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  • Hi, I’m John Igoe from the Dell Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data team.Executive Sponsor of OpenStack Cloud Relationship at Dell Note: Not corporate “Cloud Domain”Software Guy in a Hardware Company becoming a Solutions Company Part of Product Group responsible for Cloud Software SolutionsFounder of SilverBack Technologies- a SaaS Software company acquired by Dell in 2007Owner of the Purple Bunny and CrowBar
  • OpenStack Compute: provision and manage large networks of virtual machinesOpenStack Object Store: Create petabytes of reliable storage using standard serversOpenStack Image Service: Catalog and manage large libraries of server images
  • 2011 boston open stack meetup 11 29_r1jmm

    1. 1. The Evolution of OpenStack Clouds John Igoe Executive Director Cloud and Big Data Solutions
    2. 2. It started with a discussion about opensource software… Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
    3. 3. Out of that, an initiative grew… Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
    4. 4. And grew into a thriving community Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
    5. 5. The Pieces of OpenStack OpenStack Compute (Nova) OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) OpenStack Image Service (Glance) Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
    6. 6. The Pieces of OpenStack• Dashboard• Identity Management• Networking• Load balancers• Database• Queueing Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
    7. 7. Rapid Evolution #5 Essex: Advanced Cloud (Target 4/12) #4 Diablo: Integration (Sept 11) #3 Cactus: •Advanced schedulers for Nova •Advanced networking (Quantum) Service Provider •@ milestone 2 (6 weeks iterations) (Apr 11) • Storage as-a-Service #2 Bexar: • Networking as-a-Service • Unified authenticationEnterprise (Feb 11) • Enhanced scheduling • Scale for Service Provider • Multi-network interface • Hypervisor agnostic • Multi-region support • Live migration • Network isolation • Multi-tenant accounting • Image integrity checks • Performance enhancements • Scale for Enterprise clouds • Objects of unlimited size • Support for IPv6 • Glance image registry Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
    8. 8. OpenStack is Real• Real Investment• Real Users• Real Solutions• Real Deployments8 Confidential 12/1/2011 Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
    9. 9. Some Recent Stats • Diablo has 12 major new features contributed by 8 different companies worldwide • 1,500 active participants from 100+ companies • 17 countries represented at Design Summit • User groups in China, Japan, Korea, Europe, Africa, North America and South America • 40,000+ downloads • 1,700 visits a day to documentation9 Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
    10. 10. • Massive scale-out capability • Density for their infrastructure • Operational excellence SaaS provider of • Manageable cost model on-line research • Purchased Dell’s OpenStack- & collaboration Powered Cloud Solution software because they . . . – Believe in the OpenStack community and the technology – Crowbar’s capabilities to provision hardware – Can add applications to their platform 10/5/2011Confidential 10 Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
    11. 11. • Migrating content delivery platform to OpenStack Media & • Incorporating the ability to entertainment provision & manage the environment – Believe in the OpenStack community and the technology – Crowbar’s capabilities to provision hardware – Ability to add applications to their platform11 Confidential 10/5/2011 Revolutionary Cloud Solutions
    12. 12. Boston Area OpenStack Users’ Group• History – Fidelity hosted the first event – large participation, even larger interest – Dell hosted in Austin and had great reviews with demand for more• Why – Ongoing community of local experts – Discuss best practices, tools, hurdles futures.. all the goodness – MIT, Harvard, Northeastern, Tuffts, Brandeis… huge pool of talent• How – Rotating between 128 and Boston – Aligned with Milestones? Regular Intervals?12 Global Marketing
    13. 13. How You Can Participate• Website: www.openstack.org• Mailing Lists: http://lists.openstack.org• Wiki: http://wiki.openstack.org• Meetups: Openstack-Austin, Openstack-Boston… http://openstack.org/community/• Twitter: @openstack• Dell – www.Dell.com/OpenStack – OpenStack@Dell.com – Blogs › www.RobHirschfeld.com (technical) › www.JBGeorge.net (business) › www.BartonGeorge.net (business) Revolutionary Cloud Solutions