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Lighting Brochure

  1. 1. Bright ideas in lighting safety and performance testing. Lighting Safety and Performance Testing
  2. 2. Safety and performance testing for your brightest ideas. Intertek’s rich history in the lighting industry all began with Intertek’s Thomas Edison, an industry pioneer who established the Lamp exclusive data Testing Bureau within his manufacturing facility in 1896, which acceptance program, offers: later became ETL. Since then, manufacturers have relied on Industry-leading speed. Intertek’s expertise and responsiveness, allowing them to get Our fast testing turnaround will their lighting products to market quickly, safely and efficiently. save you significant time and The ETL Listed Mark is North America’s fastest growing safety certification up to 40% in cost savings over and is accepted by AHJs and major retailers in both the U.S. and Canada. competing programs. Intertek is leading the way in LED and other lighting innovations, and we’ve Unprecedented control. established unparalleled performance testing capabilities for the lighting industry. Choose the level of service you We’re the right testing facility for you because we’re experienced, knowledgeable, need within the world’s largest responsive and global. We understand how busy you are, and we’ll serve as a network of safety and EMC labs, “one stop shop,” expertly handling all of your product testing needs. and decide whether to work with our engineers or test internally. Tremendous flexibility. The lighting industry depends on Intertek because we’re: Customize the marks and markets Global. We’re an industry leader with a global presence. We have a worldwide you need for safety, quality and network of labs, so we can quickly, safely and efficiently meet all of your product performance testing. Intertek testing needs. offers more proprietary certification Responsive. Intertek’s clients receive our undivided attention. We know that products than anyone else. every moment counts when preparing a product for the marketplace. That’s why Unparalleled efficiency. we return calls within hours – not days. We’re the industry’s most responsive You’ll appreciate our convenient testing and certification organization, with project completion times far superior “one stop shopping.” We bundle to the industry average. Work with us and you’ll launch – and increase your safety, performance and energy bottom line – sooner. services to provide integrated, Experts. Our talented team has significant knowledge and experience to help efficient support. guide you through the testing process. We’ll “bundle” our safety, performance Bottom line results. and energy efficiency (including Energy Star) services, an efficient way to save our We test products quickly and clients tremendous time and money. Working with us will streamline your process, efficiently so you’ll launch faster. as you’ll only have one timeline, relationship and invoice to manage.
  3. 3. Industries Automotive Residential/Comm. Airport Traffic Control Products Headlamps CFL Lamps Rotating Beacons LED and Incandescent Tail Lamps Halogen Lamps Obstruction Lights Traffic Signal Balls, Turn Signal Lamps HID Lamps Wind Cones Arrows and Pedestrian License Lamps Indoor Lighting Fixtures Isolation Transformers Signals Daytime Running Lights Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Runway/Taxiway Inpave- Barricade Warning Lights Fog Lamps Electronic Exit Signs ment & Elevated Lights Retroreflective Pavement Sidemarkers Eye Protection Retroreflective Markers Markers Reflex Reflectors Fluorescent Lamps Cable Connectors & Retroreflective Signs Interior/Exterior CHMSLs Incandescent Lamps Underground Cable and Sheeting Emergency Warning Miniature Lamps Runway & Taxiway Signs Lights Lamp Ballasts Portable Runway Lights Exit Signs Light Bases Emergency Lighting Constant Current Suntanning Equipment Regulators Bollards Precision Approach Path Street Lights Indicators (PAPI) Runway End Identifica- tion Lights (REIL) Capabilities Photometry IESNA LM-79 Photometry Photometry Electrical Performance Photometric Testing Accelerated Life Vibration Mechanical Shock Lumen Output Mechanical Shock Moisture Accelerated Corrosion Color Temperature Salt Fog Electrical Performance Temperature Cycle Life Testing Dust Compatibility Abrasion Power Factor Wind Load Electronic Noise Chemical Resistance Ballast Factor Altitude Temperature Cycle, Moisture Efficacy Rain Chromaticity… Accelerated Luminance Insulation Resistance And more. Weathering… Visibility Accelerated Weathering And more. Environmental Leakage Current Accelerated Life Testing Temperature Cycle… Wattage… And more. And more. Specifications FMVSS 108 Illuminating Engineering FAA AC150/5345 Series Institute of Transporta- SAE Society (IES) Advisory Circulars tion Engineers (ITE) JIS ANSI ICAO Specifications CALTRANS Ford SDS Energy Star Lighting FAA-E Series AASHTO Toyota Programs Specifications State DOT USCAR ECE Military Specifications Municipal CMVSS 108 FDA Coast Guard ECE NYC Local Law 26 Specifications General Motors UL Standards including Chrysler 1598, 153, 1993, 8750 Mitsubishi as well as CSA and IEC Freightliner Standards Performance testing is essential to ensure that products will withstand their environments and resist factors such as dust, moisture, vibrations and temperature extremes. Intertek is the industry leader in mechanical, environmental and IP testing, ensuring that lighting products can operate effectively in a variety of conditions.
  4. 4. We’re wherever you do business. Intertek is nearby to provide all the testing, certifications, and inspections you need. To start a project, contact us at one of our regional offices below, or visit us online at: Americas Italy +1 800 967 5352 +39 0432 653 411 Asia Pacific Sweden +86 21 6127 8200 +46 8 750 00 00 Germany UK +49 711 27311-0 +44 1372 370 900