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Is Android App Development Really Required?


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With each passing day, the Android application development is gaining popularity. This popularity is mostly due to the ability of platform to assist in the development of innumerous apps of varied nature. But is Android app development truly required. Read the article and know more about it!

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Is Android App Development Really Required?

  1. 1. Is Android App Development Really Required?“Android”, the Googles child has always been in the limelight, ever since itwas announced in the year 2008. Mostly for its open-source nature,feature-rich SDKs, competition with iOS for superiority or the free of costavailability, the operating system has never left the newsroom. However, before continuing the discussion on Android app development and its benefit, it is important to know what is The Android? It is a Linux supported, open source OS. The platform is widely used for the development of innumerous apps for a variety of gadgets, including tablet PCsand Smartphone.
  2. 2. Today, Android apps has become an integralpart of our daily lives and the popularity ofthe OS is increasing with each passing day.One of the main reasons of its high qualityapps also lies in the fact that, android is thebrainchild of Google. Backed by Javas library, the OS is among some of the major frameworks, which are used for application development purposes. Moreover, it doesnt require any type of fees and is readily available for utilization.Android app development language iswidely used in the Smart phone, due toits open-source nature. This featureassists in developing a variety of apps ofdifferent genre.In addition, the android SDK also assistsin the development of customized apps,to meet the expectations of variouscustomers. To ensure impeccable service and less complex development of apps, Android has been improving and updating its system, by adding new features and fixing bugs in previous releases.
  3. 3. Due to this reason, Android has seen differentversions starting from Cupcake to Donut,Eclairs to Froyo, Gingerbread to Honeycomb,and Ice cream Sandwich to Jelly bean. Having an Android driven Smartphone, updated with the latest version, further enhances the requirement of Android App Development, as users love innovative, scalable, robust and user-friendly apps.The operating system allows the users to utilizepowerful apps, download stuff from the internetand data sharing.Furthermore, the android assists in integratingsocial-networking contacts and development of innumerous games, invariety of genres. It is worth mentioning that the Android application development language is not utilized only for the personal usage, but is also used in developing apps for the business sector.The android apps are widely used in eCommerce industry and otherbusinesses.This further increase the demand of an experienced and skilled androidapplication developer.
  4. 4. However, with the presence of a large number ofandroid app development service providercompanies, the search of an app developer is nothard. You just have to search and contact organizations, depending on your business needs and project requirements.In addition, it is also important to ascertain, whether the developer iscapable of fulfilling the exact needs of your project, or not.Now, from the above discussion, thesignificance of android appdevelopment is quite viable for all thesectors.And, with the regular updates in the android versions, the expectation ofapps with more fun, pleasure, entertainment, and high utility, is alsogoing to increase.Related Articles : • Google Play Results in Surge of Hire Android Developer Services • Custom Android Application to Promote Your Business • Major App Development Tools for Android Developers
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