"Hands Off" Apocalypse Ch2


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"Hands Off" Apocalypse Ch2

  1. 1. Welcome to Chapter 2 of the “Hands Off” Apocalypse/Legacy.
  2. 2. Hands moves onto his empty 5x5 legacy lot.
  3. 3. Very empty. A building soon miraculously appears, by the work of my own hand.
  4. 4. Alon Livingston delivers the newspaper almost cheerfully, even fighting past zombies to get his job done.
  5. 5. The newspaper consists of careers in Medical, Law, and Oceanography fields. Only the first of which can Hands even take; however, it isn't what I want for him. If he and his descendants are to survive without much help from me, there's going to have to be a more strengthening aid than showers, changing tables, and litter boxes.
  6. 6. As soon as the fridge is purchased, Hands steals one of his favourite treats from the fridge. I wasn't going to waste a command to make him do something else to stop it – unless it was a forbidden food. It just means he'll go hungry the remainder of the day until midnight. All for the sake of a bag of fridge-cold cookies.
  7. 7. As Hands tosses out his now finished bag of cookies, a few guests drop by for a visit.
  8. 8. The welcome group consists of Talin Deppiesse, La Shawn Cameron, and Sue (my simself). Despite there actually being at this time eight simselves in this neighbourhood, I get to be the only one to show up.
  9. 9. Sorry about the plumbbob's in some of these pictures, I wish there was a hack that would just be rid of them completely so I didn't have to keep trying to remember to turn them off. It's extra annoying with my new computer, because it shows quite a bit more up top in the picture that it does while play the game since it's a very wide screen.
  10. 10. No, no television. Not in your lifetime I'm sure at least.
  11. 11. Er, thanks, but no.
  12. 12. Another day, another useless newspaper to toss.
  13. 13. Smelly.
  14. 14. Hands spends a huge amount of time on his bed just day dreaming for hours and hours, it is surely a bore to wait for the right job to appear in the paper.
  15. 15. This glitch is terribly common in my game. For some reason, Hands likes to pick all 6 cans of instant meal at once. So, it's a starving, smelly, annoying first 4 days.
  16. 16. Another paper goes to the trash, I know this is getting monotonous.
  17. 17. Hands takes a job as a Bookie in the Criminal track since he doesn't have enough money to pay the bills owing.
  18. 18. After work, he takes out the bills all by himself.
  19. 19. It's too bad he cannot pay them by himself though.
  20. 20. Another newspaper.
  21. 21. More Criminal work.
  22. 22. Hands is truly obsessed with snowmen.
  23. 23. See what I mean.
  24. 24. Apparently the penguin thinks that this snowman, was hit by a baseball. He does have a lot of theories, usually about criminals, handcuffs, and peace though.
  25. 25. Hands finally takes on his desired career, he starts off as a Scatmaster on Monday.
  26. 26. The low environmental score of the room in general is bad enough, but with a clogged up toilet it is down right unbearable to watch Hands suffering. If it wasn't for that it would probably never get fixed.
  27. 27. With the now constant job that Hands has, he gets a car to fix up – eventually.
  28. 28. Tuesday brings phone usage. Hands talks to a few of his nearly friends to drive up the friendship to hopefully last for the rest of the week.
  29. 29. More snowman obsession. It's a daily problem.
  30. 30. More promotions.
  31. 31. Hands works on the vehicle after work, being as he has nothing better to spend his time on.
  32. 32. Almost there, one promotion left to go – if I'm remembering right.
  33. 33. Engine done, just body and paint left and we have a working car to drive nowhere.
  34. 34. Hands took out a bag of chips from the fridge at 12:05 am, so this is him starving to near death waiting for the next day to come so he can actually eat.
  35. 35. Just past 12am the following day, I'm sure he is now relieved to be actually able to eat something.
  36. 36. Good luck, let's hope this is your last day of work.
  37. 37. And it was. It was an excellent thing he got promoted on this day, since it is a Tuesday!
  38. 38. Hands calls up Christy, hoping she won't mind his complete lack of hygiene.
  39. 39. Christy moved is just past midnight since Hands had already used his other commands on the previous day with a very early breakfast, inviting her over, and greeting her.
  40. 40. Christy finds a job as a Physic Phone Pal, that will do very nicely. Having ghosts around with uncontrollable Sims is not something I was looking forward to in the least.
  41. 41. Christy practices some romance while she throws a fulfillable want in one of the rare times she ever does.
  42. 42. Great...just what we need. Cockroaches. Not only do we get cockroaches, but we get a nasty attack of the flu.
  43. 43. Hands isn't the only one who tries to stomp out the evil vermin. Christy has her try until she nearly starves herself to death. This uncontrollable bit is getting a bit much at times.
  44. 44. A smelly Hands returns from work Thursday morning after a long night of work to find the cockroach problem is still looming over his head.
  45. 45. Later that day, Hands greets Rosemarie Gibson...
  46. 46. who apparently must have sprayed the vermin. I never saw it happen, but since Christy is cleaning up with a dust pan, it can only be assumed that Rosemary sprayed those bugs into oblivion for us.
  47. 47. Christy comes home from her first day of work with a promotion, one down eight to go.
  48. 48. Good night Christy. Try not to freeze to death, okay?
  49. 49. The car finally gets the much needed paint job so Christy can use it once she's pregnant if need be.
  50. 50. Done. A fully functional, working, restorable car. That took more than three weeks to complete. Yikes! Shows what uncontrollability can do to you.
  51. 51. Christy works on her first novel, while Hands fixes up the bed for later.
  52. 52. Another workday arrives, Christy goes off to work still struggling in her career. She isn't having a tough time. Her aspiration is very low and her needs aren't much higher.
  53. 53. See what I mean.
  54. 54. Days later, I finally remember the whole point of lifting Natural Science. Christy ought to at least do a bit better in that manner, even if it does almost nothing to the stink factor. Being that both Christy and Hands have low points for neatness, their hygiene never gets out of the red. I see trouble ahead for their offspring. Oh, which, by the way, was just conceived after trying daily for a few days.
  55. 55. One novel done, several more to go.
  56. 56. Greet...
  57. 57. Fight, Fight, Fight!
  58. 58. Kennedy Cox lost.
  59. 59. But it won't be long before he gets a second try.
  60. 60. Ouch! He doesn't know when to quit and leave. This goes on all day. More Sims to kick the trash can.
  61. 61. It's soooo weird, Christy's hair. That sure isn't the hair that she had before she went into her first pregnancy bump.
  62. 62. Hands greets Jo. He is losing friends fast and needs more to help out his suffering, stuggling wife.
  63. 63. Outside! What were you doing outside that you had to be in your underwear for?!
  64. 64. A baby girl is born. She was given the name Turn Off. She has the same genetics as both her parents. I obviously didn't think about variety when I chose Christy to be Hands wife. Speaking of wife, I just realized something. I've never married Christy and Hands. Oh dear, that means their descendants won't be named Off. Well just pretend I did, okay?
  65. 65. Hands doesn't seem to mind though, or perhaps senility is starting to set in already.
  66. 66. Another baby on the way.
  67. 67. A smelly Christy, a smelly baby. What joy!
  68. 68. And I will leave you off with this. Hands stealing the families meal. Though he now has a child to think of, and another on the way, he sure doesn't seem to care that he is consuming the entirety of the families food. Christy is pregnant and very hungry! Thanks for reading.