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Devoteam logistics 16 presentation

Presented by Devoteam during the first Forum of the Postal and Logistics Industry in Saudi Arabia - Logistics 16 on May 19 2016.

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Devoteam logistics 16 presentation

  1. 1. Digital Transformation & the Logistics Industry Postal Services Forum Logistics 2016
  2. 2. 2 ‫قوتنا‬ ‫مكامن‬... ...‫مباركا‬ ‫وطنا‬ ‫حبانا‬ ‫سبحانه‬ ‫هللا‬ ...‫تمتلك‬ ‫بالدنا‬‫ضخمه‬ ‫استثمارية‬ ‫قدرات‬، ...‫هي‬ ‫بالدنا‬‫للعالم‬ ‫بوابة‬ ‫أهم‬...‫بها‬ ‫تحيط‬ ‫و‬ ...‫فيه‬‫الشريفان‬ ‫الحرمان‬‫األرض‬ ‫بقاع‬ ‫أطهر‬ ،.. ‫القتصادنا‬ ‫محركا‬ ‫تكون‬ ‫أن‬ ‫سنسعى‬ ‫و‬... ‫أهمية‬ ‫المائية‬ ‫المعابر‬ ‫أكثر‬...
  3. 3. 0 1 2 3 4 Customs Infrastructure International shipments Logistics competence Tracking & tracing Timeliness Saudi Arabia (49) Malaysia (25) 3 ‫بحلول‬ ‫أهدافنا‬ ‫من‬(1452‫هـ‬.2030‫م‬) •‫المرتبة‬ ‫من‬ ‫اللوجستية‬ ‫الخدمات‬ ‫أداء‬ ‫بمؤشر‬ ‫المملكة‬ ‫ترتيب‬ ‫تقدم‬(49)‫الى‬(25)‫عالميا‬ ‫و‬(1)‫إقليميا‬. Logistics Performance Indicator 27 29 30 49 52
  4. 4. Logistics Sector on the forefront of Digital Transformation 4 Digital Transformation is largely changing the Logitics Sector… And the Logistics Sector is leading the way in many areas of innovation and Digital Transformation and paving the way for many other industries…
  5. 5. GPS and Logistics – an Example 5 1969 1957 ~800 A.D 1978 1991 1999 • GPS remained a military technology for the better part of the last century • It was not allowed for commercial use until 1989, and did not become an open-for-all technology until 1998 • Logistics sector was a pioneer of the technology for civil and commercial applications and one of its early benefactors .
  6. 6. Digital Transformation Engagement Approach The typical journey of Digital Transformation Drivers for Transformation Client Transformation Journey Enablement Of Transformation Implementation of Transformation Design & Setup of the Transformation
  7. 7. Devoteam, “The Digital Transformakers” “entrepreneurs in disruptive technology” 7 At Devoteam we deliver innovative Business & technology consulting & Solutions for business, to make our clients “Win their Digital Battle & Succeed in Implementing their Strategy” • 20 years of transformation experience Listed on Euronext Business Digital Transformation IT Services Transformation IT Infrastructure Transformation IT Service Management DevOps Agile Client Relationship Operations Efficiency 20151995 2005 443M € Turnover in 2014 20 Countries 3600 Professionals Cloud Data Data Centres Security Internet
  8. 8. A Devoteam Example.. 8 The Strategic Equation of the French Post: Volumes are falling, but French Post is reinventing itself with new innovative services
  9. 9. A Devoteam Example… 9 Empower and extend the Post Man role by Digital Transformation 80,000 Postmen fleet distributed across France Dematerialization and optimization fo the postman delivery round: • Increased productivity by route optimization • Cost saving on commute costs and increased accuracy • Greener operations The postmat is not a mail distributor only anymore, the postman ensures digital and physical flows to meet and delivers them to the clients’ locations: • Enabled innovation in service offering • Extended the role of the postman to a service enabler of different services not just post delivery • Improved working conditions and increased loyalty and satisfaction among customers and postmet
  10. 10. A Devoteam Example… 10 Helping the world’s largest container shipping operator achieve Digital Mastery • “One Click Shipping” initiative: fundamental rethinking of the business model and customer interaction using digital means with the following principles in mind: o Support the business strategy of providing end customers “ease of business” by delivering new customer-centric eBusiness applications o Build the future IT platform with the focus on Service Oriented Architecture and enterprise components o Test a new delivery model for IT projects, with a focus on in-sourcing of capabilities and management o Deliver an IT project, using agile development as a framework “…vision has been to re-think our approach to customer applications and technology use. We have succeeded” Maersk Line Director  Customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score  The digital booking process and eBookings increase  Reduction of customer claims and disputes
  11. 11. 11 10 years of transformation experience Technology Consulting IT Transformation Business Digital Transformation 20152004 2005 100+Blue-chip Customer 4Countries 200+Consultants & Experts Transformation Management Program Management Establishment “Largest ICT consulting company in KSA for 2014 as per IDC” In the Middle East our team has Conducted more than 300 “ Business Digital& IT Transformation “ projects for the leading organizations in the region. Led the implementation of the largest IT Service Excellence platforms for 5 of the major Telecom operators and more than 20 leading organizations in the region Implemented & operated Strategy & Program management offices for more than 50 leading organizations projects that are worth more than 15 billion SAR Devoteam in the Middle East, “The Digital Transformakers” “entrepreneurs in disruptive technology”
  12. 12. DEVOTEAM SERVICE OFFERING Transformational Services Offering
  13. 13. Digital Transformation Engagement Approach 13 How do we Engage with Our Clients (using the Transformation wheel) Drivers for Transformation • Strategy Execution Office • Program Management Office (Governance) • Architecture Management Office • QA Management Office • Change Management Office • ITSM • Monitoring & Asset Management • Cloud Management & Automation • Workload Automation • BI & Dashboards • Software AG Devoteam Engagement Approach Transformation Management Office Establishment (including tools) Enablement Of Transformation Systems Implementation Transformation Implementation Support Implementation of Transformation Design & Setup of the Transformation • Provide Operations teams to support (SEO, PMO, AMO, CMO) • Provide Operation teams to support Implemented Tools (BMC, EPM, SWAG) Vision, Roadmap & Setup of Transformation (Vision , Strategy, Need, Pain)
  14. 14. Adnan Abu Serrieh Consulting Director T : +966 11 462 8444 M : +966 54 009 5889