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Evaluation q2


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Evaluation q2

  1. 1. Evaluation Q2 Ryan Sampaio
  2. 2. Links between Music video and Digipak/Advertisement• The links between the our music video and digpak/Advertisement varies from the clothing on our artist, to the night-time city lights. The artists’ clothing firstly, is the same throughout the video. It’s an urban yet casual type of clothing, therefore relating to more than just an urban audience. The hat is also a link as it’s seen in the video, as well as on the cover on my digipak. Another link is the whole city landscape and the lights, scenery, etc. As the picture in my inside panels and advertisement has my artist, with a background of the city lights and again the use of the hat, which now links to the video and digipak. The hat isn’t used in the picture I used for my inside panels, however the lights in the background creates a link which is also shown in the advertisement.
  3. 3. How can the audience recognise them as linked products?• The audience can firstly recognise the clothing used in video and relate that to a specific genre. It’s a casual/urban style of clothing, especially the hat used. Like the links between my music video and digpak/advertisement, the hat is a key link not only in a connection between my products, but it can also be a trademark for the artist. For example, Chipmunk makes the ‘C’ sign with his hand, as a trademark for himself. Although the hat wasn’t intentionally used to create some sort of trademark, it could end up being recognised as one, by the audience. Also the font used on the digipak, as well as the advertisement. This also helps the audience recognise the products as they’ll look at the font and instantly notice it’s this specific artist. The lights and location could also be recognised. You can tell the artist is in an urban/city outdoor place, as all the lights suggest. They can maybe also connect, as it’s London and with a few noticeable locations such as Jubilee bridge, they can relate to the artist in that manner.
  4. 4. Success with ancillary and attraction to target audience• I believe my ancillary texts are very successful, as they follow the conventions as well as maintaining consistency throughout. Whether that’s through the fonts used on the ancillary work, to the urban style of our artist, I feel that there was a consistent of those particular things. I feel it meets what’s expected from the rap/grime/hip-hop genre, in order to appeal to the audience, which of course is the main focus of producing a music video. I also believe there were plenty of links between my music video and the digipak and advertisement. I fully believe the audience could watch the music video, and recognise Dee Banks from a the advertisement, or if they saw his CD in HMV.• I do think the target audience will be attracted by them, because of the many links which varies from style, to perhaps the link they have with London and the city itself. It relates to teens and young adults as our artist is dressed like most young people, with the hat, jeans, Nike trainers, etc. This relates in terms of style and it’d be something that catches their eye. As it’s in the genre of rap/grime/hip-pop, aimed at mainly young people of both genders, varying from 14-25, it’s something that would come off quite well with the target audience, as fashion and clothing is quite important. As there’s also a female artist involved, this would help attract the female audience and they could relate to that.