Consumer Health Products Nutraceuticals/ cosmeceuticals Medical Device Labware consumables Our Experience The colored boxes represent our experience in that Sector and Field
  11. 11. Lifesciences Catalyst 11 Aagami Competencies Deep Understanding of business and socio-cultural differences in ways of working Extensive network with Top LifeSciences companies at CXO levels Global Deal experience mainly with Western, Japanese and Indian industry Aagami Partners bring value of combined experience of over 120 years. Focus on your needs, objectives, success and work as an extension of your team.
  12. 12. Lifesciences Catalyst 12 AagamiTop Team Dinesh Jain -Founder CEO •A business leader in Science and technology industry since 1984 with global experience in starting and managing several technology companies. Has held positions of CEO, President, Vice President. Is a prolific entrepreneur. Has executed several dozen international deals across 4 continents. He is a regular speaker in International conference son Life Sciences Business with India, and also on board of several consulting and research companies Dr. Mahendra Shah –Company Advisor •A veteran Scientific leader in Bio-Pharmaceutical field since 1968 . After his PhD, he has worked with some of the top notch companies like Bristol, Squibb, Schering, Lyphomed, Fujisawa, EJ Financials, First Horizon, NextWave. Mahendra is an active Investor in BioPharmaceutical field and is on the Board of several companies across the country. Dr. Shridhar Andurkar –Scientific Advisor •Chair and Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical sciences at Midwestern University, Chicago College of Pharmacy, is a Ph D from Auburn University in Medicinal Chemistry, Conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Houston.Dr. Andurkar has publishednumerous papers and made several presentations in this field.He holds a US patent in the area of anticonvulsant drugs and is on the advisory boards of several companies. Nancy Chew -Regulatory Advisor •A serial entrepreneur, veteran business leader, biochemist and Pharmacologist by education, Regulatory expert, Several top honors & award winner and Advisor to numerous Life Sciences companies. •Nancy's accomplishments and achievements of over 39years would take several pages to detail.
  13. 13. Lifesciences Catalyst 13 Aagami Associate Partners Dr. Hemant Sabharwal M.D., Ph.D. –Founder -Laktobiotics •15 years of extensive global experience in the Academia and Pharma Industry. Lived and worked in the Middle East, Egypt, Scandinavia, India, and the US. He is also Adjunct Faculty in Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Streptococcal vaccine development, Rockefeller University, New York, NY. To his credit, he has more than 20 publications in peer reviewed Medical and Scientific journals. In the past, he has worked with prestigious institutions such as Institute for Cancer Prevention, NY, Mount Sinai Medical Center, NY, Lund University, Sweden, MonoCarb AB, Sweden, BioCarb AB, Sweden Anant Kataria –Founder Partner, Sagacious Research •Anant's expertise lies in supporting Patent Practitioners/Consultants, Patent Licensing Firms/Executives, Law firms in US and Europe by providing a cost-effective back-end team for all their patent related needs. His past work experience is a blend of Intellectual Property Research (IP) in various technical domains and R&D in Automobile Industry. Vyom Shah, Founder, Phronesis Strategies •Vyom has worked with companies such as PwC and TCS. With 9+ years of experience, he has extensively worked on several consulting and research cases including NPV valuations across diverse verticals and has served clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to SMEs, supporting end-to-end engagement lifecycle. He holds an MBA from Lancaster University Management School, UK, specialising in Strategy and Management Consulting and is a qualified Chartered Accountant. Faiz Wahid -Co-founder, pManifold Research and Consulting •Faiz started pManifold in 2010 focusing on research, consulting and stakeholder engagement services. Under his leadership the firm has conducted over 10000+ primary customer interviews for various cross sector companies. He holds an MBA from HEC Paris and was an international scholar at the Darden School of Business of the University of Virginia. He also holds a masters in engineering from BITS Pilani and bachelors in engineering from VNIT Nagpur.
  14. 14. Lifesciences Catalyst 14 USA (Head Office) Aagami, Inc. 2135 City Gate LaneSuite 300 Naperville, IL 60653 P: +1-630-364-1837 INDIA Aagami 741, Nelson Square Nagpur, MS –440013 P: +91-712-2586678 Dinesh Jain Email: M:+1 630-853-3520 Godwyn Francis Email: M: +91-787-501-6957 Realizing Possibilities, Together