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Evaluation q3


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Evaluation q3

  1. 1. Evaluation Q3 Ryan Sampaio
  2. 2. Technologies used – Brand new state of the art cameras/using memory cards• Using brand new, state of the art cameras was very helpful to achieving our progress in A2 Media. In order to make a high quality music video, we needed a high quality camera and that’s what we had in for our use. Holding the camera during the filming is very difficult, therefore in order to use the camera to our its full potential, we brought along a Fig Rig which helped steady the camera and even help with swerving and turning the camera.• Use of memory cards – The memory cards are probably more important than the camera, in terms of keeping our work and progress. There’s no point in having the camera, without the memory cards. We used 3 memory cards throughout, 2 for the camera and 1 for the still camera. They are very delicate as you not record what you think you’re filming, if you haven’t unlocked it, as well as lose all your work, if you do not eject it properly.
  3. 3. Technologies used – Blogger• Blogger is also an important media technology used, as it’s part of our coursework, it’s also important for things such as research, planning and evaluation.• Research – For research, blogging about whatever I found and studied helped. As now I look back on it, it helps me do the evaluation with more ease. It helped stack up my ideas and research in order to show my work and progress through the months. Putting up videos that inspired us, pictures and looking at what they convey was very helpful, as looking at a music video with more in-depth analysis, helped me learn what the important features and conventions are needed and used in real life media.• Planning – Planning was also helpful, as of course being organised will more or less guarantee better work. Although I felt more planning could have been done, the planning I did do was helpful in knowing when to do this, where to put that, etc.• Evaluation – When evaluating now, it is easier to look back on all my previous blogs and work, to just look at my progression as well as the work I’ve done and reflecting on it. Without Blogger, it would have been impossible to do any of these things.
  4. 4. Technology used - Internet• The Internet is also a vital resource that I used throughout. There’s no blogger without the Internet and getting my work up and across would have been impossible. I use the Internet quite a lot, more or less every time I need to blog something, some sort of research has to be done on the Internet. Also, things such as Gifs, where I needed to put some images in, but had too many. I used Gifs a lot throughout the year and it’s another important reason why the Internet was an important technological use. Further research with things such as YouTube, where I needed to embed a video into my blog and research for my music video. Also Vimeo, where I my music video was uploaded to, for the world to see. It helped me see how the public reacted to it and when I need to see it again and take some screenshots from it. Whether it was taking images from Google, which I’m even doing now, to things such as researching quick information from useful websites, the Internet is as vital as the other technology that I’ve used.
  5. 5. Technology used – Photoshop/Quark• Photoshop and Quark were vital, in order to start and finish my ancillary work, these two media technologies were very helpful.• Photoshop – Using Photoshop was incredibly difficult for me, as I have no skill in using it, I found it quite hard to produce anything. As time went by I picked up enough basic knowledge of Photoshop, to make my digipak as well as my advertisement. It’s helpful with putting images in, cropping them, positioning them and just the ease of use, once you get the hang of it.• Quark – Quark isn’t as important as Photoshop in my opinion, as I could of finished my product on Photoshop alone. However for me and my work, it was probably quite important as I relied on it for text and making it the right size, which is helpful.
  6. 6. Technologies used – Final Cut Pro• Final Cut Pro is the most important tool, in order to produce our music video. With the incredible amount of filming used, we needed to cut it down and put everything into order, as well as sharpen it up, in order to produce our music video. It takes an incredible amount of time, but Final Cut Pro is quite easy to use, again once you get the hang of it. Putting in effects too, we used many fades and we needed to speed/slow down a few shots, in which Final Cut Pro was very helpful in doing this. There would be no other way to make our music video without it. Things such as cutting in and out, identifying what clips to use and how it looks on the screen before deciding what to do with them, also comes in handy.
  7. 7. Technologies used - Animatic• Producing the animatic is also helpful, when planning our music video. It helped with things such as planning where to shoot, where to position our artist, what type of shot will we use in that particular shot (I.e. Close-up) and when to cut. It also helped us determine how long the shot should last for and just let us put our ideas on paper and see if it could work.