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Barcelona,a good investment


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A practical Guide to doing Business in the City

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Barcelona,a good investment

  1. 1. MENT INVEST the City A GOOD usiness in ELONA,e to doing B BARC al Guid A practic
  2. 2. LIBRARY OF CATALONIA (BIBLIOTECA DE CATALUNYA) CIP INFORMATION: Barcelona, a good investment : practical guide to doing business in the city I. Borrell, Xavier, ed. II. Barcelona. Sector de Promoció Econòmica III. Centre d'Innovació i Desenvolupament Empresarial (Catalunya) 1. Inversions estrangeres _ Barcelona _ Manuals, guies, etc. 2. Barcelona _ Comerç _ Manuals, guies, etc. 3. Barcelona _ Condicions econòmiques _ Manuals, guies, etc. 338.1(467.1 Ba Barcelona)(036) The text may be reproduced total or partially with permission of Ajuntament de Barcelona and CIDEM. All rights reserved for graphic and artistic design. EDITION: Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona City Council) Sector de Promoció Econòmica (Economic Promotion Division) Carrer Avinyó, 7, 1r 08002 Barcelona, Spain Tel. +34 934 027 478 CIDEM (Centre for Innovation and Business Development) Passeig de Gràcia, 129 08008 Barcelona, Spain Tel. +34 934 767 200 COORDINATION: Xavier Borrell and Isabel Carranza (Barcelona City Council) Fina Sancho and Elisabet Forga (CIDEM) ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Cuatrecasas and Clifford Chance Law Firms DESIGN, LAYOUT, TRANSLATION AND EDITING OF TEXTS: New Roman Carrer Saragossa, 64, local 2 08006 Barcelona, Spain Tel. +34 932 179 978 PRINTING: Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona City Council) Imatge i Producció Editorial (Graphics and Publishing) Passeig de la Zona Franca, 60 08038 Barcelona, Spain B. 000 00 000 Barcelona, March 2006 No. of copies. 2.500 2
  3. 3. ENT VESTMe City OD IN A, A GOng Business in th ON BARCELal Guide to doi A practic 3
  4. 4. arcelona is an open, tolerant and arcelona is moving towards the “laboratory B B cosmopolitan Mediterranean city full city” model. This refers to a city where new of light; a remarkable urban space ideas and concepts are emerging, a city with a strong personality. The atmosphere which is competitive not in terms of production transmitted by the city encourages creation costs but in innovation and creativity, where pro- and innovation, turning Barcelona into one of ducts are designed or improved, and where the the European cities with the highest potential for developing new atmosphere, diversity and range of uses promote the creation and trans- generation activities. In the current globalisation framework, it is fer of knowledge. Barcelona, cutting-edge, dynamic and entrepreneurial, precisely these characteristics which provide value to the city and sets trends. With its long industrial tradition, the Barcelona area is a very differentiate it from the rest: it is this personality, both cosmopolitan important foreign investment attraction centre, especially for industry and with a great international vocation, and strongly rooted in its local advanced services. 25% of foreign investment in Spain is concentrated aspects, which attracts our visitors and keeps them here. here, with 2,700 registered businesses, most of them in Barcelona city. There is a constantly growing number of forward-looking companies Faced by growing international competition, Barcelona and its which choose to set up in Barcelona, and we are proud to observe that, surrounding area, with its population of 4.6 million, is one of the once established among us, their expectations are fully met. And the most important economic metropolises and has become international perception of Barcelona's potential as a new economy city is consolidated as one of the main European capitals for business. A also growing in importance. city which boosts its own personality and diversity and encourages talent and creativity; a laboratory where ideas are conceived and a This has been shown by many international economic indicators, such significant creative community which attracts and receives the best as the recent Paris Chamber of Commerce study placing Barcelona's companies and professionals is brought together. Its great area of influence as the second most appealing region for foreign international projection, privileged geographical situation and investment, second only to London; or the annual study conducted by accessibility, added to the complex business network in its area, British consultancy Cushman & Wakefield Healey & Baker placing make it a very appealing location for business. Barcelona as the fifth best city for business in Europe and the top city in Europe in terms of progress. Barcelona is now reinventing itself, its eyes on the future, with an urban and economic transformation which will provide over 7 million square But Barcelona isn't just a city for working; it's a city for living. With its metres for new economic activity. The urban reform projects which are stable climate, its openness to the sea, a magnificent selection of defining our future will enable us to improve access to the city, as well as culture and leisure options, a broad network of education and research its connections and communications, increase the offering and services institutions at every level, a prestigious health service accessible to available to businesses, and improve quality of life for all citizens. All urban everyone, and a serious commitment to sustainability, Barcelona has projects currently in progress are increasing Barcelona's appeal and the best quality of life in the whole of Europe. We are introducing the consolidating the city as the main urban centre in the west first edition of the Guide to Barcelona, a Good Investment, jointly Mediterranean. The following are particularly noteworthy due to their size: prepared by the Economic Promotion Sector of Barcelona City Council the transformation of the Poblenou industrial district, the new 22@bcn and Centre for Innovation and Business Development (CIDEM) of the technology district, the arrival of the new High Speed Train, the Delta Plan Catalan Government's (Generalitat de Catalunya) with the aim of - with extensions to both the port and the airport - and the extension of offering useful and practical information to everyone wishing to invest the International Trade Fair (Fira Internacional), as well as the new and do business in Barcelona and become acquainted with its many conference centre with capacity for 15,000 delegates. charms. We hope that this new guide will help make the decision to settle in Barcelona easier, as well as accelerate the process of establishing a new economic activity. Jordi Portabella Joan Clos Second Deputy Mayor of Barcelona Mayor of Barcelona 4
  5. 5. C atalonia is a privileged part of spite of its small size, Catalonia has a Catalonia offers companies Europe for business activities. great variety of cultural activities and making a Countless multinationals from venues. It also provides a first rate commitment to around the world, specialised in various environment both for living and for our territory the sectors, have chosen Catalonia to business. This helps keep company perfect balance conduct their business activities. staff satisfied and stable. between a high quality communications infrastructure, Barcelona City Council and the Centre According to a study conducted by an excellent university and research for Innovation and Business Cushman & Wakefield Healey & Baker, network, highly qualified labour force, a Development (CIDEM) have joined Barcelona is the best place for quality of wide range of suppliers and an enviable forces to create this publication which is life, a position it has maintained since quality of life. intended as a basic and simple advice 1996. Its quality of life and the and guidance tool for anyone perception of the Barcelona area as a The Centre for Innovation and Business considering starting up a business in creative and cosmopolitan environment Development (CIDEM), an organisation Barcelona. This guide is structured in are valued as strong points for attracting belonging to the Generalitat's Ministry of outline, in order to give you a general and retaining talent and knowledge. Employment and Industry, provides idea of the steps to be taken into Proof of this is provided by the recent professional and confidential support, account when starting up a business. At trend of international entrepreneurs ranging from planning to the end of the guide, you will find the choosing Barcelona for a new economic implementation, to all companies websites and useful addresses you can activity. In the intensive globalisation wishing to invest in Catalonia, through use to obtain more detailed information process undergone in recent decades the Catalonian Investment Agency on each step. We have also included a by the international community, (ACI). It also provides ongoing help for list of the main incentives and subsidies Catalonia has been able to establish future needs. The agency, which has its available to businessmen and itself as the ideal location for setting up headquarters in Barcelona, a branch in entrepreneurs. large multinational companies. As a Madrid, and foreign offices in New York result of this investment process, and Tokyo, offers its help and advice Catalonia attracts a lot of investment, Catalonia has become consolidated as services tailored to the needs of particularly for industry and advanced one of the most dynamic regions in companies which are considering services. This has been shown by the Europe in terms of attracting settling in Catalonia or expanding their fact that already established companies multinationals: there are currently 3,000 existing business in this region. The often make a strategic commitment, such companies in Catalonia (600 of Agency's mission is to boost financially carrying out new investments in order to which are industrial businesses). and technologically sound productive make their subsidiaries evolve towards business investments in Catalonia, higher value added activities. The main Conscious of the importance and creating wealth and high quality, stable reason for this is the high satisfaction positive effects of foreign direct jobs. We must direct all our efforts to level of companies already operating in investment (FDI), and making use of its attracting new projects, in the form of Catalonia. Barcelona and its exclusive powers in the industry context, productive, strategic and innovative surrounding area, with its population of the Generalitat has put into practice an investments, to our territory. 4.3 million, constitutes one of the main active policy of encouraging business economic metropolises in Europe, investment in Catalonia. We are also We look forward to welcoming you to aiming to attract not just the best making a serious and clear Catalonia. businesses but also the best commitment at the Generalitat to boost professionals, who are the ones who will our companies' research, development generate wealth and increase and capacity for innovation. We want to productivity. Catalonia's well-being and place Catalonia in a top position in development are at European levels. In Europe. Jordi Carbonell i Sebarroja Secretary of Industry Ministry of Employment and Industry Generalitat de Catalunya 5
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. ENT VESTMhe City D IN A, A GOOg Business in t N BARCELO Guide to doin l a A practic CONTENTS 1 ECONOMIC PRESENTATION: 1.1 I Ten Reasons to Invest in Barcelona 09 1.2 I Main Economic Indicators 10 1.3 I Location and the Property Market 17 1.4 I Trade Fairs and Conferences 22 2 HOW TO START A BUSINESS IN BARCELONA: 2.1 I Types of Business Organisation 25 2.2 I Steps For Starting Up a Business 27 2.3 I Tax Regime, Tax and Allowances 29 2.4 I Work and Residence Permits 32 2.5 I Employment Regime 35 2.6 I Incentives and Subsidies and Financing 39 3 USEFUL ADDRESSES: 3.1 I By Topic 43 3.2 I In Alphabetical Order 44
  9. 9. TEN REASONS TO INVEST 1.1 IN BARCELONA Barcelona offers very diverse elements which make it a really appealing place to live, work and do business. The city is now a very interesting place for new economic activity, as shown by some of the good reasons to invest in it. 4. Successful foreign public transport. The city is surrounded 1. Strategic geographic location by nature reserves. investment Two hours by road from France and one It is the fifth best city for business in day from the main European cities. A 8. Large progressive city Europe and accounts for 20% of annual southern door to Europe, with its own planning projects foreign investment in Spain. There are port, airport, Zona Franca, logistics The largest city planning and 2,700 foreign companies established parks, international trade fair centre and infrastructure transformation. Llobregat here, with a satisfaction level of 97%. the city within a radius of 5 kilometres. Area: a commitment to logistics and Barcelona is also becoming consolidated internationalisation, with the port and as a centre for multinational companies' 2. Complete transport airport extensions. Besòs Area: urban European divisions. infrastructure renewal, sustainability and research A motorway network connected to 5. An internationally centres. La Sagrera-Sant Andreu: the Europe; the fastest-growing airport in acknowledged location arrival of high speed trains. Poblenou Europe; Spain's leading port and the lar- 22@: the new technology and innovation Barcelona has some of the highest gest container port in the Mediterranean; positions in several international district. Two new districts: La Marina and an extensive underground and overland rankings, which rate its urban reality, its El Besòs, with a combination of train and bus network; High Speed ability to attract foreign capital, its residential premises and economic Trains planned for 2007 and a connec- entrepreneurial nature and the quality of activity. tion with the European network in 2009. life enjoyed here very highly. 9. A Competitive set of available 3. The centre of a large, dynamic 6. Human resources prepared properties and diverse economic area for the future A large number of offices, commercial A great responsibility ethic, high 4.6 million people live in the Barcelona premises and industrial buildings with productivity (one of the highest in area. It is the capital of Catalonia, with a excellent value for money. The Europe, according to the OECD), five population of 7 million, and the centre of construction of residential buildings is public universities, two private the Mediterranean Basin, a large also on the rise. universities and four business schools economic area with 18 million (ESADE, IESE, EADA and IESKA), 27 inhabitants. It accounts for 70% of 10. Unique private-public international schools, great new Catalonia's GDP. Its growth in 2004 was cooperation technology penetration, and a favourable 3.1% of GDP, above the Spanish and Barcelona City Council and the Catalan disposition towards innovation and European average, and it is the sixth Government have made a serious creativity. largest urban agglomeration, as well as commitment to business. The success of the fifth largest industrial concentration, the traditional private-public cooperation 7. Excellent quality of life in Europe. has been key to Barcelona's The top European city for quality of life. A transformation. stable climate, sunshine, beaches, ski, a generous range of culture and leisure In the following pages, you will find more activities, a network of 4,500 education detailed information on Barcelona's institutions, a modern and accessible economic reality. health service, easy access and travel by 9
  10. 10. MAIN ECONOMIC 1.2 INDICATORS 1.2.1 BASIC INFORMATION activity in southern Europe, a city's population, a very close Mediterranean arch including the percentage to other European cities ABOUT THE CITY Balearic Islands, the Autonomous such as Madrid, Copenhaguen and Regions of Valencia and Aragon, and Hamburg among others, and higher Location southeast France. than the Spanish average of 8.4%. Barcelona is one of the largest cities Barcelona metropolitan area is the The immigration of the last ten years in Europe. It is the centre of a large sixth largest urban agglomeration, as has brought to the city of Barcelona a metropolitan area of over 217 well as the fifth largest industrial very significant increase in the municipalities with 4.6 million concentration, in Europe. number of languages spoken in it. inhabitants. It is the economic, The current language situation is 223 cultural and administrative capital of Demographically, the city of languages from 190 countries, a level Catalonia, which is located in Barcelona is constantly growing richer of diversity which promotes an northeast Spain on the Mediterranean and more diverse; with 160 increasingly open and tolerant shore. nationalities in 2004. metropolis. Barcelona currently has over 230,000 It is at the forefront of a 17-million- foreign residents. This is 14.6% of the inhabitant emerging area of economic AREA AND POPULATION (2005) Population Area (km2) Density (inhabitants/km2) Barcelona 1.578.546 101 15.671 Metropolitan area 4.673.648 3.236 1.427 1. ECONOMIC PRESENTATION Catalonia 6.813.319 31.895 210 Spain 43.197.684 505.988 84 Oslo Stockholm Source: Barcelona City Council and the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE) Copenhagen EVOLUTION OF FOREIGN POPULATION Dublin Berlin Amsterdam January 2005 % of the total foreign population London Brussels Prague Frankfurt Europe 52.835 22,9 Paris Vienna Asia 36.810 15,9 Geneva Africa 20.818 9 Milan America 120.197 52,1 Rome Barcelona Australasia 282 0,1 Total number of foreigners 230.942 100 in Barcelona 10 Source: Barcelona City Council
  11. 11. GDP medium-sized companies (SME, known GDP at market prices and inter-annual variation rate EU 25 EU 15 SPAIN CATALONIA in Catalan by the abbreviation PIME), (2000 base index) representing 99.7% of all companies. GDP (2004) (in millions of euros) 10.218.488 9.743.054 837.557 157.124 Employment Annual growth rate in real terms. 2,4 2,3 3,1 3,1 Recent years have shown a very positive GDP per capita (2004) (in millions of euros) - 25.281 19.637 23.542 picture of Barcelona’s job market. Both activity and employment rates grew, Sources: Spanish National Institute (INE), Institut d'Estadística de Catalunya (IDESCAT), Eurostat boosted by demographic growth and good economic and business prospects, In parallel to the process of moving a Historically, Catalonian economy has and the job market picked up with an large portion of the industrial sector to the been one of Spain’s main economic increase in the number of employed metropolitan conurbation, the industry drivers and is still the autonomous region workers registered with the Social remaining in the central area has with the highest Gross Domestic Product Security system. Specifically, 25,000 strengthened its conversion to high value (GDP) in absolute terms. In recent years, new jobs were created in Barcelona in added industry. It is formed by new it has followed a trajectory of expansion, 2003 and 2004, of which 39% were in economic activities of an industrial and short term growth forecasts are high value added sectorst. nature with branches such as positive. environmental services, culture The gradual incorporation of legal industries, the media, air transport and immigrants in recent years and the 1.2.2 A DIVERSIFIED others with great growth potential. increase in female employment and Specifically, in the 2000-2004 period, the ECONOMIC activity rates, following the growing amount of medium and high-tech tertiarisation of the production network of STRUCTURE industry in Barcelona and its the city and its metropolitan area have metropolitan area increased by up to been two very significant factors in the 11.2% and 35.8% respectively. In the Activity by sector boost of this expansion trend. services sector, especially in tourism- related services, high value added The city’s wealth and development have Barcelona's tertiary sector is growing in a occupancy has increased by over 33%. traditionally been based on trade and clearly entrepreneurial manner, as manufacture. At the moment, the shown by the fact that the strongest Business structure economic activity’s structure is increase in the last three years has been characterised by the dominance of the in the number of registered self- Barcelona has a large business network services sector and the maintenance of a employed, especially in the new very similar in structure to the European significant industrial base in the whole of technologies sector. one. There are over 417,000 small and the metropolitan area. The unemployment rate in 2004 was 6.2%, noticeably lower than that of Catalonia, Spain and the European STRUCTURE OF THE AFFILIATION TO THE SOCIAL SECURITY GENERAL SYSTEM Union. ACCORDING TO BIG SECTORS (% /TOTAL) . 4TH QUARTER 2004. Barcelona Catalonia Spain 1.2.3 FOREIGN INVESTMENT Agriculture 0,2 0,4 0,5 IN BARCELONA Industry 13,0 22,6 18,0 The Barcelona area is a very important Construction 5,2 9,2 11,9 foreign investment attraction centre, Services 81,6 67,8 69,6 especially for industry and advanced services. This can be seen in many TOTAL 100,0 100,0 100,0 international economic indicators, such Sources: Spanish National Institute (INE), Institut d'Estadística de Catalunya (IDESCAT), Eurostat as the annual study conducted by British 11
  12. 12. and marketing services centres. These consultancy firm Cushman & Wakefield centres are at the forefront of the current Healey & Baker, which, for the first time 70% of all Japanese companies and process being undergone by companies in its 2005 edition, named Barcelona as 50% of all German, French and North to become network structures with the fifth best city in Europe for business, American companies in Spain are in independent units in different territories. thus raising it one position. Barcelona’s economic area. Over 50% of foreign companies of an industrial nature Trends Already established companies very in Barcelona’s economic area belong to often make a strategic commitment the chemical, pharmaceutical and car Barcelona is at the receiving end of a through new investments in order to industries. The services sector accounts growing flow of investment aimed at make their subsidiaries evolve towards for 42%, and construction for another creating management and services higher value added activities. The main 3%. centres, research and distribution reason for this is the high satisfaction centres, software development centres level (97%) of companies already The Barcelona area is still a destination of and design centres in the most varied operating in the Barcelona area. reference for attracting highly specialised sectors, such as professional and services such as administrative, financial consumer electronics and the car industry. These are some of the sectors, activities and forward-looking uses the city wants to boost. This is why Barcelona has Number of Foreign Companies in 2004 decided to promote the establishment, in Barcelona 1.340 1. ECONOMIC PRESENTATION the city, of financial activities and businesses of large multinationals related Metropolitan area 2.698 to design, knowledge, distribution and Catalonia 2.915 customer call centres, also known by the English names Call Centers or Customer Source: Foreign Investment in the Barcelona Area (La inversió estrangera a l'àrea de Barcelona). Barcelona: Barcelona City Council, CIDEM, 2004. Relationship Management. Foreign Investment in Catalonia (1994-2004) € Percentage in relation to the total for Spain: 15,57% Foreign Investment in Catalonia (1st half of 2005) Growth rate in 2005/2004. 25% Percentage in relation to the total for Spain: 44,3% Source: Foreign Investment in the Barcelona Area (La inversió estrangera a l'àrea de Barcelona). Barcelona: Barcelona City Council, CIDEM, 2004. 12
  13. 13. 1.2.4 AN INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED LOCATION Barcelona has some of the highest entrepreneurial nature for business positions in the various international and the quality of life enjoyed here rankings, which rate its urban reality, very highly. its ability to attract foreign capital, its BARCELONA, TOP 10 The European city which best promoted itself at an international level to attract Cushman & Wakefield Healey & Baker. foreign investment in 2005. The fifth best city in Europe for investing and doing business in 2005. Cushman & Wakefield Healey & Baker. The city with the best quality of life in Europe in 2005. Cushman & Wakefield Healey & Baker. Barcelona, the second most attractive European area for foreign investment in 2004. Chambre de Commerce de Paris. Best European city for investing in 2004. FDI, Foreign Direct Investment. (Group Finantial Times) The European city which has advanced most in recent years (2005). Cushman & Wakefield Healey & Baker. The European city of the future in 2004. FDI, Foreign Direct Investment. (Group Finantial Times) Best European city for transport in 2004. FDI, Foreign Direct Investment. (Group Finantial Times) One of the cities with the best growth prospects in Europe in 2002-2006. ERECO European Economic Research Consortium. One of the cities with the most competitive cost of living in 2004. UBS INTERNATIONAL COMPARISONS 2005 GROSS VALUE INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC OVERNIGHT COST QUALITY FOREIGN CITY FOR PRODUCTION STAYS OF LIVING OF LIFE MEETINGS INVESTMENT ADDED BUSINESS ORGANISED RECEIVED FORECASTS LONDON LONDON LISBON BARCELONA PARIS LONDON WARSAW LONDON 1 PARIS PARIS LYON PARIS VIENNA PARIS BUDAPEST PARIS 2 MOSCOW DUBLÍN HAMBURG STOCKHOLM GENEVA LYON DUBLIN FRANKFURT 3 BERLIN ROMA BIRMINGHAM MUNICH BRUSSELS COPENHAGUEN ATHENS BRUSSELS 4 ROME MADRID MADRID MADRID LONDON MOSCOW MADRID BARCELONA 5 MADRID BERLIN BARCELONA ZURICH BARCELONA BARCELONA PRAGUE AMSTERDAM 6 CAMBRIDGE BARCELONA BRUSSELS GENEVA COPENHAGUEN STOCKHOLM STOCKHOLM MADRID 7 MUNICH VIENNA ATHENS OSLO BERLIN BUDAPEST HELSINKI BERLIN 8 BARCELONA PRAGUE GLASGOW DUBLIN ROME PAS-DE-CALAIS BARCELONA MUNICH 9 MILAN AMSTERDAM BERLIN VIENNA STOCKHOLM DUBLIN BIRMINGHAM ZURIC 10 ERECO Union Catalonia Tourism Mercer Human Cushman Font: Cushman Ernst & Young of International Polytechnic Marketing Resource & Wakefield & Wakefield Associations University Information Consulting Healey & Baker Healey & Baker 13 System
  14. 14. 1.2.5 FIRST CLASS 1.2.6 QUALITY OF LIFE: A In addition, Barcelona has a highly valued cultural offer: 46 theatres, 41 INTERNATIONAL CITY TO VISIT AND museums, 46 libraries, over 200 cinema EDUCATION AND LIVE IN screens and countless concerts and ACADEMIA festivals held throughout the year. It is a Barcelona is a dynamic, modern and great city which brings to daily life the diverse city, whose profound Thanks to its significant education inheritance of its architectural and entrepreneurial, commercial and tradition, Barcelona is very well equipped monumental heritage. It is the only city in competitive spirit has for centuries to continually improve quality in this area. the world with eight World Heritage sites. coexisted with the art of good living and The network of education centres now The city, so full of great examples of the enjoyment of the expressiveness of a offers a very comprehensive selection of Modernista architecture and works by demanding culture and urban quality. study possibilities to provide an easy Gaudí, has been asserting its open and solution to different situations and progressive nature from the late 20th Its Mediterranean climate, the culture education needs. century, with a new urban architecture and leisure options on offer and the which has reached clear international quality of life are key to attracting tourists Universities and higher education projection. and businesspeople to Barcelona. The city, located between the sea and the The city has eight universities and several mountains, enjoys temperatures of All this, added to first class public and business schools of international renown. between 23º C in the summer and 9º C private services (education, health, etc.), In addition, there are eleven technology in the winter, and has 7 km of well a high environmental commitment from transfer centres linked to the universities maintained beaches in the city centre businesses, respect for quality and which have received several awards for itself. occupational risk prevention, and a their innovative initiatives from the European Commission’s Directorate- General for Enterprise and the Information Society. Name of the Organisation Type Web Barcelona has consolidated itself as a Barcelona University (UB) Public first class university destination in terms Barcelona Autonomous University (UAB) Public of number of universities, qualifications and students. Catalonia Polytechnic University (UPC) Public Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) Public International schools Ramon Llull University Private There are several foreign schools in the 1. ECONOMIC PRESENTATION Abat Oliba – CEU University Private city and its surroundings, enabling anyone wishing to do so to pursue Catalonia International University (UIC) Private foreign curriculums in the city. There are Catalonia Open University (UOC) Private 27 such schools in total, providing teaching in five languages: English, IESE Business school French, German, Italian and Japanese. ESADE Business school EADA Business school IESKA Business school UNIVERSITY DATA FOR ACADEMIC YEAR 2003-2004 First and second stage internal and approved university diplomas. 393 qualifications University students. 204.000 Foreign students. 11.221 Source: Barcelona University Centre (BCU), 2004 14
  15. 15. public transport system combining District 22@ research, linked to the new production quality and price, make Barcelona a very and business activity. It is in the new appealing city both for living in and for Avenida Diagonal extension area, on the A project to transform the industrial doing business. coastline and the right bank of the River district of Poblenou into an innovative Besòs. This campus, which is promoted production district, in the heart of the city, International comparisons by the Barcelona 22@ innovation and offering modern spaces for strategic the large transformation being concentration of intensive knowledge Barcelona’s international renown for the undertaken in the Besòs area, will help activities. This initiative is both an urban quality of its city life and the gradual polish and modernise the current urban renewal project and a new city model in internationalisation it has achieved has grid. answer to the challenges of the been consolidated in recent years. This is Knowledge Society. so to the point that it was chosen 160.000 square metres devoted to a new European city with the best quality of life approach to knowledge spaces. Scope: 200 hectares. for the seventh consecutive year in the 2005 European ranking published by 3.200.000 square metres of production spaces. Cushman & Wakefield Healey & Baker 220.000 square metres for new facilities and (C&W H&B). green areas. Barcelona Biomedical Research Park 4.000 new subsidised flats and houses. On the other hand, Mercer Consulting’s ranking of the most expensive cities in An estimated 130,000 new jobs. This initiative is promoted by the the world placed Barcelona in 56th Catalonian Government (Generalitat de An economic potential of €12,000 million for place, and the Union de Banques the whole operation. Catalunya), Barcelona City Council and Suisses (UBS) placed it in 27th place in Pompeu Fabra University, and aims to its study taking into account citizens’ + place Barcelona at the forefront of income level on the basis of salaries. Besòs Inter-University Campus European transnational biomedical research. It is a science project involving In summary, Barcelona is in a place of This relates to the creation of an inter- both basic and applied research, in a preference in terms of economic activity university campus for teaching and 50,000 square metre space, able to and business attraction, while consolidating itself as a fantastic European tourist destination offering both visitors and residents modern and inclusive city planning with a high quality of life. 1.2.7 NEW CITY PLANNING PROJECTS Barcelona is in the middle of the largest city planning transformation in its recent history. The city planning and infrastructure projects recently undertaken and currently in progress are shaping the 21st century city, where economic growth, the maintenance of competitiveness and job creation will affect citizens’ lives. Later is a description of some of the most emblematic projects: 15
  16. 16. Sagrera-Sant Andreu plan provide answers with perspectives 40 million passengers per year. ranging from molecular to population This is a city planning transformation levels. 90 operators at the busiest times and 400,000 project covering a large area of operations per year. 50.000 square metres. Barcelona. It includes regulating the 500.000 tonnes of goods per year. railway infrastructures in the north of 80 research groups. the city, building the new La Sagrera 250-hectare services area. 1.000 professionals, scientists and highly High Speed Train central station and + qualified technicians. carrying out city planning improvements on five districts around + the new rail complex, which will Port extension involve covering the tracks and Work on the extension of Barcelona port Airport extension creating a large linear park of over 4 began in late 2001 with the placing of the kilometres in length connecting the first stone of the east pier. When this is The airport extension project is districts of Sant Andreu-La Sagrera to completed, the port’s area and coordinated through the Airport Master Sant Martí. The details of the plan are: infrastructures will have doubled, Plan, which provides for the regulation of enabling it to double its goods traffic too. activities in the airport premises and the One of the port's main appeals will be completion of the new passenger and Total area: 163 hectares (98 hectares of offices and housing; 53 hectares of green multi-access, thanks to the new road and cargo terminals and of the whole airport areas, and 12 hectares of facilities). 1. ECONOMIC PRESENTATION rail access, the arrival of the European in general. track width and the close proximity of the Construction of 8,000 new dwellings, offices and commercial premises.. airport. This extension, which will be The aim is to turn Barcelona El Prat completed in 2010, will make it possible airport into an international connection for the port to become the main logistics airport which will be able to meet the centre in Southern Europe. growing demands forecast between now For information on other projects for and the 2025 horizon. The main actions Barcelona and its environs, visit: envisaged by the Plan by 2007 are: 1.265 hectares of land surface area (currently 558 hectares). renovation and refurbishing of the current terminal area, building the third 786 hectares of sea area (currently 374 hectares). runway and extending the existing one, the new South terminal, road and rail 265 hectares of logistics areas (currently 65 access, the services area (air cargo hectares). centre and aeronautical park), and + environmental action. 16
  17. 17. LOCATION AND 1.3 THE PROPERTY MARKET 1.3.1 OFFICES AND BASIC INFORMATION RELATING TO OFFICES COMMERCIAL m2 PREMISES Office space 4.906.634 Barcelona’s business spaces – over 12 Contracted surface area 413.000 million square metres of industrial areas Available space 295.000 and around 4,500,000 square metres of total office floor space – enable business Non-occupancy rate 6% activities to grow and develop with Minimum and maximum rent prices (€/m2/month). 8,5 / 23,5 excellent value for money, especially with Source: Jones Lang Lasalle. 2005 regard to offices. OFFICE MARKET ZONING IN THE BARCELONA AREA Sant Cugat Vallès Occ. Sant Just Desvern Sant Joan Despí Cornellà Mas Blau Zona Franca Traditional central area Traditional business district Traditional secondary central New central districts Inner periphery Barcelona city. Barcelona city. zone Barcelona area. Barcelona area. Avenida Diagonal and City centre and central Barcelona city. Gran Via l’Hospitalet, Diagonal Zona Franca, Mas Blau, Passeig de Gràcia. Eixample area. Left and right Eixample, Mar, 22@, Olympic Village and Sant Cugat Business Park, 17 boundary areas. Port. Cornellà, Cerdanyola and Viladecans.
  18. 18. Commercial premises SHOPPING STREETS AND DISTRICTS IN BARCELONA Commerce has always played a very important role in Barcelona’s history. The commercial sector is one of the activities which best reflect the open mentality of Barcelona’s inhabitants and the city’s good economic development. In addition, Barcelona has inherited a track record as a successful Mediterranean trading city. In 2004, commercial sector turnover rose to €32,664 million, 6.2% higher than the previous year. This figure represents 15% of the city’s GDP and over 163,000 jobs. Barcelona has 17 BASIC INFORMATION RELATING TO COMMERCE open air shopping districts spread out Number of commercial establishments 53.668 throughout the city. They are city areas with high concentrations of shops. They • Wholesale (26,6%) 14.280 are generally shopping areas with a • Retail (73,4%) 39.388 different offering from the city centre. Non-occupancy rate 7,8% Average rent prices (€/m2/year) 600 1.3.2 INDUSTRIAL LAND Total average sale price (€/m2) 2.000 AND BUILDINGS Source: Developed in-house based on data provided by Global Property Alliance, King Sturge and Barcelona City Council Barcelona is one of the cities with the E-1 most real property available for industrial ZONING OF BARCELONA'S INDUSTRIAL OFFERING activities in the Mediterranean Basin: E-1 over 12 million square metres. In spite of the limits on increasing this availability with new industrial land, the metropolitan D-2 B-5 area offers new opportunities around the 1. ECONOMIC PRESENTATION D-1 main road arteries. The general trend B-4 C-3 E-1 indicates that the industrial land closest D-1 to Barcelona city centre is gradually C-4 C-2 being converted to mixed office, B-2 B-3 warehouse and residential premises B-1 A-3 C-1 A-2 E-1 A-1 E-1 Zona C Zona A Vallès Occidental and others Barcelonès, Baix llobregat AVERAGE PRICES FOR INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS AND PREMISES Industrial building rent price (€/m2/month) 7,1 Zona B Zona D Vallès Oriental and others Maresme and others Industrial building sale price (€/m2) 1.175 Industrial land total sale price (€/m2) 707,5 Zona E Source: Forcadell and King Sturge. Second ring 18
  19. 19. RENT COMPARISON. BUSINESS SPACES IN THE MAIN URBAN AREAS OF THE WORLD (2004) RENT Offices €/m2/year Commercial spaces €/m2/year Industry €/m2/month Amsterdam 345 1.600 65 Athens 320 3700 85 Barcelona 260 600 80 Beijing 175 1.349 125 Berlin 288 2.280 72 Birmingham 418 4.732 91 Brussels 280 1.300 68 Buenos Aires 90 190 35 Chicago 270 1.321 104 Dublin 516 6.000 120 Hong Kong 461 3.664 45 London 908 7.882 190 Madrid 280 720 85 Manchester 396 5.047 84 Miami 265 209 74 New York 435 2.573 106 Paris 670 8.000 61 San Francisco 240 739 104 Shanghai 315 1.125 45 Taipei 172 1.059 136 Tokyo 720 575 138 Washington 370 530 116 19 Source: Global Aliance Property
  20. 20. 1.3.3 AVAILABLE RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY Sarrià - Sant Gervasi Horta - Guinardó Nou Barris Les Corts Gràcia Sant Andreu L’Eixample Sant Martí Ciutat Vella Sants - Montjuïc HOUSING BY DISTRICT 2004 saw an upturn in the number of Reference prices (2005) SALE RENT dwellings in the market. The number of 1. ECONOMIC PRESENTATION Districts Newly built €/m2 Second hand €/m2 Average €/m2 dwellings available in Barcelona increased by 10.1%. Residential Ciutat Vella 4.200 3.900 10,4 construction has focused on the L'Eixample 5.276 4.139 10,56 outskirts, which have more land available, mostly free from other uses. All Sants 3.827 3.573 11,24 this new residential construction has Les Corts 4.393 4.402 12,93 increased its sale price by around 20.6%. The rental market, on the other Sarrià - Sant Gervasi 7.856 4.906 12,9 hand, has experienced a more moderate Gràcia 4.335 4.006 11,21 growth: around 7.6%. Horta - Guinardó 3.430 3.359 9,93 Nou Barris 3.350 3.121 9,75 Sant Andreu 3.581 3.364 9,65 Sant Martí 3.636 3.700 11.15 Average for Barcelona 4.493 3.813 10,91 20 Source: Municipal Housing Trust (Patronat Municipal de l'Habitatge)