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Amazing Facts and Figures - A compilation by Aagami


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Summary of Contents

India – an Introduction
India LifeSciences Industry Snapshot
Major Centers of Lifesciences in India – Public & Private
Major International Deals with India by Global Companies
What Indian LifeSciences firms are Looking for
About Aagami and how it supports global companies in their India Initiatives

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Amazing Facts and Figures - A compilation by Aagami

  1. 1. INDIAAmazing Facts and Figures Dinesh Jain, Founder CEOConnecting Global to India | Realizing Possibilities Page 1
  2. 2. “India is no longer seen as a Americas back office. India has moved up the value chain as a Americas knowledgepartner. We need help from the Indian companies in job creation. If Indian firms can create jobs for the hinterland of America, it will dispel anti - sourcing rhetoric.” - Ron Somers, President, US India Business Council | January 2011“This coming year, I believe Indian participation at Davos can highlights the countrys thought leadership. At time when the world is searching for a new model of economic development, Indias experience as a crucible for new types of inclusive growth gives its a special role among developing countries.” - Klaus Schwab, Founder & Chairman, World Economic Forum | February 2010 “India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most constructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only” - Mark Twain, American Author 1835- 1910 © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 2
  3. 3. Overview of ContentsIndia – an IntroductionIndia LifeSciences Industry SnapshotMajor Centers of Lifesciences in India – Public & PrivateMajor International Deals with India by Global CompaniesWhat Indian LifeSciences firms are Looking forAbout Aagami and how it supports global companies in their India Initiatives © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 3
  4. 4. India – A Brief Introduction India - Population of continent Africa- 1 Billion (second most populous Continent)** - 15% of the worlds human population Africa India compares in population with these - Nation of 1.21 Billion population* continents although it is a - 17.5% of world human population single country. - 28 states & 7 union territories Europe Union - Population of Continental Europe – 739 Million -~ 10% of the worlds human population Source: Africa Population- Explore DIA, Africa Population 2013, Europe Union Population- 502.5mn Euro stat News Release-July 2011; The EU in the world – population - EU contributes in world population _population; India -India Online pages- Population for 2011, India contributing to world population : India today. in © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 4
  5. 5. India – A Brief Introduction A Treasure of Languages in India One of the Oldest Civilizations • There are 22 official languages in India. While • India civilization is one of the oldest civilizations The number of languages spoken in India, as per of the world even older than Egypt and The Economist are 438 with English most widely Mesopotamia. spoken and used in interstate communications. – Economist also has a Greenberg diversity index which • Indian civilization is 8000 year old. measures the probability of two random citizens – Latest research has put the date of the origin of the sharing the same mother tongue. An index of 1 being Indus Valley Civilisation at 6,000 years before Christ, no two people picked at random would be speaking which contests the current theory that the settlements the same language, India’s Greenberg diversity around the Indus began around 3750 BC stands at 0.94. – India invented the Number System. Zero was invented – On sheer number of languages spoken, India stands by Arybhatta. fourth behind Papua New Guinea (830), Indonesia – The place value system, the decimal system was (719) and Nigeria (514). On the diversity index, India developed in India in 100 BC. (0.94) stands third behind Papua New – The Algebra, Trigonometry & Calculus came from India Guinea(0.99) and Congo (0.95). – The world university was established in Takshila in 700 • English is widely spoken in India. The BC subcontinent ranks third in the world, after the – Even today some ancient traditions are still practiced USA and UK in terms of English speakers • Though so old in existence, India is a nation, • In education, English is the most common which is considered to be youngest in its medium (87% of all the situations). demographics. We have about 550 million – English is the language of the legal system, higher youth in the nation. education, pan-regional administrative network, – With more than 50 percent of the population below 30 science and technology, trade and commerce years of age, India today has an advantage of the demographic dividend. • India is the largest democracy in the worldSource: Languages in India, Vol 3- 5 May 2003, Indus Valley 2,000 years older than thought- Hindustan Times -November 04, 2012, Silver Evolution- © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 5
  6. 6. Economic Indicators of India – Fast growing and Stable • India demonstrates faster and stable growth than most other countries in the Dow Jones list of 2000 INDIA GDP 1847.98 emerging economies Billions of US Dollars 1729.01 1800 1600 • Indian economy ranks 3rd largest in the world in 1380.64 1400 PPP (Purchase Power Parity) 1242.43 1213.78 1200 951.34 • India is expected to become the second largest 1000 economy in the long run. 810.15 800 700.92 599.46 600 507.19 • Among emerging markets, India is next only to China with respect to share in world GDP 400 200 • Among emerging markets India has one of the 0 most favourable tax regimes, a very crucial factor 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 for business growth – On the scale of most favourable tax rate score where 10 was least tax (10= least tax), India score Years was 8Source:| | The World Bank Group• India contributes total 6% in world GDP (PPP) 2011 • As per the Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence• The country’s GDP has been growing at an average rate of Index (various reports), Consumer confidence8.6% for last five years has been consistently above the world averageSource: India The Incredible Investment Destination , Fact Book- Dept. Of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, GOI, June 2012, IMF WorldEconomic Outlook (April 2012) © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 6
  7. 7. India’s Robust Macroeconomic PerformanceKey Parameters 2005-06 2011-12 ChangeReal GDP (INR Billions) 32, 542 52, 220 60 % higherReal Per capita GDP (INR) 33, 548 46, 221 38% higherInvestment/ GDP (%) 35.8 37.6 5% higherExports (US $ bn) 103 303 194% higherGeneral Government Gross Debt (% GDP) 77.4 64.9** 16% lowerWorkers Remittance (US$ bn) 28.0+ 63.7++ 127%Gross International Reserves (US $ bn) 151# 294## 94% higherForeign Direct Investment inflow (US $ bn) 9.1 46.8 414% higherForeign Direct Investment outflow (US$ bn) 6.1 25.8** 323% higherSource: Reserve Bank of India data (as on March 2012, IMF WEO Database April 2012, ** FY 2010- 11, + for calendar year 2006, ++ forcalendar year 2011, , # as on 31 March 2006, ## As on March 2012; Department of Economic Affairs, GOI © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 7
  8. 8. India’s Key Strengths include....Stable financial systems, healthy sectoral diversity of economy, highly educated workforce andopenness in Trade • Good growth prospects supported by ongoing economic India outperforms other fast growing economies liberalisation and strong domestic demand in terms of change in openness • Stable financial system, Strong external liquidity position • High degree of political stability in comparison to many countries India 170 • Vibrant, transparent and high-yielding capital markets • High savings and investment ratios Russia 97 • Strong and competitive private sector B Brazil • Low susceptibility to event risk E S.Africa • Steadily rising government revenuesMexico 74 T China T China 74 E Mexico • Healthy sectoral diversity of economy R Russia • Largely local currency denominated debtS.Africa • Conducive investment climate 40 India • Strong financial regulatory framework • High growth in exports Brazil 40 • Strong demographic advantage • Highly educated work force 0 50 100 150 200 • Innovative society India’s economy has strong fundamentals & is host to The country ranks higher than many countries in key several eminent global corporate giants that are leaders parameters such as market size (4th) & innovation in their respective fields. According to the Global (39th) . India has also a good financial market (17th) Competitiveness Report 2010-11, India ranks at 51 among 139 countries Source: Department of Economic Affairs, Government of India, Doing Business in India- E&Y report , 2011, World Bank GDI Database © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 8
  9. 9. India : Increasing foreign assetsForeign Reserves have grown from 54.1 USD mn in 2001-02 and peaked to 309.7 USD mn in 2007-08. Indiais hotspot for FDI, much ahead than US and UK as per FDI Confidence Index 2012 High Foreign Reserves India is an attractive destination for FDI2011-12 294 1.9 2001-02 2 1.7 China2010-11 304.8 1.8 1.6 2002-03 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.52009-10 279 1.6 1.4 1.4 India 2003-04 1.42008-09 251.9 Brazil 2004-05 1.22007-08 309.7 US 12006-07 199.1 2005-06 0.8 Germany2005-06 151.6 2006-07 0.6 Australia2004-05 141.5 2007-08 0.42003-04 112.9 0.2 Singapore 2008-092002-03 76.1 0 UK 2009-102001-02 54.1 Malaysia 2010-11 0 100 200 300 400 South Africa>> India’s net foreign assets are higher than most otherEmerging Market Economy (EMEs)* FDI Confidence Index 2012 – India ranked 2nd in the world, an improvement from its 3 rd rank in 2010>> India’s sovereign net foreign assets is 10.5 % of GDP inEMEs *Source: Department of Economic Affairs, Government of India; * - Fitch Ratings, March 2012; Reserve Bank of India © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 9
  10. 10. Lifesciences is a regulated and fast growing industry inIndia – (1 of 2) Life Science Market - $ 21 billion. Experiencing rapid growth, The Indian healthcare sector is projected to have a CAGR of expected to reach US$ 100 billion Indian healthcare is $65 billion around 25-30% between FY2011 by 2015, $280 billion by 2020. (December 2012) & FY2013* . India accounted for Growing 20 per cent year-on-year 19 per cent of the total revenues (y-o-y), as per rating agency Fitch in Asia Pacific# India Pharma market is expected India is the 3rd largest Pharma to touch US$ 74 billion in Sales The outlook on the Indian market by volume and 13th in by 2020 from the current US$ 11 pharmaceutical industry remains terms of value globally. By 2015, it Billion, according to a favourable, according to a report will rank 10th in world** PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) by ICRA and Moodys report. Domestic formulation market Indias exports of drugs, The size of the Indian stood at Rs 58,300 crores (US$ pharmaceutical and fine formulations market, which 10.54 billion) and has been chemicals grew by 27 per cent to currently stands at around Rs ranked third in terms of volume Rs 60,000 crores (US$ 10.85 62,000 crores (US$ 11.21 billion), and tenth in terms of value, billion) for the year ended March is growing at 15-20 per cent globally. 2012*** annually.Source: *Aspiring Mind-; ** India Pharma 2015- Unlocking the potential of IndianPharmaceuticals market -> McKinsey & Co; ***Pharmaceutical Exports Council of India (Pharmexil).; IBEF, #- Seven Indian companies amongAsias top 20 life science firms- Deccan Herald , July 6, 2012 Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | © Aagami, Page 10
  11. 11. Lifesciences is a regulated and fast growing industry in India (2 of 2) Top 10 supplier countries 2011 for UNICEFIndia boast of over 20,000 pharmaceuticals and biotech Based on country of invoice, in $ millions companies. 60,000 distributors and 700,000 to 800,000 pharmaceuticals retailers.* Supplier Country AmountMore than top 20 companies have presence in the regulated India $ 467.00 market (US, Canada, Western EU and Japan) Switzerland $ 299.00More than 100 companies from India are present in 50+ Belgium $ 239.00 countries. USA $ 183.00India is known as “Pharmacy of Developing world”. Globally successful in ‘Generics’ France $ 163.0067% of medicines exports from India go to developing Denmark $ 128.00 countries. Italy $ 54.00Approx. 50% of the essential medicines that UNICEF United Kingdom $ 37.00 distributes in developing countries come from India Pakistan $ 32.0075-80% of all medicines distributed by the International Source: UNICEF – Supply Annual Report 2011 Dispensary Association (IDA) to developing countries are manufactured in India. (IDA is a medical supplier operating _2011_web.pdf on a not-for-profit basis for distribution of essential medicines to developing countries.) If vaccines are excluded, India is the source of approx. 50% of the essential medicines UNICEF distributes in developing countriesSource:* -The Right Spice. Pharmaceutical Market Entry in India – Deloitte; © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 11
  12. 12. Indian pharmaceutical industry Today Top 10 Destinations of Indian pharma products Apr-Dec 2010 Huge Export Happening Sr.No Countries Exported To Amount (US$ millions) India’s largest export destination for Pharma products is still 1 USA 1791.0 the USA, followed by the UK, Germany, South Africa and Russia. 2 UK 263.9 3 Germany 243.6 More than 50 per cent share of exports is by way of dosage 4 South Africa 222.6 forms. 5 Russia 221.4 India currently exports drug intermediates, Active 6 Brazil 165.0 Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Finished Dosage Formulations (FDFs), Bio-Pharmaceuticals and Clinical 7 Nigeria 154.1 Services to various parts of the world. 8 Kenya 137.3 India had more than 175 US- FDA approved manufacturing 9 Netherlands 131. 7 facility, which makes it the only country outside the US to have highest FDA certified manufacturing facilities (2009) 10 Turkey 119.0Source: Doing Business in India- E&Y 2011; Growth of Indian Pharmaceutical Source: Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence andIndustry: Impact of Indian, US and European Patent Laws and Regulatory Statistics (DGCIS) KolkataRequirements, July 2012 © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 12
  13. 13. Indian companies to benefit from the ongoing wave ofpatent expiries Details of ANDA filings by Leading Indian companies 100% 7 90% 14 54 38 80% 152 63 77 65 26 70% 10 38 Para IV 60% Pending (Non Para IV) 50% Approved 40% 23 133 30% 225 135 103 69 65 20% 48 DMFs Filing by Indian and Chinese Pharmaceutical 10% Companies (USFDA statistic) 0% Riding on back of the generic opportunity, Indian companies have capitalized on the growth prospects to emerge as formidable players in the US generics markets. Most of the leading players have significantly expanded their Source: Company Reports; ICRA Estimates; Sun Pharma- Includes ANDA filings in line with the patent expiration cycle. filing from Taro. Details of Para IV opportunities of Sun Pharma & Cadila are not available. The quality of the filings by top Indian companies has also significantly improved over the years with complex molecules, INDIAN PHARMACEUTICAL SECTOR Growth drivers strengthen in non-standard categories (i.e. inhalers, injectables, oral the near term; Patent expiries in the U.S. & Europe and domestic contraceptive, ophthalmic etc.) and Para IV/FTFs forming market are key industry Update ; March 2012 increasing share of their pipeline © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 13
  14. 14. India Biotechnology & Bio-pharma Sector has witnessedcontinuous and steady growthBiotech industry crossed revenue of $4161 billion in FY CRAMS sector in India valued at $8.2 Billion with 41.4%2011- 2012. growth trajectory, Set To Triplicate global average of 12.6%Biotech registers a CAGR of 11.75% during 2008-12 an CAGR Market for Contract Research Organization in India toof 24% during last 10 yrs. double to USD 1 Billion by 2016 •The local $485 million clinical research market is growing at a 11-13%Biopharma dominates the India’s Biotech Industry with he as the country gains increasing favour as a base for global clinical trials (phase I-IV)revenue share of 61.6%. “Indias diagnostic market grows at 20%”Abundant speciality health institutions - BioSpectrum Asia , August 2012•India has 16000+ hospitals•The speciality hospitals in India have all facilities to cater medical tourism. •The diagnostics market in India is witnessing a 20 percent growth which is the faster than any country in the world (the growth in the US•India’s medical tourism business is predicted to generate USD 2.4 billion a is one-to-two percent year by 2012 and is growing at 30 per cent a year. •The diagnostics market revenue in 2011-12 touched $600 million as•Vast range of medical treatments from simple dental procedures to against $510 million in 2010-11 complex cardiac surgeries is being offered by India.•Those patients undergoing treatment in India can save 60%-95% of their treatment cost.Source: BioSpectrum Asia; © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 14
  15. 15. India’s Paradigm shift towards Innovation Paradigm has shifted from manufacturing quality generics to innovation and novel. India significantly contributes to the growth of the emerging “ hybrid “modelSource: A Ringside view of the Pharma Industry, Ranjit Shahani – Country President, Novartis India presentation at ValuexIndia, Mumbai, November 2011 © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 15
  16. 16. Global Pharma companies keen to address opportunities offered by fast growing Indian market...... On account of the growth slowdown in Developed countries Other Deals for R&D Type of Alliances Indian company Pharma MNCs Products Glenmark (2004) Forest Asthma & anti Laboratories Lung infection Piramal Research Merck (further Cancer (2007) extension in deal for 2012) Glenmark (2007) Eli Lilly Pain relief Serum Institute of MSD Pneumococcal India (2011) conjugate vaccine The country’s growing capabilities in contract manufacturing, Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS ) uses a slew of alliances, partnerships and R&D and clinical trials also make it a acquisitions to complement its internal capabilities in drug discovery and preferred outsourcing partner for global development. Pharma at every stage of the value chain. BMS calls its string of pearls strategy in which each transaction will be aligned to the company’s focus on specific disease areas.40% of BMS patents and 50% of revenue come from such alliances.Source: India Pharma Inc. Enhancing value through alliances andPartnerships – Pharma Summit- 2011(PwC & CII Report) © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 16
  17. 17. Opportunities for Global companies in India Ride on India’s Low production, R&D strength to tap the and clinical trial cost $150 billion generic market As treatment costs are Biotechnology significantly lower with expected to be $8 no waiting period, Billion by 2015 medical tourism is set Huge domestic market, despite price controls, To grow more than an opportunity— 25% over the next five insurance and rural years healthcare Source: © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 17
  18. 18. Benefits to Global companies by Collaboration with Indian Companies  Pharma MNCs collaborating with Indian companiesEnhancing value through alliances and Partnerships bring to table new products, latest technology, higher investments, quality systems and the knowledge of regulatory process  On their part, Indian companies provide local market knowledge, cost advantage and local scientific talents.  Such alliances have the potential to bring significant benefits to both parties and value to society as a whole. Such partnership bring in new drugs and therapies to the market and increase patients awareness about diseases and wider treatment choices available >> Lilly is currently transforming itself from a traditional fully integrated pharmaceutical company into a fully integrated pharmaceutical network, so that it can draw on a range of resources beyond its own walls. >> Lilly hopes teaming up with the other organization to create virtual R&D programmes will enable it to get better access innovation, reduce costs, manage risks more efficiently and enhance productivity. For example, the Chorus project is a virtual organization to take molecules quickly to proof of concept. >> Lilly also uses external networks comprising third parties such as Piramal Life Science, Hutchinson MediPharma, and SuvenSource: India Pharma Inc. Enhancing value through alliances and Life Science in the development of moleculesPartnerships – Pharma Summit- 2011(PwC & CII Report) © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 18
  19. 19. India’s large pool of scientific manpower and cost advantagewill see boom in collaborations  The pharmaceutical industries in the US and Europe are facing severe financial constraints which are expected to worsen in the Relative Comparison - Cost advantage in India(%) years ahead.  The Pharma companies are under increasing pressure to reduce Parameters Total cost in % expenditure due to, the increasing cost of introducing New Cost in Developed 100% Molecular Entities (NMEs) (more than $3 billion in 2008), tightening FDA regulatory issues, blockbuster drugs worth more countries than $100 billion set to expire by 2014 and drying pipelines Production cost in India 50%  These pressures are expected to drive the companies towards low- cost countries such as India to perform their R&D activities, one of R& D cost in India 12.5% their major expenses. Clinical trial cost in India 10%  With increasing pressures on curbing healthcare costs in the US, India’s low-cost manufacturing capabilities coupled with attention Such deals have helped Indian base to gain the to quality (India has the highest number of FDA-approved title of a genuine intellectual contributor manufacturing plants outside the US) will be sought by MNCs  India has a large pool of scientific manpower which can be used in Several pharmaceuticals giant firms like Lilly & drug discovery, development and clinical trials BMS have already begun to use more collaborative  Indias diverse genetic pool of treatment-naive population is Models attractive for clinical trials  The increasing numbers of co-development and alliances taking Thus, India has emerged as the promising place between Indian and Pharma companies speaks out in itself about the conducive environment and policies , protection and country in Drug discovery and more patent confidentiality of IP filing will be witnessed in years to comeSource: Drug discovery trends in India and China, Express Pharma- June 2010, Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion council (Pharmexil) ; IndiaPharma Inc. Enhancing value through alliances and Partnerships – Pharma Summit- 2011(PwC & CII Report © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 19
  20. 20. The year 2012 showed some big investment and jointcollaboration taking place in India (1/3) • Elder Pharma Forms JV With Russian Firm - Holding PharmaEco • Indias Transasia Bio-Medical acquires US based companies - Drew Scientific and JAS DiagnosticsDecember • Sun Pharma acquires Generic unit - URL Pharma from Takeda of Japan • Indian Pharma exports grew over 23% in 2011-12: Pharmexcil 2012 • Indias Claris forms a JV with Japans Otsuka for Injectables and Nutrition business in a INRs. 1313 Crores transaction • Strides Arcolab inks pact with Eli Lilly for cancer drugs • GSK to spend $904 mn to lift stake in India arm • Mexico keen on investments from Indian pharmaceuticals companies • Indias Trivitron Healthcare acquires Finnish diagnostics technology firm - Ani Labsystems for €15.8 Mn (about R110 Cr).November • Indias Cipla offers over Rs.1,200 cr to buy 51 % in Cipla Medpro (S.Africa) 2012 • Indias Panacea Biotec announces strategic alliance with Kremers Urban Inc (USA) • Trivitron Healthcare, India inks pact with Italy-based Diasorin group for Lab devices • Sun Pharma to acquire US-based DUSA for $230 million • Mayne Pharma group, Australia inks licensing & distribution agreement with Indias Intas Pharma Source: Press Release, Company websites © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 20
  21. 21. The year 2012 showed some big investment and jointcollaboration taking place in India (2/3) • Fidelity invests $75 million in Indias Trivitron Healthcare • Pharma industry creates 2nd most # of billionaires • Australias Phosphagenics licences injectable technology to Strides Acrolab, India • Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd., India’s largest IVD Company Acquires Maxmat S. A., France • Indias Lupin Eyes 15 New Drug Launches in U.S. by March 2013 October • Dr.Reddys Lab (India) to acquire Netherlandss pharma company- OctoPlus NV for 27.4 million Euros 2012 • Mylan Inc acquires Indias SMS pharmaceuticals units for $33 millions • Sanofi investing $300 million in Indias Shantha Biotechnics facility for Insulin production • India & China dominates again in BioSpectrum Asia survey • Indias Advinus collaborates with Japans Takeda in a $90 Million development deal • India US announce Joint Research in BT • DBT and ABLE roadmap for a $125B by 2025 Biotech industry from $4B in 2011 • Piramal to launch own innovative drug in EU • Panacea forms JV with US’ OsmoticaSeptember • India to fund joint medical research project with Cambridge University 2012 • India drug patent on rise- records 3,488 patent in 5 years (2005 - 2010) • Alembic Pharmaceuticals enters into license agreement with Accu-Break (USA • Suven Life Sciences secures four products (NCEs) patents Source: Press Release, Company websites © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 21
  22. 22. The year 2012 showed some big investment and jointcollaboration taking place in India (3/3) • Australia welcomes research deal with India worth 2.8 million Australian Dollar August 2012 • Piramal Imaging & IBA Molecular enter pact for diagnostic imaging agent • Lupin and Novartis in marketing tie-up • Serum acquires Dutch firm Bithoven for $100M July 2012 • AstraZeneca & Cellworks to design TB therapies • Biocon pacts with Bristol Myers for oral insulin development • Novozymes & Praj to jointly develop Biofuels • Abbott sets Nutri research center with Biocon June 2012 • India, Australia collaborate for scientific research • Advinus Therapeutics Ltd. and P2D Bioscience enter into a R&D collaboration for ADHD • German Drug Maker Boehringer To Acquire For OTC Brands In India • Piramal acquires Decision Resources Group, LLC a health-care research provide for $635 May 2012 million • Merck to set up $150M vaccine lab in Delhi April 2012 • Piramal acquires Imaging R&D portfolio of Bayer Source: Press Release, Company websites © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 22
  23. 23. Majority of Indian states host Life Science business centresin India (1/2)The Indian Diverse geography caters to many Life Science business centres in IndiaCity Major CompaniesMumbai Sun Pharma, Lupin, Wockhardt, Glenmark, USV, Ipca, Indoco Remedies, Bharat Serum and Vaccines Ltd, Cipla, FDC, Most MNCsAhmedabad Zydus, Cadila, Intas, Torrent, Dishman, Helios, Claris LifesciencesHyderabad Dr.Reddy’s, Aurobindo, Suven LifeSciences, Divi’s, Hetero, Shantha Biotech, Granules India, Natco Pharma, GVK BiosciencesBengaluru Biocon, Micro, Strides, GSK,Advinus, AstraZeneca, Aurigene, Avesthagen, Bal Pharma, Biozeen, Bayir Group, Bhat Bio-tech, Camson Bio technologies, Global Calcium, Indigene Life systemNew Delhi Ranbaxy, Panacea, Jubilant Life Sciences, Advanced Life Sciences, Akum Drugs & Pharma, Dr. Lal Path Labs, JagsonPal Pharma, Life Medicare & Biotech, Mankind Pharma, Medicamen Biotech, ModiMundi Pharma, More pen, Nestor Pharma, Ozone Pharma & AyurvedicChennai Orchid, Shashun, Tablets India, TTK Healthcare, Amrutanjan Health care, Arvind Remedies, Axon Drugs, Bafna, Caplin Point Labs, Cholayil, Fourrts India Labs, Life Cell International, Malladi Drugs & Pharma, Medopharm, Nutra SpecialitiesPune Bilcare, Serum India, Advinus Emcure, Acoris Research, Hindustan Antibiotics, National Chemical Lab, Vlife SciencesNavi Mumbai Reliance Life Science, Pfizer India, Wanbury, Alkem Pharma, Lilac Medicare, Thyrocare Technologies Source: © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 23
  24. 24. Majority of Indian states host Life Science business centresin India (2/2)The Indian Diverse geography caters to many Life Science business centres in IndiaCity Major CompaniesChandigarh Surya Pharma, Nectar Life Sciences, Ind-Swift LabsVishakhapatnam Falcon Biotech, Vijaynagar Biotech Ltd, Actimus Biosciences Pvt.Ltd, Eisai Pharmatechnolgy Ltd, Techno med systemsBaroda Alembic Pharma, Ambrosia Ltd, Divine Laboratories, Hindustan Biosynth Ltd, Sterling Biotech Unicure RemediesNoida & Gurgaon Ranbaxy Labs, Jubilant Life SciencesThane Aarti Drugs, Calyx Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Kremoint Pharma, Herbert Brown Pharmaceuticals & ResearchKolkata Adinath Bio-Labs, Allister Biotech, Krish Biotech, Allen India Ltd, Albert David Ltd, East India Pharmaceuticals Works, Emami, TCG LifesciencesIndore Alpa Laboratories, Syncom Healthcare, Biofil Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Cyano Pharma, Parenteral Drugs India Ltd Source: © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 24
  25. 25. India has active Public and Private Institutes focused onresearch covering spectrum of Lifesciences (1/2) (Few centerslisted below) City Centres New Delhi All India Institute of Medical Sciences,  International Centre for Genetic Engineering & Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, (IGIB) Biotechnology (ICGEB) National Institute of Immunology, Institute of Cytology  Jawaharlal Nehru University and Preventive Oncology (ICPO) TERI University, Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences Bengaluru National Centre for Biological Science (NCBS) , National University of Agricultural Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Indian Institute of Stem Cell Institute Science (IISc) Hyderabad Ashoka Trust for Ecology and the Environment  LV PRASAD EYE INSTITUTE  International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-  National Institute for Nutrition Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) Indian Institute of Chemical Technology  Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) Pune Agarkar Research Institute ,National Institute of Virology (NIV), Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Microbial Containment Complex National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) The National Centre for Cell Sciences  National AIDS Research Institute (NARI) Mumbai Advanced Centre for Treatment Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT- Bombay) Research and Education in Cancer Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)  University of Mumbai Bombay Natural History Society Ahmedabad National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute Research (NIPER) Institute for Plasma Research National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOH) Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A) © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 25
  26. 26. India has active Public and Private Institutes focused onresearch covering spectrum of Lifesciences (1/2) (Few centerslisted below) City Centres Kolkata Bose Institute Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Indian Institute of Chemical Biology Calcutta Medical Research Institute Indian Statistical Institute Marine Engineering & Research Institute Jadavpur University Indian Institute of Management (IIM- C) University of Calcutta Nagpur Central Institute for Cotton Research National Environmental Engineering Research Institute National Research Centre for Citrus (NRCC) (NEERI) Indian Bureau of Mines National Institute of Intellectual Property Management National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use (NIIPM) Planning Lucknow Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany Industrial Toxicology Research Centre (ITRC) Central Drug Research Institute Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research (IISR) National Botanical Research Institute Chennai Indian Institute of Technology Madras The National Institute of Epidemiology (NIE) University of Madras CENTRAL LEATHER RESEARCH INSTITUTE (CLRI) National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 26
  27. 27. M&A Activity: India as an emerging market is gainingwidespread attention (1/2)With patent cliff and weak pipeline, there is a continuous pressure on Global companies to exploreavenues including generic business in emerging marketsRecent M&A transactions of Indian Pharma Indian Co. MNC (acquirer) Nature of Deal Wockhardt Danone Acquisition for US$ 350 Million (2011) Paras Pharma Reckitt Benckiser Acquisition for US$ 726 Million (2010) Piramal Healthcare Abbott Acquisition of domestic Formulation business for US$ 3.7 billion (2010) Dabur Fresenius Acquisition of 73. 3% stake for Euro 139 million (2008) Ranbaxy Daiichi Sankyo Acquisition for US$ 4.6 billion Shantha Biotechnics Sanofi-Aventis Acquisition for US$ 781 million (2009) Orchid Hospira Acquisition for US$ 400 million (2009) Matrix Mylan Acquisition for US$ 736 million (2006) Source: India Pharma Inc. Enhancing value through Alliances and Partnership – E&Y 2011. © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 27
  28. 28. M&A Activity: India as an emerging market is gainingwidespread attention (2/2)Recent M&A transactions of Indian Pharma Indian Company MNC (acquirer) Nature of Deal Vetnex Animal Health Ltd (earlier Pfizer (Animal Health Business) NA (2009) ICICI Venture acquired from Ranbaxy) Wockhardt (Animal Care Subsidiary) Vetoquinol SA (France) NA (2009) Pharma MNCs are facing challenges of impending patents and rising R&D expenditure. They are looking for opportunities to increase the drug pipeline and reduce costs. In addition, given the pressures of reducing healthcare costs and the increasing use of generics, pharma MNCs are also looking to partner with companies with superior product development capabilities. Source: India Pharma Inc. Enhancing value through Alliances and Partnership – E&Y 2011.; * International journal of Pharmaceutical Development & Research- Vol-04, May 2012 © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 28
  29. 29. List of acquisitions by Indian companies in 2011-12 (Indicative)Zydus has been the most active with involvement in 3 acquisitions Company Acquisition Market Consideration Rationale Strengthens Cadila’s presence in Zydus Cadila Biochem India Not disclosed domestic formulations market especially in the anti-biotic segment Not disclosed Expands presence in the animal Zydus Bremer Pharma Mainly Europe healthcare business Allows presence in the controlled- release drugs segment in the US with United States product portfolio and Zydus Cadila Nesher Pharma (Generics) manufacturing capabilities; step to strengthen presence in the US generics market Allows the company to enter the US penicillin-containing anti-bacterial GSK’s Penicillin United States Dr. Reddy’s $ 20 million market segment with brands manufacturing facility (Generics) such as Augmenting and Amoxil and diversify its generics portfolio in the US Source: Company Websites, Press Releases © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 29
  30. 30. Indian Companies prefer Expansion Pill to expand andcater wide geographiesAlready established in regulated and semi-regulated markets Indian Co. MNCs Nature of Deal Mergers & Acquisitions are now Lupin I’rom Pharmaceuticals (Japan) Undisclosed amount a days play a key role in Indian (2011) Pharma. India stood in top 5 countries in the year 48 Research and development $20 million upfront transactions, total value of 4.9 (R&D) agreement with Medicis payment from Medicis USD millions. Pharmaceutical (2011) USA stood in first, next is Hormosan Pharma GmbH, a Amount not disclosed Germany and countries like Generic Company in Germany. (2008) China, Brazil ranked after India. Dr.Reddy’s GSK (completion of the Amount not disclosed Indian pharmaceutical acquisition of US penicillin (2011) companies have spent close to facility and products from $1.4 bn in acquiring companies GlaxoSmithKline) globally in the past 18 months. BASF’s Pharmaceutical Contract Amount not disclosed With access to capital, higher Manufacturing Business (2008) staying power because of low Biocon AxiCorp Pharmaceuticals Acquired majority stake costs, and managements willing of 70% (2008) to globalize, this trend will continue. (2010)* Glenmark Medicamenta Amount not disclosed (2007) Source: Company Websites, Press Releases © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 30
  31. 31. List of JV/Alliances among Indian players(Indicative) JV/ Alliances Market Rationale JV would develop, manufacture and market branded generics across emerging markets; Sun Pharma’s contribution: Leveraging on SPARC’s R&D pipeline and Sun Pharma – Merck Emerging Markets manufacturing capabilities Merck’s contribution: Market presence and regulatory competence across emerging markets Emerging Markets Based on similar structure; DRL would manufacture products; while GSK would Dr. Reddy’s – GSK distribute in Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Asia Cadila Healthcare – Bayer Primarily a co-marketing arrangement with focus on certain therapy segment India With product patent regime, Indian players are collaborating with MNCs by in- licensing patented products in India Cadila Healthcare would license 24 branded generics to Abbott for 15 emerging Cadila Healthcare – Emerging Markets markets; collaboration includes pain management, Abbott oncology, CVS, neurological and respiratory diseases Primarily a co-marketing arrangement with focus on insulin segment Lupin – Eli Lilly India Aimed at leveraging on Lupin’s marketing & distribution footprint in India and Eli Lilly’s product portfolio in the insulin segment Biocon – Bristol Myers Partnership in the research space with focus on discovery & development of NA Squibb NCEs. Working on early stage of the development cycle © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 31 Source: Company Websites, Press Releases
  32. 32. List of Alliances & Partnership for Product SourcingJV/ Alliances MNCs RationaleAurobindo Pharma AstraZeneca, Supply of generic medicines for developed Pfizer and emerging markets (2010)Strides Arcolab Ltd Pfizer Supply of 67 generic drugs to Pfizer with ffocus on oncology (2008)Torrent AstraZeneca Supply of 18 products for various market (2010)PharmaceuticalsIndoco Remedies Aspen Range of ophthalmic products for 30 emerging markets (2010)Indoco Remedies Watson Development and manufacture of generic drugs with market size of US$ Pharmaceuticals 670 million (2010)Cadila Healthcare Altana, Zyban JV structure for the manufacture of patent drugs (2006)Torrent Novo-Nordisk Contract manufacturing of formulations (2010, 2005)PharmaceuticalsStrides GSK Supply of drugs for semi-regulated markets (2011)Arcolab Limited Source: Company Websites, Press Releases © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 32
  33. 33. Today, Acquisitions and Partnerships with Indiancompanies have expanded to R&D as wellMNCs active in Collaborative Research in India. Previously, they were formed to source out products. Indian Company Molecule Indication Nature of Deal Global Remark PartnerZydus Cadila (2009) Not disclosed Cardiovascular Collaborative Eli Lilly To discover & Develop new CVS drugs for a research span of 6 yrsZydus Cadila (2008) Not disclosed Inflammatory Collaborative Karo Bio To develop a new compound that targets Diseases research the Gluco corticoid receptor for treatment of inflammatory disordersTorrent (2005) Not disclosed Hypertension Collaborative Astra Zeneca To discover a novel drug for hypertension research for Rs. 1.2 BillionSuven Life Sciences Pre- clinical CNS Joint Development Eli Lilly Partnering deal for early phase research(2006) drug for discovery of NCEs candidate“Alliances and acquisitions for drug discovery, diagnostics and clinical research is taking place throughout India. Such deals will provide mutualadvantage to both partners. While the MNCs benefit by replenishing pipelines, addition to product portfolios or establishing a local presence in theemerging markets, the Pharma/ biotech companies gain in technology expertise and much needed funds for research and expansion,”Dr Ajaykumar Sharma Practice Head - Pharma Healthcare South Asia & Middle East, Frost & Sullivan) Opportunities Galore for Indias BiotechIndustry – Express Pharma (1-15 Feb, 2012)Source: Company Websites, Press Releases © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 33
  34. 34. MNCs outsource their research work to Indian firms owing to it’s rich domain expertise. Contract research is an established operating model R & D services agreements by Indian companies Indian Firm MNC Partner Purpose “As rightly pointed out by Ernst & Young in Orchid Chemicals Bexel (2006) Drug discovery its ‘Beyond Borders 2005 Report’, for research in metabolic biotech companies, disease >> “Partnerships are an important means of Biocon BMS (2009) Contract Research for mitigating risk, as well as a strategic Pfizer (2010) Bulk drugs Mylan (2009) Biosimilars response to business challenges.. Jubilant Organosys Eli Lilly NCE : CVS, CNS, >> Since drug development is an inherently (2005) Diabetics, Oncology, high-risk business, characterised by large Astra Zeneca (2009) Neuroscience R&D investments and relatively small probabilities of success, partnerships will Divis Labs (years data not Merck Custom chemical always be an important factor in diversifying available, but MNCs name Abbot synthesis and mitigating risk.” mentioned in public domain) GSK >> According to Karkaria, partnerships are also one of the ways of entering newer Shasun Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Aventis (1998) Contract Research & Eli Lilly (2001) Custom synthesis potential markets. (Dr Cyrus Karkaria GSK services President Biotechnology, Lupin) Teva Source: Opportunities Galore for Indias Clinigene Pacific Biomarkers (2011) Collaborative research Biotech Industry – Express Pharma (1-15 services agreement to Feb, 2012) global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industrySource: Battling with TRIPS: Emerging Firm Strategies of Indian Pharmaceuticals Industry Post – TRIPS, Journal of Intellectual Property Rights Vol.13, July 2008, pp 301- 317 © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 34
  35. 35. Indian Firms Are Looking For Partnerships, Investment,Licensing or Acquisitions of, Innovative compounds Co-Development and technologies Opportunities Novel Drug Delivery Systems Manufacturing in IN and Companies in Regulated the US markets © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 35
  36. 36. About Aagami – Who we AreAagami ,Inc. is a life sciences consulting firm based in the suburbs of Chicago, offering Strategic Consultingand Technology Licensing Services for Life Science (biotech, pharmaceutical and medical devices) companies,focused on India and Emerging Markets.Aagami Partners bring several decades of operational experience globally, connections at C-Level people with IndianLife-sciences companies and most importantly deep knowledge of India-business-practices.The company has supported small and large life science companies from all over the world, mainly in the UnitedStates, Europe, India, Australia, and Japan in their quest for Indian market and or resources.These services include finding right service providers, right alliance partners, JV partners, M&A Targets, ContractSales/Marketing company, In-Licensing or Out-Licensing deals etc., in the business of Life Sciences including Investingeither way. © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 36
  37. 37. Aagami Strategic Consulting offers services in, In-Licensing or Out-Licensing Co-Development and Partnerships Mergers & Acquisitions Investments to and from India Finding the Right • JV partners and/or Distributors • CRO and CRAMS providers • Contract Sales/Marketing companies • Contract Manufacturing companies © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 37
  38. 38. Our Value Proposition:We Bring, Deep Extensive network Deal experience ExtensiveDedicated team Understanding of with top 100 Indian with Western, Operationalwith focus on Client business and socio- LS companies at Japanese and Experience andsuccess cultural differences CXO levels Indian industry Excellence Globally in ways of working © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 38
  39. 39. Sample list of Aagami Clients USA International Clients Company Location Company Location Dow MI Solvay Belgium Aegis CA Delmar Canada Advangene IL SOM Biotech Spain MacuCLEAR TX Phosphagenics Australia DesignMedix OR NanoSensing Brazil Unitech Pharma MI Affitech Denmark Loyola U Chicago IL Ilsan Ilvac Turkey MW Univ. IL, AZ Pieris Germany PLx TX Toppan Japan © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 39
  40. 40. Aagami Approach.... Prepare ‘Elevator Pitch’ on client technology and/or Identify Relevant company customized to Broadcast EP to Relevant Companies from our Specific business culture Companies by Email Database and resources e.g. India, Japan Coordinate CDAs with Organize a road show to interested Companies, and Follow-up with phone calls India along with client supply further info through and emails etc. representative/s emails and conference calls Take appointments with Support in structuring and Coordinate the logistics of right executives in negotiations for finalizing the road show interested companies the deal(s) © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 40
  41. 41. Realizing PossibilitiesLet’s get in touch… Talk to us or drop by…Join us in our conversations at, Global Life Science Dinesh Jain, Founder CEO Business in India +1 630-853-3520 Our Linkedin group initiative USA (Head Office) INDIA 2020 Calamos Ct. Suite 209 Crystal Plaza, Level 2, 276 C B Road, Naperville, IL 60653 Ramdaspeth, Nagpur – 440010 Aagami Home Phone: +1-630-799-1572 Phone: +91-787-501-6957 Godwyn Francis Nidhi Bansod Head –Business Development Head – Business and Market Research Research Reports, Presentations, Newsletter, and more… Phone:+1- 630-780-5830Supporting Global companies in Lifesciences to meet success with their India Initiatives……. © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 41
  42. 42. SOME MORE INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT INDIA © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 42
  43. 43. India home to large number of rich as well as poor classes Has more Billionaires than Britain, and more poor people than Africa.India has more number of billionaires than France, UK &Switzerland. India has a sizeable rich population. India is at thenumber four spot on an international list compiled by Forbesmagazine, based on the number of billionaires a country produces. Poverty has been on the decline. According to official government of India estimates, poverty declined from 37.2% in 2004-05 to 29.8% in 2009-10. Rural poverty declined by 8 percentage points from 41.8% to 33.8% and urban poverty byThe combined net worth of the 2012 class of the 100 richest 4.8 percentage points from 25.7% to 20.9% over the sameIndians is $250 billion, up from $241 billion a year ago. India period.currently has 61 billionaires. (Forbes, October 2012) The government is now investing in a set of pioneeringIn 2008-09, India had 84,000 HNWIs. By 2010, it had risen by 50 initiatives to bring basic services to the poor – in elementaryper cent (126,700), the biggest increase of all countries.* education, basic health care, health insurance, rural roads, and rural connectivity. In spite of recent poverty declines with its rapid economicSource: *Dollar Billionaires in Poor Countries: India’s “Philantrocapitalism”- expansion, India still has high poverty rates according to aGlobal Research, Sept 10, 2012; Blog- World Bank on Poverty Across India in 2011 World Bank report titled "Perspectives on poverty in India :2011- stylized facts from survey data" released in 2011. Overall, thein.html; latest World Bank data shows that Indias poverty rate of 27.5%,Wikipedia- List of countries by the number of US dollar billionaires; based on Indias current poverty line of $1.03 per person per day © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 43
  44. 44. India has a well established Education system with Abundant Talent  India has one of the largest school- age population in the world. It has well established education systems with more than 1.6 million schools enrolling in excess of 130 mn students  For higher education, India has more than 500 universities as well as more than 25, 000 colleges and 7000 technical institutions with approximately 13 million students. Education bodies Total numbers Stream Post graduate Under graduate in India Science 382619 2000374 Universities 409 Engineering/technology/ 95185 1663691 Number of Arts, Fine arts, social work, 25990 architecture/ design Science & commerce ; Medicine 31025 273366 Engineering/technology/architecture; Management/hotel/travel 125002 181277 Medical ; Education/teacher trainings ; /tourism Others management Education/teacher training 460490 460490 INDIA offers a large, well-educated, English- Law 11625 203577 speaking workforce with 700,000 scientists Arts 660516 5108233 and engineers graduating every year, Commerce 189603 1699263 including 122,000 chemists and chemical engineers, with 1,500 PhDs# Ph.D./M.Phill 78388 NA Note: Figures -Sanctioned intake per million (August 2011)Source: Report of the Working Group On Science & Technology, Human Resource Development For 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17)- Ministry of Science &Technology, GOI- Sept 2011. Source: Higher Education Statistics Report 2008-09 by MHRD, (Up to 30 Sept 2008); Report of the Working Group On Science& Technology, Human Resource Development For 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17)- Ministry of Science & Technology, GOI- Sept 2011; * - India’sContribution to the World-, #- Sector Profile Indian Life Sciences – Issue 59- August Page 44 © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | www.aagami.net2011
  45. 45. NRIs (PIOs – People of India Origin) constitute a globalcommunity of over 25 million people Region Population North America (Mostly USA & Canada) 4.0 Million South America (Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, Surinam, Jamaica, etc.) 1.6 Million Europe (U.K., Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc.) 2.5 Million Africa (South Africa, Mauritius, East African countries, etc.) 2.7 Million Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc.) 3.6 Million Far East & South East Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, etc.) 5.0 Million Pacific Island (Fiji, Australia, New Zealand) 0.7 Million Sri Lanka and Nepal 4.9 Million Total 25.0 Million Note: Since hard numbers have not been available, these are approximate estimates and obtained from individual country statistics and from the report of the High Level India Diaspora Committee appointed by Govt. of India Source: NRIs/PIOs and India – Mutual Expectations Dr. Thomas Abraham- Chairman, Global Organization of People 2013 | All rights reserved | © Aagami, Inc. of Indian Origin (GOPIO), Inc. Page 45
  46. 46. This is what Einstein and Duff had to say about India “We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made” Albert Einstein “Many of the advances in the sciences that we consider today to have been made in Europe were infact made in India centuries ago” Grant Duff - British Historian of India © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 46
  47. 47. THANK YOU END OF DOCUMENT © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved | Page 47