Mociaru Luxury Lodges


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Mociaru Luxury Lodges

  1. 1. Brasov Bucharest- Mociaru: 172km Brasov- Mociaru: 127km Ploiesti- Mociaru: 122km Galati- Mociaru: 162km Tulcea- Mociaru: 305km Constanta- Mociaru: 295km Bacau- Mociaru: 195kmMultiple options in reaching Mociarufrom Bucharest offer the possibility ofrelaxed traffic over the weekend.
  2. 2. Mociaru Luxury Lodges open an unique tourism concept in Romania –medical antiaging tourism.Located in Ana Aslan Antiaging Resort, the area is the better option tomore and more standardized luxury of the 5 star hotels.Being both private and flexible, pets and kids friendly, the tourists canenjoy the holidays or just the weekend doing about… anything. Theymay have FUN - option not really available when you think about ahotel - both during treatment anti-aging and as a travel option toenjoy the absolutely delightful region.A huge range of facilities and services 24h/ day.The product is designed for corporations/ travel agencies as permanentholiday location in leasing or for direct tourists renting a lodge.
  3. 3. 4 Seasons 55 Luxury Lodges128 King Size Rooms 76 Queen Size Rooms408 Beds204 Extendable Capacity
  4. 4. For TOURISTS : • Business Services • Party & Travel Services • Housekeeping • Gardening • Babysitting • Cooking/ Catering • Fresh Bio Products Door Delivery • Commissioning • Rent- a- carFor CORPORATE TOURISTS:• Rotary Club Membership• Discount Card for “Ana Aslan Antiaging Resort” Facilities(Clubs, Shops, Medical Services, Spa, Services)• Property Administration• Elderly Assistance• Security• Maintenance• Any Service (upon request)
  5. 5. Total Investment Value: 1.2bln €Covered by “Ana Aslan Antiaging Resort” and its subsidiaries directly: 500mln € Destination MOCIARU LUXURY LODGES 22mln €Covered by “Ana Aslan Antiaging Resort” through PPP: 180mln €State participation through PPP: 120mln €Open to other investors as stand-alone or joint venture: 400mln € •Research& Development Science •Critical Medicine Medical Services •Plastic Surgery/ Dentistry •Alternative Therapies •Spa/ Wellness Tourism •Hotels & Restaurants •Themed Tourism •Eco& Agro- Tourism •Recycling Energy& Utilities •Green Energies •Green Building Building •Sustainable Development •Outdoor Sports Green Living Sports/ Active Hobbies •Sustainable Fishing& Hunting •Bio- Food •Bio- Drinks Farming •Medical Plants •Forest Products •Outdoor & Indoor Entertainment
  6. 6. 2008 - 2009 - Feasibility Studies2009 - 2010 - Land Acquisition2010 - 2011 - Environmental, water, earthquake and geological investigations. Topographical measures. Master Plan2011 - 2012 - Architecture. Design. Tenders. Partners. Start construction.2012 – 2013 - Construction Phase. Promotion start.Oct. 2013 - Resort Opening Total development of “Ana Aslan Antiaging Resort” will take 3 to 7 years and consists of 4 main phases. The resort will create between 3’000 and 5’000 jobs for the local population, with additional 30’000 jobs outside of the resort, for building and infrastructure. The realization of “Ana Aslan Antiaging Resort” will be the basis for the growth of national and international medical tourism in Romania and will contribute to the development of the country and to the welfare of the people.
  7. 7. Ski Lifts Ski Lifts Ski Lifts Ski Lifts Luxury Lodges Luxury Lodges Luxury Lodges Luxury Lodges Camping Camping Camping Camping Outdoor Entertainment Outdoor Entertainment Outdoor Entertainment Outdoor Entertainment Mansions Mansions Mansions Mansions Fishing Hunting Medical Clinics Medical Clinics Medical Clinics Bio Farms Hotels Hotels Hotels Commercial Commercial Commercial Antiaging Institute Antiaging Institute Antiaging Institute Golf Golf Residential Residential Extensions
  8. 8. The natural environment of the Mociaru Lakeregion is our greatest economic asset. Because of ourcommunity’s unique sense of place and values, theAna Aslan Antiaging Resort - Tourism andCommunity Investment Master Plan has beendeveloped as a guiding document and investmentstrategy for the cooperative efforts necessary to achieveeconomic and environmental sustainability andcommunity improvement.Our goal is to ensure the long-term enhancement of ournatural and human environment, and historical andcultural heritage. The result of our vision will be animproved visitor experience and high quality lifefor tourists in the Mociaru Lake area. For additional details please contact: Anamaria Popescu Project Manager Ana Aslan Antiaging Resort Tel: +40 744.744.744 E-mail: Web: