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ALLA Taking Distance out of Distance Education


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ALLA Taking Distance out of Distance Education

  1. 1. Abstract:As the digital generation grows up, the way people think, learn, communicate, and function has evolved. This has changed therole of education in dramatic ways. The advancement of technology has transformed the traditional learning processes from Taking the Distance Out ofbeing just about information into being about communication. As computers have become the norm in most households and theInternet has altered the way we all communicate, new technology has aided in empowering students with more opportunities.The future of distance education depends on services that can stand the test of time. As Library of Information Scienceprograms change and evolve, university libraries have revolutionized their collections and services to provide for this segment of Distance Education Technology Types • Audio: Teleconferencing; Audio conferencing viatech-savvy learners both on campus and off. As current Library and Information Science students, we will focus on our Internet; Podcastingexperiences with different avenues of instruction, as well as popular tools used by students to help bridge the gap between Alexandra Aldridge & Amy Smith • Video: Broadcast Television; DVD’s; Video Conferencing;academic success and distance education. This poster will discuss the different interfaces, techniques, and tools used to create Rosa Parks Library, Troy University-Montgomery Webcasts; Streaming Videoan environment conducive to learning. University of Southern Mississippi, School of Library and Information Science Students • Computer: E-mail; Internet Chat; Whiteboards; Blogs; Wikis; Web Based Courses; InstructionalHistory of Distance Education Distance Education Today Websites; Virtual Classrooms; Tutorials Blackboard is a program used to provide online classes to students Social Networking Podcasts/Videocasts who are unable to attend classes on-campus. Blackboard is used in • Facebook • Skype higher education settings to help bridge the gap between people and • LinkedIn • You Tube technology. It facilitates and enriches the educational experiences of • Skype • Vimeo its students and instructors by providing them opportunities for • Twitter • Voice Thread continuous communication and collaboration. Because of its central • MySpace • iTunes location, instructors and students are no longer bound by the • Google+ • Audacity classroom walls and can access their course documents and work • Live Journal • Prezi from anywhere or anytime. Instructors can upload lecture • Oovoo • Jing notes, audio recordings, animations, learning activities, case studies and video clips for students to easily access. Distance education no longer has that cold disconnected feeling, because of advancements and tools which now allow for actual classroom like settings through Blogs/RSS Feeds Digital Tools platforms like Wimba. • Google Reader • WordleGrowth Facts in Distance Education • My Yahoo! • Webspiration • Bloglines • Timetoast• Between 1995 – 1998 enrollment doubled in online courses • WordPress • Skrbl• In 1998, 58,000 courses were offered online • Blogger Wimba is a virtual classroom environment that allows interaction• By 1999, 1,600 of the 5,000 two and four year colleges in the U.S. offered degree programs • Tumblr between instructors and students. Technological advancements have online enhanced the teaching process with digital resources like audio and• Market expected to expand from $1.2 billion a year in 2000 to $7 billion a year by 2003 video communication; therefore it allows professors to better serve and• In 2003-2004, 16 percent of undergraduates took online classes engage students. Interaction is encouraged with the use of Content Management Sites• In 2007-2008, 20 percent of undergraduates took at least one online class microphones, video, or real time chats. Other resources that can be • Evernote • Zotero • Dropbox integrated into the classroom are PowerPoint presentations and web • Drupal • EasyBib • Word Press links. Wimba can also be used for group collaboration and creating • Dingo • PBWorks • Google Docs archives of class sessions available for future access. These • Delicious • Read It Later • Pinterest advancements make Wimba the ideal tool for distance education