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PayPal Creative Brief

Still a work in progress, this was our creative brief for PayPal

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PayPal Creative Brief

  1. 1. creative brief prepared by Maggie Wang / Alan ArguellesThe problem who will we engage?The brand’s extensive service has lead misinter- Teenagers, whose age ranges from 12-17 years old,pretations about PayPal being an online shopping they try to balance between school, a part-time job,payment system. Currently, the brand perception extra-curricular activities, family, and friends. At thisis that PayPal’s just an alternative to credit cards point in their lives, they are starting to become inde-or other means of online payment. pendent and branch out their lives through their friends, classmates and other people around them.Our goal They are curious, and are trying to establish connec- tions that would stand the test of time. They trust theirPayPal’s main essence is to deal with our daily friends and peers, basically because they value theirmoney transactions. Our goal is to clarify the opinions. They want control over their money, howmisconceptions surrounding the brand and they’re going to use it, and when they’re going to usere-iterate what PayPal is all about: A virtual wallet it, but not want the complexities that come with using awhere the user’s in control. credit card.Our key insight our MAIN messageYoung entrepreneurs find ways on how to earnmoney to feel the sense of independence. At the Receive money whenever, wherever.same time, they are still supported by theirparents. They need a service that would give themthe flexibility of receiving money (either allowancefrom their parents, or getting paid from walking thedog as one of their part-time jobs), while stillstruggling to balance the life of a typical teenager. our opportunities (please check the next page for other possibilities) exchange personal conversation matters starter with fast brands customers share fun & entertainment photos/ music as a "back channel" for interaction Channel SMS/ MMS How do they use it Why do they use it manage school/ Brand Opportunity work
  2. 2. conversation starter with brandsact as guide/ customersconsultation fun & entertainment cheaper than calling as a "back channel opportunities channel" for interaction say hello exchange & chat personal to make an matters excuse report manage school/ location SMS/ MMS work fast easy way to touch base micro- share coor- photos/ dination music bus information Channel How do they use it more time toshare news / craft a Why do they use itinformation message document messages for future Brand Opportunity reference

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Still a work in progress, this was our creative brief for PayPal


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