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Ppt on maggi


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its my first ppt on the topic of maggi.

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Ppt on maggi

  1. 1. AA veryvery good afternoongood afternoon to all of all of you.
  2. 2. AA nestlenestle productproduct.
  3. 3. Nestlé Company was founded in 1866 by Henri Nestlé. HenriNestlé Company was founded in 1866 by Henri Nestlé. Henri Nestlé developed a milk based baby food and soon beganNestlé developed a milk based baby food and soon began marketing. It was the first product of Nestlé.marketing. It was the first product of Nestlé. Nestlé started in 1905 as a merger of the Anglo-Swiss milkNestlé started in 1905 as a merger of the Anglo-Swiss milk company, which was established in 1866 by two brotherscompany, which was established in 1866 by two brothers George Page and Charles Page.George Page and Charles Page. Nestlé is one of the largest food and nutrition company in theNestlé is one of the largest food and nutrition company in the world, founded and headquartered in Vevey,, founded and headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland.
  4. 4. NestlNestlé Product’s Listé Product’s List • Nestlé Milkmaid • Ice cream • Syrups • Jam • Honey • Candies • Nestlé Fresh • Natural dahi (curd) • Nestlé Slim Milk • Maggi 2 MinuteMaggi 2 Minute NoodlesNoodles • Maggi Sauces • Maggi Pizza Mazza • Maggi Pichkoo • Nescafe Cappuccino • Nestlé Ice Tea • Nescafe Sunrise • Nestlé Munch
  5. 5. Management OfManagement Of NestléNestlé PERSON DESIGNATION Antonio Helio CEO/Chairman/ Managing Director Ashok Kumar Mahindra Director B Murli Secretary
  6. 6. Introduction ofIntroduction of Maggi 2 Minute NoodlesMaggi 2 Minute Noodles  It’s a brand of instant noodles made by Nestlé India ltd.  It was founded by the Maggi family in Switzerland in the 19th century.  Nestlé launched Maggi for the first time in India in the 1982.  Nestlé wanted to explore the possible for such an instant food among the Indian market.  Maggi has been Nestlé's flagship not only in India. which is it’s largest market but globally as well.
  7. 7. Product is popular in: Australia India Brazil Sri Lanka Malaysia Singapore South Africa New Zealand
  8. 8. Marketing ObjectivesMarketing Objectives  To promote Maggi noodles as a healthy ready to eat convenient food.  To provide line extension by introducing Cup Noodles/Mug Noodles.  To upgrade the existing product features vies. packaging, ingredients, special additives based on consumer feedback.  The objectives were arrived at based on the analysis of Ansoff’s Grid.
  9. 9. Achievement Of TheseAchievement Of These ObjectivesObjectives  Promotional campaigns in schools.  Advertising strategies.  Product innovation & variation.
  10. 10. Currently following are the products whichCurrently following are the products which are being marketed by nestle under theare being marketed by nestle under the Maggi Noodles brand other than its 2Maggi Noodles brand other than its 2 minute Maggi noodles are:minute Maggi noodles are:  Maggi Vegetable Multigrain Noodles.Maggi Vegetable Multigrain Noodles.  Maggi Vegetable Atta Noodles.Maggi Vegetable Atta Noodles.  Maggi Cuppa Mania.Maggi Cuppa Mania.
  11. 11. New LaunchNew Launch  Maggi PastaMaggi Pasta  Maggi Magic CubesMaggi Magic Cubes  Maggi Pizza MazzaMaggi Pizza Mazza  Maggi Bhuna MasalaMaggi Bhuna Masala  Maggi Masala-e-magicMaggi Masala-e-magic  Maggi Coconut Milk PowderMaggi Coconut Milk Powder
  12. 12. Competitors & It’s EffectsCompetitors & It’s Effects  Companies like Top RamenTop Ramen, Indo NissanIndo Nissan, Ching’sChing’s , SunSun feastfeast launching a similar kind of product, Maggi faced major competition in the market.  To overcome this competition Maggi launched Dal AttaDal Atta Noodles Sambhar flavourNoodles Sambhar flavour that failed. New products like ketchupsketchups, soupssoups , tastemakerstastemakers also failed getting the Maggi strategy team into deep thought.
  13. 13. Latest StrategicLatest Strategic ImprovementsImprovements  Strong Customer Relations.  Good Packaging and Strong Dealer- Vendor Relations.  Continuous process innovation.  Repositioning as a healthier snacks.  Price Incentives.  Capturing New Customer Base.  Meri Maggi.
  14. 14. Current ScenarioCurrent Scenario  Leading Brand in India as well as the world.  Reasonable competitive pricing.  Market share of 80% of the instant noodles segment as of 2011.  Focus on health benefits with yummy taste.  Diversification in terms of variety in flavours & pricing.  Creative interaction blogs for customers like &
  15. 15. Made By~ Aadish JainMade By~ Aadish Jain BBA~Ist yearBBA~Ist year
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