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5 Most Popular Android Business Applications for Smart Work


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Android is the most popular mobile development platform. It's mine of applications, for each and every work there are many android applications available to make your work fast and smart. In today's requirements users of android smartphone use their devices more than calling, games and music. Now smart peoples uses android device for their business for fast and smart work.

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5 Most Popular Android Business Applications for Smart Work

  1. 1. Author: Aadam Gibson 5 Most Popular Android Business Applications for Smart WorkAndroid is the most popular mobiledevelopment platform. Android is mine ofapplications, for each and every work thereare many android applications available tomake your work fast and smart. In todaysrequirements users of android smartphone usetheir devices more than calling, games andmusic. Now smart peoples uses androiddevice for their business for fast and smartwork.Quickoffice:Android SmartPhone is now using for more than call, music, games and e-mail. QuickOffice is very popular and powerful application for business help. Quick Office is helpfulfor create and edit Office document, spreadsheets and presentations from your androidsmartphone. It also provide facility to share any document, spreadsheets or presentations viaE-mail. It helps you to create your business docs, spreadsheets or presentations for yourbusiness.Feature of QuickOffice: • You can open edit and save documents, spreadsheets or Presentations • Easily edit your document with spell check facility • You can use different formulas in spreadsheets, It makes your work easy and fast • Convert doc file in to PDF 5 Most Popular Android Business Applications for Smart Work - Page: 1
  2. 2. Author: Aadam Gibson • Creative presentations templates available to make your work quickly • You can also view office and non office files with in file managerEvernote:Everynote is very popular and must have android application. Everynote is free and easy touse android application, that helps to remember everything across all of device you use.Tack notes, capture imags, create to-do list, record voice reminder, etc. are main features ofeverynote application. It is very helpful for your business to remember any importantmeting, task.features of Everynote: • You can sync all your notes and data across computers and devices you use • Able to create, Edit and delete notes, to-do and reminder • you can save and share sync files • You can search text inside images • Share your notes and data via e-mail, Facebook and TwitterLocale:This is very popular applications for professionals. This app uses for advanced artificialintelligence manage setting automatically, like wi-fi and GPS signals, adjust mobile devicessettings. As for example you arrive at your work place and your mobiles profileautomatically change in silences. Professional persons mostly used this application inandroid smartphone. 5 Most Popular Android Business Applications for Smart Work - Page: 2
  3. 3. Author: Aadam GibsonTO use this application configuration is very easy you just need to create grofence location,drag and drop pin on map, re-size radius by using finger and locale does reset.Dropbox:Dropbox is very popular application to bring your all images, docs and video anywhere. Justinstall in devices which you want to use this data. Save any file in Dropbox that will beautomatically save in your all other devices. You can also share data with friends in justcouple taps. By using this application you can easily share your data with home and office.After doing work update your data of Dropbox and this updated data you can use at yourhome. 5 Most Popular Android Business Applications for Smart Work - Page: 3
  4. 4. Author: Aadam GibsonFeatures of Dropbox: • Always have your all data with you any where and any time • Save images and video to Dropbox • Share images, docs and video with your friends and family • Also able to save your email attachments in Dropbox • You can easily edit your docs in Dropbox.Seesmic:Seesmic is the best way to manage your social networks in simple apps. Seesmic providesyou facilities to manage your social networking profiles like facebook, twitter in one place.By using this app you can view, update your facebook and twitter accounts at the same time.You can also share images, video this application.Features of Seesmic: • You can Share photos using Twitter, Twitpic, MobyPicture, yFrog or Lockerz • Retweet using shortcut of seesmic • You can add widgets according to your requirements • Multiple twitter accounts at same timeTo get more information about Android BusinessApplications VISIT: AADI Thanks for Reading... 5 Most Popular Android Business Applications for Smart Work - Page: 4