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OncBiomune Presentation - Innovative Cancer Therapy - 130403


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OncBioMune LLC, a Baton Rouge, Louisiana based biotechnology company specializing in innovative cancer treatments, has proprietary rights to a breast cancer vaccine (patent #5,478,556 and patent application #20120282215) and prostate cancer vaccine (patent application #20120282216), and the targeted chemotherapy Paclitaxel- Gallium-Transferrin (patent application #20110190204). OncBioMune’s principals, Robert L. Elliott, M.D., Ph.D., Jonathan F. Head, Ph.D., have shown that OncBioMune’s technologies are safe, and utilize proven methods of treatment to provide optimal success for patients.

OncBioMune’s stand-alone technologies, utilizing transferrin transport technology and cancer vaccine technology, are applicable to other solid tumors, as well. The technologies of OncBioMune began with diseases of the breast as their foundation, but also provide platforms for prostate cancer and other solid tumors. The forecasted start up potential and the projected market for The Company’s products are optimal for success in the biotechnology industry.

Licensing and Partnering opportunity

 OncBioMune is currently looking to out-license its technologies, and also for co-development partnering opportunities, to further develop its technologies. They seek to develop cancer vaccines and targeted drugs through Phase II Clinical Trials.

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OncBiomune Presentation - Innovative Cancer Therapy - 130403

  1. 1. OncBioMune LLC Bringing innovative cancer therapy to the world and high profitability to its partners Therapeutic Vaccines – Breast and Prostate Cancer Novel Cancer DrugsThis opportunity is brought to you by Aagami, Inc. , a life sciences consulting firm based in the suburbs ofChicago, brings exciting opportunities from global companies having innovative technologies and products toIndia and Emerging Markets.
  2. 2. Opportunity in Innovative Cancer Therapy, with ROI 10x of Investment possibility• Opportunity in innovative cancer • OncBioMune has a pipeline of both targeted therapies and therapeutic treatments, cancer vaccines and vaccines drug technologies , that you could license and/or co-develop • Both have been shown to be more effective and less toxic than conventional chemotherapies.• OncBioMune LLC, is a 30 year old • OncBioMune is currently looking for Baton Rouge, Louisiana based corporate partners to further develop biotechnology company their technologies. They seek to develop cancer vaccines and targeted specializing in innovative cancer drugs through Phase II Clinical Trials. treatments, has proprietary rights to a breast cancer vaccine, • Return on investment prostate cancer vaccine and the estimated to be minimum 10X (e.g. Investing $5Mn would yield minimum targeted chemotherapy $50Mn) Paclitaxel- Gallium-Transferrin
  3. 3. The Pipeline: Therapeutic Cancer VaccinesSafety and Efficacy demonstrated by extensive internal clinical trials. SeveralHundred people have received thousands of vaccines with very little toxicity.Prostate Cancer Vaccine “Prostatac” – In-House clinical trails have shown a 2/3 response rate – PSA stimulates patients immune system to fight cancer – Presently starting Clinical Trials • Department of Defense ($ 5,200,000 over 5 years) • Elona BioTechnologies, Inc - Protein Manufacturer • CRO Theradex® Oncology • Fully Funded Phase 1a/1b clinical trial hosted by the Moore’s Cancer Center at University of California San Diego Medical SchoolBreast Cancer Vaccine • Initially developed in 1993; in clinic use since 1994
  4. 4. Lead Vaccine Candidate PSA Vaccine “Prostatac” + +PSA IL-2 GMCSF• Off the Shelf Vaccine Technologies• Components – PSA Antigen – IL-2 Stimulates the effector cells – GM-CSF Promotes Antigen presentation to Dendritic Cells Results from internal clinical trial done in accordance with physician/ compounding pharmacy laws. Majority of Patients had declining PSA after the Vaccine
  5. 5. Highlights & Clinical Trial Highlights & Clinical Trial NCVP Phase 1a and 1bHighlights - PSA Vaccine Clinical Trial• IND # 14778 • Phase 1a• Fully funded phase 1a/1b clinical – Vaccinate 20 patients to trial to commence the first confirm minimal toxicity of quarter of 2013 at the UCSD the PSA vaccine Moores Cancer Center. • Phase 1b• Batched cGMP PSA produced, fill – Enroll 28 additional patients finished and in storage at Bio- storage technologies. • Partnering with UCSD Medical Center• Animal Toxicology performed by MPI showed no toxicity.
  6. 6. Kaplan-Meier Curve Shows Improved Survival of Breast Cancer patients with depressed immunity Vaccinated depressed immunity Vaccinated depressed immunity Depressed immunity Vaccination study using OBM vaccine technology
  7. 7. Opportunity assessment of “Prostatac” Prostate Cancer in the US Drugs *Estimated 2.2 Million Men in the US with currently on Revenues for Prostate Cancer •242,000 new cases in 2012 (NCI) the Market 2016 in the US •28,000 Deaths.. •845,000 of those men are undergoing androgen deprivation Provenge $940 million therapy (Bernstein Research) Zytiga $1,500 million*Forecasted growth at 5% per year *Forecasts from Evaluate Pharma
  8. 8. 5-Year Timeline for Prostatac Prostate cancer vaccine licensed License agreements pursued for late Phase II clinical stage trial for prostate development of cancer prostate cancer vaccine Phase I clinical trial for prostate cancer vaccine completedPhase Iclinical trialfor prostatecancer Prostatacvaccineunderway
  9. 9. Novel Cancer Drugs Pipeline: PGT Innovative Chemotherapy Targeted Therapy Drug •Transferrin targets paclitaxel to cancer cells + + and delivers it into the cytoplasm beyond drug efflux protein pumps •Avoids use of Cremophor EL in paclitaxelPaclitaxel Gallium Transferrin preparation •Has increased efficacy due to decreased toxicity, and increased specificity compared “PGT” to other chemotherapeutic drugs •Drug can be used to treat various forms of cancer including Breast, Prostate, OvarianDecreased Toxicity, Increased specificity and Multiple Myeloma.
  10. 10. StudiesMCF-7 Study PGT Animal Study
  11. 11. PGT Opportunity Assessment If PGT can capture just a small percentage of the taxane market in the US, that Abraxane is expected to capture, it could be a blockbuster product. Estimated Percent of Overall If PGT captures X% of Peak sales in 2023 are Taxane Market Captured by the taxane market… estimated to be… 1% $194M14% Abraxane 14% Decision 2% $387M12% Resources Decision Resources 11.9% 12% Sell-Side Analyst 11.9% 3% $581M10% (MCF) 10% Sell-Side Analyst 4% $775M (MCF)8% 5% $968M 8% 6.4% 6.4% 7.2% 7.2% 6% $1.2B6% 6% 6.4% 6.4% 7% $1.4B4% 2.8% 2.8% 4% 8% $1.6B2% 2% 2.2% 9% $1.7B 2.2%0% 10% $1.9B 0% 2008 2008 2013 2013 2018 2018 Assumptions: Note: Sell-side analyst estimate for percentage of taxane market • The overall taxane market continues to grow at the same annual rate as captured by Abraxane calculated by dividing estimated Abraxane sales it is currently estimated by Decision Resources to grow between 2008 by the price of therapy per patient estimated by Decision Resources to and 2018 in the US get number of patients on Abraxane. That figure was then divided by • PGT generates revenue per patient per year equivalent to what Abraxane the Decision Resources estimate for number of patients on taxanes generates currently per patient per year (no growth rate in price) across breast, NSCLC, prostate, gastric, melanoma, and ovarian cancers.
  12. 12. 5-Year Timeline for Targeted Therapy PGT Licensing agreements pursued for PGT use in Phase I for PGT Stage IV in breast Ovarian cancer Cancer Phase I trial for PGT for Stage IV Ovarian Cancer I IND initiated application filed for PGT treatment of Stage IV Develop ovarian Manufactur cancer ing process for PGT
  13. 13. Treated Patient Population Cancer Type Number of PatientsBreast 210Prostate 26Colon 4Ovarian 4Lung 4Melanoma 2Sarcoma 2Stomach/Esophageal 1Facial Skin 1Tongue 1 TOTAL 255*The patient population came for the Elliott-Elliott-Head Breast Cancer Research and TreatmentCenter.
  14. 14. The Opportunity to yield ROI of 10X OncBioMune is looking for • You can In-license for India/Asia ORcorporate partners • Co-develop vaccines and drugsto further develop thru Phase II Clinical Trialstheir technologies • Out-license together to a Major and products... Pharma on completion of Phase III OR • This offering is sure to yield 10X of In-license for your investment madeemerging markets
  15. 15. Realizing PossibilitiesLet’s get in touch… Contact us for more informationJoin us in our conversations at, Global Life Science Business in India USA (Head Office) INDIA 2020 Calamos Ct. Suite 209 , Crystal Plaza, Level 2, Naperville, IL 60653 276 C B Road, Ramdaspeth Our Linkedin group initiative Phone: +1-630-799-1572 Nagpur – 440010 Aagami Home Contact Contact Dinesh Jain Godwyn Francis Email: Email:, Cell: +1 -630-853-3520 Cell: +91-787-501-6957 Research Reports, Presentations, Newsletter, and more… Supporting Global Lifesciences companies exploring India and Emerging Markets © Aagami, Inc. 2013 | All rights reserved |