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Mom 48 th birthday


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Published in: Self Improvement, Spiritual
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Mom 48 th birthday

  1. 1. WARNING !!!! so lets begin ………. ENJOY THE MOMEMNTS AND NOT CRY!!!
  5. 5. Guess??....its obvious
  6. 6. LUV Hi hello mommy. Namastey Charan sparsh (though I forget that) "Luv drink milk" "Eat food" "Take a bath, go for haircut" "Clean ur room" "Banda ban jaaa" "Sudhaar jaaa " " Palak for food , dont do nakhras" "Don't trouble maheema" Those are the lines I've been waking up to since time immemorial. I can write a book on those phrases. Well lemme tell you , I actually love to hear that.
  7. 7. U've always given the right advice. Though I may have discarded them at that moment, only to realize their importance in the long run later. Okay I can't write senti messages. Happy bday mata shrii. Ur the coolest mom. Give us lot of freedom. Proud of you and love you. Dont worry I'll always make u proud. Tussi great ho !! Half century is close :p ( YES ,YOU ARE GONNA GET WHITE HAIR NOW !!!!! )
  8. 8. Guess!!!!!!
  9. 9. Geeta, my first baby, you made me feel what a mother is. A woman who is strong and hardworking. You are a great mother , sister and a daughter. I am proud to have a daughter like you. MUMMY
  10. 10. HAPPY BDAY GEETAI!!!
  11. 11. Guesss???
  12. 12. Geeta we shared,smiled,snatch ed, cried,fought together but u never ceased to love, care and bother. I will always love u. May God bless u with all your desires. Wishing u a great birthday.
  13. 13. Guessss!!!!!
  14. 14. Thanks a lot my sis, For coming in my life, You have been a guide, friend and a mother to me, Happy birthday
  15. 15. MEGHA
  16. 16. Hi girl, you rock, geetaaiii! Ohhhh you are almost like my mom.honestly I really look up to you, you have been very strong and positive. You have been inspiration to all. We love you loads! Bus gappe thodi kum! But we miss the same when you are not around! Stay as you are always! Hugsss SWATI
  17. 17. A mother is the greatest creation of God. She bears a child and raises him/her till the time he/she grows with full humanitarian values. In particular, you are one of the best mothers I have met in my life who has raised her children with love, care, power, integrity and have inculcated the best of values of all kinds in them and that too being a single parent. Which, of course is highly commendable. May you live long and wishing you a bundle of joy and happiness on your great birthday. Enjoy to the fullest!!!!!
  18. 18. This message is to say that you are wished all the happiness in the world on your special day. A very Happy Birthday you dear sister. May you get
  19. 19. My little sisiter geeta!! I really remember the childhood we spent together. I still remember you at times were not well. You used to call me from Daryaganj, rang mahal. I used to come to kirti Nagar C-2 and stay there till you recovered. You are gifted by god , nack of ratta …I wish you should have done law…anyway , I can go on and on!!..But rember! Iam always there for you…
  20. 20. Happy birthday geeta! You are an inspiration and example for everyone. I can look at you as a strong pillar! God bless you. -Ashita
  21. 21. You are very nice…we love your frocks!!!!
  23. 23. Hi. Happy bday to my bestest buddy. Remember how I literally clung on to your skirt in class 3 when u were my life support system in a new school ! Even today when I face trying times, I dream of u next to me. U are solid rock material and have emerged a winner on all fronts. Hats off to ur never say die attitude ! Wish u more and more success, peace and joys in the ensuing years. Our 2 fat ladies jodi still rocks. Love u lots. VANDANA
  24. 24. Happy birthday sangeet a this is specially for you today n always khush ra ho tum sadaa yeh duaa h ai meri love vanita
  25. 25. If I have ever seen a Lady strong as U Sangeeta , I wud have to look on some other planet. Your diligence , your never giving up spirit , your I_can-and -I-will attitude , your honesty , your forgiving manners , I have lost count of the times u have inspired me. If their was a civilian Param Vir Chakra , nobody wud deserve it more than u my friend. And your sacrifices are so beaytifully seen in your two gem of children. Truly u r a legend Sangeeta. I pray to God Almighty to give u only happiness now on. That's my Order to God and he better obey me.
  26. 26. Hi Sangeeta ! Wishing you a very happy Birthday !!! May you have loads of fun on this day and the whole year ....I remember this black shawl of yours so DIMPLE You, me, manees ha, ROOM MATES!! !!
  27. 27. Ahhaaa !!! Next what!!!! U want more memory flashbacks????
  28. 28. College fun begins!!!!!!
  29. 29. Still more????.......
  31. 31. Very difficult to guess…right? Love you mumma!!