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Ana Aslan Antiaging Resort

  1. 1. “A healthy way of happy living”
  2. 2. “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. “ Assets: The Company: • 2.36mil sqm building land& forest “Ana Aslan Antiaging Resort” • 12 Ha lake Shareholding: 55% Romanian, 45% German • 1 Dam Economical Code: Other Tourism Activities • 18km roads HQ: Municipality Building Ch.5, Chiliile, BUZAU • 2 Brands: “Ana Aslan Health Park” & “Ana Aslan Antiaging Resort” Tel/ Fax: +40 374 01 01 01 • 1 Concept: “Preventing, healing and treating the causes & effects of E-mail: aging through allopathic methods, homeopathic medicine and Web: alternative therapies” Management Team: CEO- Kai Braun CFO- Gerald Mauerhofer Project Management- Anamaria Popescu Chief Architect- Keith Kelly Legal Affairs- Catalin Craciunescu Media& Promotion- Dan PopescuTeam Assets:- Experience with strategic planning and visioning - Project management skills- Comfortable searching out information - Competitive Analysis experience- Comfortable with public speaking - Experience with political lobbying- Experience with working with media - Contact with local government- Socially connected with people in the field - Knowledge of funding sources- Experience with grant and proposal writing - Ability to offer insights from lived experience- Skilled at working with others - Ability to contribute financially- Ability to offer time - Experience facilitating groups- Fundraising experience - Presentation or public speaking skills
  3. 3. Total Investment Value: 1.2bln €Covered by investors directly: 500mln €Covered through PPP: 180mln €State participation through PPP: 120mln €Open to other investors as stand-alone or joint venture: 400mln € 5000 100 Accommodations New Companies 400 5.000 Luxury Elderly Homes Direct Employees 250 30.000 New Holiday Homes Indirect Employees 50 250.000 Medical Clinics Foreign Tourists Unique Mix of 400.000.000 € AMENITIES Resort TO/ Year
  4. 4. “Any doctor will admit that any drug can have side effects, and that writing a prescription involves weighing the potential benefits against the risks.” Mark UdallGLOBAL• Your company will ensure a good international representation of Romania and of your homeland in Romania and abroad.• You can reflect on your business an international expertise in Antiaging Medical Tourism• You will profit directly from the recognition of the resort as a platform for international benchmarking in antiaging medical research;NATIONAL• You will be contributing to your national growth and Romania’s industry consolidation, and directly to local industry;• You recover quick the investment due to Romanian investment incentives;• As Romanian company, you may apply for EU non-refundable financing;• You contribute to the creation of 5,000 direct jobs and 30,000 indirect jobs;• Stimulate the growth of other industries both horizontally and vertically• Your company will be recognized for the investment objectives in the sense of sustainable development• You will be rewarded for contributing to the recognition of the Romanian valuesSOCIAL• You will play an important social role by reducing unemployment and easing the pressure on local budgets• You may be a leader in promoting a healthy lifestyle and prevent age diseases• You educate the population towards environmental protection• You can encourage and fund the studies of talented young people• You contribute to the promotion of the Romanian cultural and scientific values• You can trigger the revival of local traditionsPRIVATE• You profit from the trendiest industries(antiaging research, integrated care, sustainable tourism, bio-agriculture) that provide the quickest returnon investment compared with other industries.• You benefit directly from a powerful brand.• You collaborate with the best in the branch• You reduce the operating costs• You can hire highly qualified medical staff at affordable salaries• You gain from the skilled and flexible middle management staff• You have a direct competitive advantage from the international recognition of Romanian specialists in healthcare - Geriatrics “A healthy way of happy living”
  5. 5. The concept of “Ana Aslan Antiaging Resort”is resulted from a comprehensive Competitive Intelligence Report (“Business & Lifestyle Trends 2005-2030”).The project brings nothing new but the combination of several success factors: fastest growing industries+best location+ Romanian’s traditional values & knowledge. Fastest Growing Industries (growth order): 1. Medical Research (antiaging branch) 2. Medical Services (outsourcing branch) 3. Medical Tourism (spa/ wellness branch) 4. Green Energies (natural sources, recycling) 5. Real Estate Development (spa real estate) 6. Adventure Tourism (all branches) 7. Eco& Agro TourismPurest Natural Environment:1. Air Purity2. Water Quality (lake, mineral springs, groundwater)3. Natural Resources (salt, mud, springs)4. Land Resources (grassy meadows, medical plants, wood, forest products, hunting reserve, fishing pond, reeds and bulrush)5. Climate Conditions (summer/ winter averages of temperature, wind, humidity, sun)6. Landscape (the area is spread over 6 mountains and lake, cave, riverbeds, exposed salt)7. The average age of inhabitants is 67 yo (migration rules do not apply) Romanian Traditional Values & Knowledge: 1. Geriatrics 2. Spa/ Wellness 3. Adventure Tourism 4. Untouched Landscapes 5. Hospitality Fastest 6. Creativity Growing 7. Traditional Natural Remedies Industries “A healthy way of happy living”
  6. 6. •Research& Development Science •Critical MedicineMedical Services •Plastic Surgery/ Dentistry •Alternative Therapies •Spa/ Wellness Tourism All industries •Hotels & Restaurants targeted •Themed Tourism have a growth rate •Eco& Agro- Tourism of 12-28%/ year! •Recycling Energy& Utilities •Green Energies •Green Building Building •Sustainable Development •Outdoor SportsGreen Living Sports/ Active Hobbies •Sustainable Fishing& Hunting •Bio- Food •Bio- Drinks Farming •Medical Plants •Forest Products •Outdoor & Indoor Entertainment “A healthy way of happy living”
  7. 7. We analyzed the sub sectors:• Medical Tourism• Wellness and Spas• Nursing and Elderly Care• Research• Diagnosis Services “A healthy way of happy living” 1. The global anti-aging market for the boomer generation was worth $162.2 billion in 2008. This should reach $274.5 billion in 2013, for compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.1%. 2. The disease segment generated $66.0 billion in 2008. This is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.5% to reach $119.2 billion in 2013. 3. The appearance segment generated $64.4 billion in 2008. This segment should increase to $105.4 billion in 2013, for a CAGR of 10.4%.
  8. 8. Like it or not, "antiaging" now has a number of quite different commonmeanings and connotations. Each is championed by a particular group orloose coalition of interests, but advocates for these groups have a way of divinginto the fray without defining their terms. This makes reading about anti-agingtechniques, technologies, medicine, products, and debates very confusing forthe newcomer.For us is just: “a healthy way of happy living”. ANTIAGING TRENDS 1. The "Feng Shui’d" Gym 2. A Star (Therapist) Is Born 3. Wellness, Wellness, Wellness 4. Luxury Detox and Luxury Boot camps 5. Spa Real Estate Mania 6. Taking Sleep Seriously… Especially if you Want to Lose Weight 7. Fertility Tranquility 8. Hydro and Thermal Super-Experiences 9. Natural Spa Explorer 10. Plug-in or Unplug: It’s up to anybody “A healthy way of happy living”
  9. 9. 250Ha of untouched nature, centered on a 12Ha lake, with a balanced thermal comfort between summer/winter,with salt deposits and mineral springs, and one of the purest airs in the world,the area is ready to accommodate the most sustainable resort development of Romania.In a radius of 25km you can find the most unique natural & cultural monuments of Europe.Location:•172 km from Bucharest (Otopeni International Airport)•127 km from BrasovAccess routes:•Bucharest- Buzau- Manzalesti- Chiliile- AAAR (E85-DJ 203K-DC222)•Bucharest- Buzau- Berca- Chiliile- AAAR (E85-DN10-DJ 102F/ DC94)•Bucharest- Buzau- Lopatari- Plaiu Nucului - AAAR(E85-DJ 203K-DC160/ DC94)•Brasov- Nehoiasu - Gura Teghii- Plaiu Nucului - AAAR(DN10-DJ 203K/ DC94)Altitude: 800- 850m
  10. 10. Note (Status as 23.06.2011)Red means business sold 100%
  11. 11. White means Road financed 100% by MDRT (Ministry of Regional Development & Tourism) Orange means Road under Approval Yellow means Road under Feasibility Study DJ203K BUZAUBRASOV DJ102F BRASOV/ BUZAU In the Resort, all the roads are covered by rubber-asphalt mix
  12. 12. A land with strange name ”Luana’s Land” hides troubling remains , unresearched by archaeologists: hermitages and cave dwellings, tracesof ancient unknown writings, encrusted in rock, and drawing showing a cosmic battle. Giant skeletons discovered at the base of appletrees with huge fruits.With the stones that change shape and color. With the unexplained inhabited outer cave, with "living waters“ and "dead waters". With the all-healing cures and long life living. A dazzling sun, a sky map of the universe and the mysterious blue haze.With the burning grounds and spitting sludge. With amber, with salt and bottomless lakes and floating islands … “A healthy way of happy living”
  13. 13. Dioscorides, Greek physician who accompanied the Roman Emperor Traian in the second war with the Dacians, wrote a treatise on medical botany, ”De materia medica”, in which he presented to 21 herbs used by the Dacians in various diseases. Among them: Boudhathala (ox tongue, diaphoretic action); Cinouboila (Brion, in wound healing, diuretic); Coadama (limbarita, soft calming the itching, healing); Coicodila (grass sores, diuretic, purgative); Dielleina (henbane, used Dacians as an analgesic, sedative, hypnotic, antispasmodic) Diesema (candle, and astringent in diarrhea anti peristaltics) Diodela (yarrow, used as a tonic, haemostatic, anti-asthma, laxative, calming of abdominal pain); Mizela (thyme, effect anti-diarrhea, antispasmodic, diuretic), Hall (ciumafaia contains alkaloids like hyoscyamine and scopolamine); Riborastra (burdock, diuretic, hypoglycemic, antiseptic, laxative, soporific, depurative) The ancient inhabitants of a city had capture andArchaeologists have found thatwere using both the Geto-Dacians plants and mineral “A healthy way of happy living” filtered the water source at the point called Tau. Upon entry into the great reservoir of stone and wood, water passed through a sieve, and then was filtered throughremedies. Limestone dust was layers of gravel and sand. Captured after thisused as haemostatic, sea purification was stored in tanks dug into the rock, as issponges dried and spray were that of Blidaru. A system of pipes, made of clay tiles,sources of iodine, and carry water to the city. Such systems have beennumerous pottery contained discovered after 1950 in several Dacian settlementsvolcanic ash, brought by Greek Buzau Mountains. The Dacians are rubbing the clothsmerchants from Etna, Stromboli with sand and wash with alkaline soil (a kind of primitiveand Vesuvius. Sprinkled on soap) and wine. So are the clothes sanitized withwounds, the ash to dry, wormwood and lavender, and hair and beard shearedaccelerating healing. with curved knives. Dacian Therapy includes: *Music therapy *Dacian herbs *Surgery *Holistic vision *Priestly Medicine *Chromo therapy *Energy Symbolism *Analogies with Egyptian medicine *Similarities to the Pythagorean doctrine *Other curative mineral elements *Analogies with oriental medicine *Magic medicine *Mineral and thermal waters
  14. 14. Living in the rhythms of nature…The human psyche is structured over a period of time measured in seasons and decades. 00- 10- Adapting to Earth 10- 20- Adapting to SocietyAlso the relative structure, under a continuous influence through self - society, supports hardly 20- 30- Exploring the Selfany change, since it involves an effort to adjust them so far. Therefore, changing as hyper- 30- 40- Confirming the Valuesimplication, with penetrating etiological factors, may emerge in psychosomatic diseases. 40- 50- Enjoying Life 50- 60- Material Sharing 60- 70- Life Experience Reloading/ Filling Gaps 70- 80- Spiritual SharingBy setting elements of these two factors, we must reconsider: 80- 90- Writing Down Conclusions- the roots of the earth; 90-100-Mentoring- the biological and cosmic rhythms;- avoiding standardization;- unlimiting the growth of individualization. “A healthy way of happy living”
  15. 15. ROMANIA must be reborn as TRENDSETTER.We claim the recognition of the intellectual property entitlements of traditionalknowledge holders who share their secrets for new products and treatments. “Adding life for the years,Developing the economic wellbeing of people at the local level & rising theperception of national values. not just years to a life” Ana AslanAna Aslan’s Original Method in numbers
  16. 16. The concept of aging has changed.No longer do retirement, seniors, frail and elderly, apply. Now the negativeimage of the inactive, dependent elder is making way to the active,involved, healthy, wealthy and eternally young individual who hasmeaning and purpose in their latter years. MENTAL ANTIAGING Preventing Appearance Allopathic Methods Causes of Early Aging There are many actions that improve ones mind and emotional health. Curing Disease Homeopathic Medicine Encouraging a lifetime of positive thinking, a motivational spirit, and a Effects of Aging passion for maintaining proper health is Healing Fitness Alternative Therapies imperative. There are many mental Antiaging Trends antiaging programs available to Social Taboo: few people/ nobody should know you did something against aging individuals that can boost our self esteem, improve their self worth, and help increase our self confidence. There Time Management: combining health with holiday are a few herbal products that can help and many prescription medications. The combinations are knowledgeable about Financial Management: emerging markets are cheaper (for insured and uninsured) these options and able to improve our mind as well as our body towards better health. Luxury Market Trend: investing in spa real estate Keeping the spirit awake is essential.PHYSICAL ANTIAGINGWe all want to live longer, but we want to live with good quality of life. Improving and maintaining ourhealth, our youthful vitality, and recapturing what time has tried to wear out is what antiaging resortis all about.Many people allow the aging process to progress and make them look and feel “old”. Their healthdeclines and degenerative processes degrade their vitality. Their body fat increases making themlook fatter, while their muscle mass decreases weakening their strength. They lose their flexibility,their energy decreases and they have a hard time doing what they used to be able to do. Theirmental clarity becomes foggy and their sex drive lessens. “A healthy way of happy living”
  17. 17. “Ana Aslan Antiaging Resort” believes in its projectsas a way of developing the local inhabitants, helping to fixpopulations to different regions, a sustainable development for thecountry and for the consolidation of Romania as a unique tourismdestination, where quality is the key word. “Old age” is being postponed in today’s society, Isolated+ Easy Access as many 50-64 year-olds are just as active (or Location more active) as many of their younger Architectural Comfort counterparts. In fact, boomers are driving the health club and gym service market and most Unique Landscape, All seasons consider fitness an essential part of health Nature maintenance. 79% of boomers see this time in Green Development their lives as a time to be more active and involved in a variety of activities. For relaxation For entertainment Resort Travel Trends Amenities For adventure For hobby For whole family Nutrition: bio food trends- eating & drinking Outdoor Living: plenty of outdoor spaces and nature Active Holidays: relax by doing Personal Development: cultural, spiritual, social “A healthy way of happy living”
  18. 18. Benefits of Achieving the Green Development Standard to...The Municipality The Developer InvestorsPreservation of green space Gain valuable promotion and advertising Reduce operating expensesLess traffic congestion Third-party environmental verification Value of community amenitiesNatural resource conservation Differentiate the development Healthier living for tourists and residentsLess water and air pollution Potential local incentives Pride in purchasing in a designated green communityQuicker application process Quicker application review process Potential financing incentives Show leadership in the community Land Occupancy 10% “Many developers fear that following a green agenda Land Development will delay project schedules and raise costs....The Rustic Mountain Architecture reality, however, is that well-executed green development projects…perform extremely well financially. In fact, even though many of the leading- Eco-friendly Infrastructure Nature Preservation edge developers … have strong environmental & Use backgrounds and ideals, the financial rewards of Green Energies green development are now bringing mainstream developers into the fold at an increasing pace. It is Wood & Stone Buildings possible --indeed it is the norm--to do well financially Green & Sustainable Tourism by doing the right thing environmentally. For example, Wind & Soundproof Zoning project costs can be reduced, buyers or renters will spend less to operate green buildings, and developers Green Amenities Natural Trails protecting Habitats can differentiate themselves from the crowd--getting a big marketing boost. . Sustainable Hunting& Fishing Natural Living & Acting National Environmental Strategy Municipality Benefits Developer’s Benefits Tourists& Residents Benefits “A healthy way of happy living”
  19. 19. Five stars= the best in luxury and convenience.“Ana Aslan Antiaging Resort” will achieve excellence in every facet of medical service, hospitality and amenities. Thefacilities will be known for their superb craftsmanship in architecture, landscaping, interior design, and exquisite taste. Thiselegant ambience will carry throughout the rooms, lobbies, facilities, and outer grounds.The listed awarders ware carefully chosen, based on their reputation and quality requirements.The Benefits of being Star Graded A quality graded establishment offers substantial consumer confidence. Graded establishments may use the awarder logo (star) in all their marketing material. All graded establishments get a free listing on the awarder’s website. Only graded establishments and conference venues have the right to advertise in the officialawarder’s health services& accommodation guide. Grading gives organizations a competitive advantage. Grading is a constant quality control tool as customers can call the customer feedback centreThe awarders extensively market star grading directly to consumers, tour operators and travelagents. Graded establishments may display the awarder’s plaque an internationally recognized starrating outside their premises. Graded properties will receive a valid certificate for display inside their premises. The awarders Customer Feedback System will provide comprehensive consumer feedbackreceived about their establishment. “A healthy way of happy living”
  20. 20. Advancements in medical care and increasing ease of traveling betweencountries, have made Medical Tourism a wide spread phenomenon. Medicaltourists these days, come from all walks of life. They share a common desire for anaffordable, high quality medical treatment or surgery, that is beyond theirfinancial means, or sometimes completely unavailable, at their home land. Medical Treatment Abroad is an attractive solution for a variety of reasons: “A healthy way of happy living” (1) The concept of receiving a better quality treatment, for a fraction of the cost in the patients own country, is attractive to many. Combining with travel and pleasure comes as a bonus. (2) Patients can get a medical procedures or treatments abroad, which are not available locally. (3) For patients in countries, where government regulated health insurance, is not a standard, Medical Tourism is often the only possible solution to afford and receive the treatment. (4) In many cases, especially when patients are under- insured in their home country, receiving the treatment in Israel, is a cost effective option. (5) Citizens of countries with what is known as, rationed health care, particularly Canada and the United Kingdom, can be subjected to a lengthy waiting period, for procedures that are classified as non- emergency. In many cases, those patients can have the procedure done immediately, in a country which suffers less from systems overload‘.
  21. 21. Still thought to be a luxury, single-patient hospital rooms are nowbecoming more commonplace. The hospitals are designing emergencydepartments and intensive care units to allow for more patient privacy.While the up-front costs may seem high, the hospitals are finding that thepractice may end up saving money and increasing capacity.Our medical accommodation rooms are designed to reduce infections and room falls. We put the latest hospital roomtechnologies at the patients bedside to lower risk of healthcare errors. Acrylic room fixtures, radius wall corners, anti-microbialroom fabrics are evidence based design components installed in our medical facility. Our goal has always been to deliver a safehealing environment for our hospital patients, their families and our healthcare staff.Since most patients recover more quickly as they restore their independence to move about and do for themselves, AAAR knew itwas paramount to address patient safety issues when designing our healing environments. Typically, hospital falls occur most oftenwhen patients are alone in their rooms or when the patient attempts to get to the bathroom. In our room, weve addressed thefollowing patient safety issues:*Our patients bed is located on the wall closest to the bathroom to ensure the patient never has to cross open floor.*Our liberal use of ergonomic grab bars throughout the wellness environment also aid in patient safety.*Wellness bathrooms feature flush shower thresholds with one-piece acrylic showers which proved to be safer than traditional tileshowers.*The in-room lighting is controlled by the patients pillow switch to reduce falls and injuries due to room darkness. “A healthy way of happy living”
  22. 22. “A healthy way of happy living”
  23. 23. “Ana Aslan Antiaging Resort” is located in Buzau Mountains- ROMANIA. It spreads over 250Ha. The project values 1.2bln EUR. An unique mix of amenities for medium & high budget families who praise life & health. We will challenge together the 1st place as “World Antiaging Tourism Destination”. “A real ambition to grow…” World • You are invited to join the most ambitious project Romania’s in Medical TourismAntiaging • You can choose the way: as a stand-alone business, as shareholder or as joint-venture Tourism • There is no limit imposed to your investment. • You can be assisted by our team in the business implementation process. • You benefit directly from the image of a high impact project. • You have free permanent access to market data and creative solutions.
  24. 24. Thank you for considering our project a real opportunity.We are ready to support your Business Development with all necessary details. Anamaria Popescu Anamaria Popescu Project Manager Tel: +40 744 744 744 E-mail: