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Study of Open Data in PUSH Universities


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Summary of Open Access and Open Data Study of PUSH Universities

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Study of Open Data in PUSH Universities

  1. 1. Thursday, March 15, 2018 PUSH Summit #PUSHLeadersForum Study of Open Data in PUSH Universities A project in partnership with Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition initiative (GODAN)
  2. 2. Today’s Open Data Panelists Jaime Adams USDA Senior Advisor for International Affairs Office of the Chief Scientist Anne Mims Adrian Open Data Project Manager PUSH Hunger Solutions Institute Medha Devare Data and Knowledge Manager CGIAR Cathie Woteki Former Under-Secretary, USDA’s Research, Education, and Economics and Chief Scientist Brytni Emison (HSI) ● Ruthie Musker (GODAN) ● Jessica Hopkinson (HSI) ● Kara Newby (HSI) ● Megan Elliott (HSI) ● Martin Parr (GODAN) ● Harriet Giles (HSI) ● June Henton (AU – Human Sciences) Other Contributors and Reviewers of the PUSH Open Data Study
  3. 3. PUSH Open Data Study • Reviewed 99 PUSH universities’ open access and open data policies • Interviewed faculty, administrators, and staff at 9 universities • GODAN conducted a similar survey of agriculture research funders
  4. 4. PUSH Open Data Study • Of 99 PUSH schools, 15 have open access policies • No school has policy addressing open data • Open data is driven by funders’ requirements for researchers to receive funding. • Some universities have strong open access policies, many do not
  5. 5. PUSH Open Data Study
  6. 6. PUSH Open Data Study Recommendations for universities: • Clearly define data ownership • Include faculty in the process of creating open data policy • Active and supportive university administration
  7. 7. PUSH Open Data Study Recommendations to improve relationships and agreements between funders and universities: • Conduct a forum to facilitate conversations between funders and universities • Develop agreements between funders and universities that reflect solutions to open data challenges • Ensure agreements with universities on standards and protocols