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Getting familiar with pc


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This Presentation about Getting familiar With PC for who are all not familiar with PC just see this presentation.

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Getting familiar with pc

  1. 1. Getting Familiar With PC
  2. 2. Computer Panel► FrontPanel► Back Panel
  3. 3. Front Panel
  4. 4. Back Panel
  5. 5. PS/2 Keyboard►6 pin port► Violet color port► Used to connect a keyboard►
  6. 6. PS/2 Mouse►6 pin port► Green Color Port► Used to connect mouse
  7. 7. Serial Port►9 pin male port► Serial port► Used to connect Serial Type of Interfaces► For ex Serial modem, router, serial mouse ,etc.
  8. 8. VGA port► Video Graphics Array► Blue color Parallel Female port► 15 pin (5*3 )► Used to connect a Monitor
  9. 9. LPT port► LinePrint Terminal port► Rose color Parallel Female port► Used to connect Printer, Scanner► computer side25 pin► printer side36 pin
  10. 10. USB port► Universal Serial Bus► 4 pin port► Used to connect Plug and Play Devices► We can connect up to 127 devices► 3 version  USB1.012 MBPS (Data Transfer Speed)  USB2.0480 MBPS  USB3.0 5GBPS
  11. 11. RJ-45 Port► Right Jack port► 8 pin port► Used to connect a► Network cable(CAT5)► RJ-11 used for► Telephone Connection
  12. 12. Multimedia port► Speak-In► Speak-out► Microphone
  13. 13. Input DevicesKeyboard MouseScanner Microphone
  14. 14. Output Devices Speaker PrinterProjector monitor
  15. 15. Primary Storage► RAM► ROM
  16. 16. Storage Devices