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GBL Ecosystem for HED


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Published in: Education
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GBL Ecosystem for HED

  1. 1. Game-­‐based  Learning  Ecosystem  for  HED   •   Games   •   Learning  standards   •   Badge  system   •   Integra=on  guidelines   •   Repository   •   ADA   •   Crea=on  tools   Learning  Community   Students   Faculty  •   Developers   Ins=tu=on   •   Legislatures  •   Publishers   •   Founda=ons  •   Internal/External   •   Industry  associa=ons              consultants   Technology  Infrastructure   • Access    ŸDistribu=on  plaBorm    ŸSocial  Media     ŸBadge  system  ŸLMS    ŸAnaly=cs   Anne  Derryberry,     Sage  Road  Solu=ons  LLC   2011,  rev.  2012