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Duel oap ver2


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Duel oap ver2

  1. 1. The Need 3006 billion #1 app Music Music thousandmobile download - spans connects But.. mobile users Games generations people apps
  2. 2. There is no one viral music game app!
  3. 3. Introducing Duel.fmA SIMPLE, ADDICTIVE, music trivia game whichcan be played individually or with friends to guessthe song that is playing
  4. 4. Music is sourced from Works across internet platforms services via API THE social Single, Versusmobile music and “Party” trivia game modes of play
  5. 5. Duel.fmConnects friends Fun for all ages and and family Demographics Creates a meaningful social experience based on common love - Music
  6. 6. Market Analysis63,000,000•  Total iOS gamers Market63,000,000•  Total Android gamers Market13.5%•  Early adaptors of innovative products/services
  7. 7. Market  Valida,on   Our survey yielded the following results•  65% of the respondents play games on their mobile devices•  45% of the respondents play games such as ‘Draw Together’•  96% of the respondents listen to music with friends and family•  61% like the idea of an app like
  8. 8. Target Consumer Music Lovers High School/ College students Families Almost anyone
  9. 9. Channels Facebook App Android iOS
  10. 10. Partnerships Apple (iTunes) Spotify Amazon API MP3
  11. 11. Coming this Summer… New Game InviteAlberto challenges you to a Duel... Duel.fmAccept Deny