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Drinking from a Fire Hose

This is an adaption of an earlier presentation on How to Drink from a Fire Hose.

Anne Adrian blogs at

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Drinking from a Fire Hose

  1. 1. Drinking from a Fire Hose April 14, 2009 Anne Mims Adrian, PhD Alabama Cooperative Extension System at Auburn University
  2. 2. Google me, Anne Adrian, Or find me: Twitter: aafromaa delicious: aafromaa AIM: aafromaa Slideshare: aafromaa Flickr: aafromaa YouTube: aafromaa
  3. 3. “Today, if you're not staying current with Web 2.0 technologies' impact on business, then you're just not staying current. Period.” Sarah Perez of ReadWriteWeb
  4. 4. Facebook 200 million active users
  5. 5. Facebook Women older than 55 make up the fastest- growing age group on Facebook
  6. 6. Unique URLs in Google’s index 1 trillion 49 Amazing Social Media, Web 2.0 And Internet Stats
  7. 7. Wikipedia 2.7 million - articles in English 684 million - visitors in 2008 75,000 - active contributors web-20-internet-numbers-stats/ 49 Amazing Social Media, Web 2.0 And Internet Stats
  8. 8. YouTube 70 million – videos (March 2008) 412.3 years - time it would take to view all content on YouTube (March 2008) (sources here, here and here) 49 Amazing Social Media, Web 2.0 And Internet Stats
  9. 9. YouTube 13 hours - amount of video are uploaded every minute $1 million - YouTube’s estimated bandwidth costs per day (sources here, here and here) 49 Amazing Social Media, Web 2.0 And Internet Stats
  10. 10. Blogosphere 346 million – people read blogs (comScore March 2008) 900,000 - average number of blog posts in a 24 hour period 77% - active Internet users read blogs 49 Amazing Social Media, Web 2.0 And Internet Stats
  11. 11. Twitter stats 1.4 billion - Tweets as of 3/23/2009 (continuous count ) 3 million - Tweets/day (March 2008) (from TechCrunch) 63% - Twitter users who are male (from Time) 49 Amazing Social Media, Web 2.0 And Internet Stats
  12. 12. Overwhelmed?
  13. 13. The Age of Speed Learning to Thrive in a More-Faster-New World by Vince Poscente
  14. 14. Physical and traditional boundaries of time Work Leisure Home
  15. 15. Multitasking IT Productive in the long run
  16. 16. Information through diverse social networks generates: More revenue More and faster completed projects
  17. 17. Workstreaming Open Transparent
  18. 18. Workstreaming Participative Collaboration among a distributed workforce. Enabled by creation of digital footprints and activity trails.
  19. 19. Blurring of work and personal
  20. 20. Radical transparency
  21. 21. Burst style of working- anywhere / anytime
  22. 22. Contributions measured by value added
  23. 23. Personal responsibility and trust
  24. 24. Flatness in organizational hierarchy
  25. 25. Leveraging of edge competencies
  26. 26. Co-creation
  27. 27. Purpose driven
  28. 28. Multiple areas of interest and avenues Wikis Colleagues (Wikipedia, eXtensio Organization’s news n, internal) (University, State Documents Extension, National Twitter Extension, eXtension , USDA, National 4- Facebook H) Friendfeed Friends’ bookmarks Subject matter
  29. 29. Multiple areas of interest and avenues Email Communities Comments on blogs (book club, Ning communities) (particularly my own) Flickr Google Analytics YouTube Feedburner General news Google Alerts Personal information
  30. 30. Information does not flow linearly
  31. 31. Relax
  32. 32. Stay Curious
  33. 33. Use a “start page” iGoogle Google Reader Netvibes
  34. 34. Network Connect & build relationships with those who share your interests.
  35. 35. Use your network to filter
  36. 36. Try Explore Learn Participate
  37. 37. …that's part of the firehose …a mix of rapid fire ideas loaded with “imperfections”— a lot like life. Jason Adam Young /
  38. 38. Choose pipes, methods, and info based on your purpose and what you value
  39. 39. Go where people are
  40. 40. Keep learning new tools Become technology adept
  41. 41. Lifestream—bring into one place FriendFeed Feed readers (Google Reader) Tweetdeck
  42. 42. My Google Reader Priorities not categories
  43. 43. Re-tune filters Manually construct Automate Continuously re-tune Are temporary
  44. 44. Re-think social structure & expectations We create, rethink, and re-tuned filters. Now we are in the flow. How do we navigate the flow?
  45. 45. Re-tune filters Updating the old filters is not the fix. We create, rethink, and re- tuned the filters.
  46. 46. Topics for discussions – How is email broken? – What are the solutions? – Other methods of sharing, wikis, blogs, Twitter, Fr iendFeed, IM? – Still not working? More solutions coming.
  47. 47. Resources Engaging Communities on their on Turf: Secrets of Social networkers 26457/ Not information overload--filter failure information-overload-filter-failure.html
  48. 48. Resources Clay Shirky quot;It's not information overload. It's filter failurequot; at Web 2.0 Expo NY Beginner’s Guide to Social Media in Extension ers_Guide_to_Social_Media_in_Extension
  49. 49. Resources Poscente, Vince. The Age of Speed Aral, Sinan and Van Alstyne, Marshall W., quot;Network Structure & Information Advantage: Structural Determinants of Access to Novel Information and Their Performance Implicationsquot; (January 18, 2007). Available at SSRN:
  50. 50. Resources RSS in Plain English, a video introduction to using news readers from Common Craft nglish
  51. 51. Resources Feeding Frenzy, an eXtension 30-Minute session recording presented by Beth Raney, extension 5211/ Use a newsreader, 007/05/how-to-use-news-reader.html
  52. 52. “Drinking from a Fire Hose” April 14, 2009 Anne Mims Adrian, PhD Alabama Cooperative Extension System at Auburn University