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Create a map


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Create a map

  1. 1. How to Create a Map on Google Maps
  2. 2. Step OneGo to Google Maps
  3. 3. Step TwoClick on My Places
  4. 4. Step ThreeSign in, or create an account if you do notalready have one
  5. 5. Step FourClick on Create Map and start plotting yourcourse.
  6. 6. Step FiveName your map where it says title, and thengive a brief description of your trip (about 1-3 sentences).
  7. 7. Step SixMagnify map so that you can see locationsbetter by clicking on the addition (+) symbolbelow the little person
  8. 8. Step SevenClick on the blue arrow to add a place mark.This indicates the stops that you will makeon your trip.
  9. 9. Step EightClick on the Draw a Line icon. Then pressthe “Click to start drawing a line along theroads” box.
  10. 10. Step NineClick on your starting point, and then drag itto the next stop that you are going to make.
  11. 11. Step TenPress Done and then send me the link toyour map.
  12. 12. Step TenNow that you have your course mapped out,you can pack up your supplies, load up onsnacks, and hit the road!