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Short list of my working experience with LiDAR.

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Alexandr Korneev

  1. 1. Alexandr KorneevAlexandr Korneev  Here I briefly trying to show the places mostHere I briefly trying to show the places most memorable for me from my aerial surveymemorable for me from my aerial survey flights with with Geokosmos.
  2. 2. Technical training for ALTMTechnical training for ALTM maintenance in Optech.2006maintenance in Optech.2006
  3. 3. Preparations for test flight. TorontoPreparations for test flight. Toronto 2006.2006.
  4. 4. First test flight over New Market.First test flight over New Market.
  5. 5. Another flight with Optech guys.Another flight with Optech guys.
  6. 6. Piper Navajo. Over New Market.Piper Navajo. Over New Market.
  7. 7. Survey mission accomplished. FlyingSurvey mission accomplished. Flying for fun.for fun.
  8. 8. In Ghana…In Ghana…
  9. 9. Ground base station in KotokaGround base station in Kotoka International Airport. GhanaInternational Airport. Ghana
  10. 10. With African pilots.With African pilots. First black KLM pilot-instructor in theFirst black KLM pilot-instructor in the middle.middle.
  11. 11. $100 in Ghana currency ‘Cedi’$100 in Ghana currency ‘Cedi’
  12. 12. This is my way of learning english.This is my way of learning english.
  13. 13. Day was too hot. So we’re installingDay was too hot. So we’re installing equipment at night in at night in Ghana.
  14. 14. AA bird's-eye view ofbird's-eye view of AccraAccra
  15. 15. In GhanaIn Ghana
  16. 16. Fresh coconut milk. Kakum park.Fresh coconut milk. Kakum park. GhanaGhana
  17. 17. Kotoka Airport. GhanaKotoka Airport. Ghana
  18. 18. Denmark. Roskilde lufthaven.Denmark. Roskilde lufthaven.
  19. 19. Cessna 304. Denmark.Cessna 304. Denmark.
  20. 20. Andersen. Copenhagen.Andersen. Copenhagen.
  21. 21. Little Mermaid. Copenhagen.Little Mermaid. Copenhagen.
  22. 22. Gift-shop in Mahachkala. TGift-shop in Mahachkala. Thehe CaucasusCaucasus
  23. 23. Dozens of kilometres nearbyDozens of kilometres nearby Chechnya.Chechnya.
  24. 24. Baikal, the deepest lake on earth.Baikal, the deepest lake on earth. Russia.Russia.
  25. 25. The first buddhist temple in Russia.The first buddhist temple in Russia. Eastern SiberiaEastern Siberia
  26. 26. Nothern Polar Circle. RussiaNothern Polar Circle. Russia
  27. 27. Polar Siberia. Russia.Polar Siberia. Russia.
  28. 28. Sayano-Shushenskaya hydro powerSayano-Shushenskaya hydro power plant. 1 year before the tragedy.plant. 1 year before the tragedy.
  29. 29. Hakassia. Siberia. Russia.Hakassia. Siberia. Russia.
  30. 30. ALTM control rack installed in Mi-8ALTM control rack installed in Mi-8 helicopter.helicopter.
  31. 31. I’m with ALTM’s control&navigationI’m with ALTM’s control&navigation laptop. Airborne survey in Siberia.laptop. Airborne survey in Siberia.
  32. 32. Kamchatka peninsula. Armed forKamchatka peninsula. Armed for defence against the bears.defence against the bears.
  33. 33. Mi-8 with ALTM, extra fuel tank andMi-8 with ALTM, extra fuel tank and ground GPS team onboard.ground GPS team onboard.
  34. 34. Polar territory of Russia. HelpingPolar territory of Russia. Helping ground GPS team to measureground GPS team to measure control areas.control areas.
  35. 35. GPS base station. There is noGPS base station. There is no WAAS-like network in Russia.WAAS-like network in Russia.
  36. 36. Landing for pick up a GPS-team.Landing for pick up a GPS-team. Kamchatka peninsula.Kamchatka peninsula.
  37. 37. Chara airdrome. Eastern Siberia.Chara airdrome. Eastern Siberia.
  38. 38. Air view of the river in easternAir view of the river in eastern Siberia.Siberia.
  39. 39. Making ALTM’s mounting platformMaking ALTM’s mounting platform for Antonov-2. 200km east offor Antonov-2. 200km east of Moscow.Moscow.
  40. 40. With my wife after first skydive.With my wife after first skydive.
  41. 41. Returning to helicopter after 3 hourReturning to helicopter after 3 hour installation of GPS base in Udokaninstallation of GPS base in Udokan mountains.mountains. 2000м above sea level.2000м above sea level.
  42. 42. With the GPS-surveyor DmitryWith the GPS-surveyor Dmitry Zhohov.Udokan mountains.Zhohov.Udokan mountains.
  43. 43. Mi-8 landing to pick us up. UdokanMi-8 landing to pick us up. Udokan mountains. 2000m above sea level.mountains. 2000m above sea level.
  44. 44. ALTM 2050. Mi-8 helicopter.ALTM 2050. Mi-8 helicopter.
  45. 45. On the time zones border near VitimOn the time zones border near Vitim river. Eastern Siberia.river. Eastern Siberia.
  46. 46. Thank you for watching!Thank you for watching!