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Framework for Adoption of GBL in HED


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Framework for Adoption of GBL in HED

  1. 1. DEVELOPING  A  FRAMEWORK  FOR  SUCCESSFUL  ADOPTION  OF  GAME-­‐BASED  LEARNING  IN  POSTSECONDARY  EDUCATION  Fall  2011    by  Anne  Derryberry  Analyst,  Sage  Road  SoluIons  Producer/Designer,  I’m  Serious  
  2. 2. Fall  2011   Anne  Derryberry,  Sage  Road  SoluIons,  LLC   2  Table  of  Contents   SecIon  1:  Gamed-­‐based  Learning  (GBL)  in  HED:   OpportuniIes  and  Challenges   SecIon  2:  Variables  AffecIng  GBL  AdopIon  and   Success  in  HED   SecIon  3:  Next  Steps  
  3. 3. Fall  2011   Anne  Derryberry,  Sage  Road  SoluIons,  LLC   3   GAMED-­‐BASED  LEARNING  (GBL)  IN   HED:  OPPORTUNITIES  AND   CHALLENGES   SECTION  1  
  4. 4. Fall  2011   Anne  Derryberry,  Sage  Road  SoluIons,  LLC   4   A  “Green  Field”  Opportunity   •  Growing  consumer  fascinaIon  with  games  is  driving  accelerated   interest  in  using  games  in  and  for  learning.   •  AdopIon  of  games  for  learning  is  in  its  early  stages.     •  While  universiIes  and  colleges  are  adding  courses,  curricula  and   programs  to  teach  game  design  and  development,  very  few  are  using   game  principles  to  improve  teaching  and  learning  experiences.   •  Pockets  of  innovaIon  are  beginning  to  emerge  related  to  technology   tools,  pla_orms  and  Itles.  As  yet,  there  are  virtually  no  examples  of   systemic  insItuIonal  adopIon.   •  There  is  a  wide-­‐open  opportunity  to  “flip”  the  conversaIon  from  a   focus  on  producing  digital  assets  to  leveraging  the  moIvaIonal  and   engagement  elements  of  games  and  gamificaIon  to  promote   student  retenIon,  progress  and  compleIon.  
  5. 5. Fall  2011   Anne  Derryberry,  Sage  Road  SoluIons,  LLC   5  Many  ConsideraIons  for  InsItuIons  Considering  Broad  Scale  AdopIon  of  GBL,  Including…  •  Learning  content  takes  many   •  Feedback  system  (aka   forms,  e.g.:   “GamificaIon”  or  “Behavior   •  Scavenger  hunts   MoIvaIon  System”)   •  Drill-­‐and-­‐pracIce  games   •  Profiles   •  e-­‐Learning  w/  game  dynamics  as   •  Badges   part  of  design   •  Awards/incenIves   •  Immersive  simulaIons   •  Leaderboards   •  Alternate  reality   •  Social  media  pla_orm   •  Augmented  reality/locaIon-­‐ •  CommunicaIons   based  services     •  CollaboraIons  •  Mobile  access   •  LMS  integraIon  •  Technical  support    
  6. 6. Spring  2012   Anne  Derryberry,  Sage  Road  SoluIons,  LLC   6  “Leveling  Up”    Game-­‐based  Learning  in  HED  Successful  adopIon  of  game-­‐based  learning  requires:  •  A  solid  understanding  of  the  GBL  ecosystem  •  A  deep  knowledge  of  game-­‐based  learning  on  both  a   micro-­‐  and  a  macro-­‐level  •  A  detailed  framework  for  adopIon  addressing  market   realiIes,  insItuIonal  requirements,  partner  idenIficaIon,   technology  integraIon,  and  organizaIonal  readiness.        
  7. 7. 7   Game-­‐based  Learning  Ecosystem  for  HED   •   Games   •   Learning  standards   •   Badge  system   •   IntegraIon  guidelines   •   Repository   •   ADA   •   CreaIon  tools   Learning  Community   Students   Faculty  •   Developers   InsItuIon   •   Legislatures  •   Publishers   •   FoundaIons  •   Internal/External   •   Industry  associaIons              consultants   Technology  Infrastructure   • Access    ŸDistribuIon  pla_orm    ŸSocial  Media     ŸBadge  system  ŸLMS    ŸAnalyIcs   Anne  Derryberry,     Sage  Road  SoluIons  LLC   2011,  rev.  2012  
  8. 8. Fall  2011   Anne  Derryberry,  Sage  Road  SoluIons,  LLC   8   VARIABLES  AFFECTING  GBL   ADOPTION  AND  SUCCESS  IN  HED   SECTION  2  
  9. 9. Fall  2011   Anne  Derryberry,  Sage  Road  SoluIons,  LLC   9  Challenges  to  AdopIon  of  GBL  in    Postsecondary  EducaIon  •  On-­‐going  percepIon  that  games  aren’t  suitable  for  serious   learning    •  Limited  content  available  for  postsecondary  audiences  •  “Pilot  project”  funding,  lifle  planning  for  sustainability  •  Mostly  “home  grown”  –  specific  to  an  instructor  and  a   course  •  Many  exisIng  Itles  are  developed  in  Flash,  so  not  iOS-­‐ compaIble  •  Not  correlated  to  learning  standards  •  Not  integrated  with  LMSs    
  10. 10. Fall  2011   Anne  Derryberry,  Sage  Road  SoluIons,  LLC   10  Factors  Most  Likely  to  Affect  Successful  AdopIon  of  Game-­‐based  Learning  in  HED   •  InsItuIonal  Commitment  and  Support   •  Academic  Excellence   •  Assessment,  Tracking  and  Analysis   •  Technology  Infrastructure  and  Equipment   •  Content  Management  and  Maintenance   •  HosIng,  Licensing  and  Fees   •  Faculty  Readiness  &  Support   •  Impact  on  Students    
  11. 11. Fall  2011   Anne  Derryberry,  Sage  Road  SoluIons,  LLC   11  InsItuIonal  Commitment  and  Support  •  Independent,  “pilot  project”  efforts  are  popping  up   with  increasing  frequency.  •  Lack  of  insItuIonal  recogniIon  makes  it  difficult  for   other  faculty  to  learn  of  and  from  those  pilot   projects.  •  Without  insItuIonal  support,  there  will  be  no   cohesion  or  quality  assurance.    
  12. 12. Fall  2011   Anne  Derryberry,  Sage  Road  SoluIons,  LLC   12  Making  Commitment  Explicit  InsItuIons  can  best  communicate  their  posiIon  on  GBL  via:   •  Statement  of  support  from  highest  academic  officers  and  IT   leaders   •  Clearly  defined  and  arIculated  strategy  for  new  direcIon   •  Center  of  Excellence  to  coordinate,  promote,  support,   enable  GBL   •  Commitment  to  balancing  academic  excellence,  program   integrity,  academic  freedom,  student  achievement   •  Grants,  awards  for  academic  innovaIon   •  OpportuniIes  for  faculty  engagement,  input  and  innovaIon   •  OpportuniIes  for  student  involvement,  contribuIon,   innovaIon        
  13. 13. Fall  2011   Anne  Derryberry,  Sage  Road  SoluIons,  LLC   13  Academic  Excellence  •  If  GBL  is  to  be  adopted  across  the  insItuIon,  what   educaIonal  criteria  and  quality  metrics  will  guide  that   planning  and  implementaIon?  •  Criteria  for  evaluaIon  may  include:   •  “Approved”  usages,  applicaIons   •  “Approved”  games/assets   •  “Approved”  vendors  •  Is  there  a  system  of  review/approval  before  a  course   incorporaIng  GBL  is  launched?      •  How  can  instructors  produce  and/or  customize   games/assets?  
  14. 14. Fall  2011   Anne  Derryberry,  Sage  Road  SoluIons,  LLC   14  Assessment  and  Tracking   A  move  from  discrete  learning  games  to  game-­‐based   learning  requires  a  shik  from  game-­‐as-­‐closed-­‐system  to   game-­‐as-­‐data-­‐rich-­‐learning-­‐arIfact.   •  Will  the  insItuIon  accept/adopt  games  as  a  way  to  assess   learning?  Will  badges  for  learning  have  a  role  to  play?   •  Can  student-­‐developed  games  be  exemplars  of  student   achievement?   •  How  will  student  acIvity  within  games  be  transferred  to  LMS?  
  15. 15. Fall  2011   Anne  Derryberry,  Sage  Road  SoluIons,  LLC   15  Data  Analysis   GBL  can  generate  new  categories  of  student  data,   including  how  student  performance  inside  a  game  can   predict  future  behaviors  in  the  game,  in  future  learning   acIviIes,  even  in  future  workplace  performance.     •  Will  insItuIon  take  advantage  of  these  data?     •  Which  and  how?       •  Where  will  data  live?    
  16. 16. Fall  2011   Anne  Derryberry,  Sage  Road  SoluIons,  LLC   16  Readiness  for  Technology  Advancements  Mobile,  social  and  locaIon-­‐based  services  are  the  focus  of  technology  advancements  over  next  several  years:  •  Mobile   •  Smartphones  and  tablets   •  4G  transmission  •  Social  media  •  LocaIon  based  services  These  trends  will  be  reflected  in  educaIon  –  especially  game-­‐based  learning  –    just  as  with  every  other  industry.  
  17. 17. Fall  2011   Anne  Derryberry,  Sage  Road  SoluIons,  LLC   17  Technology  Infrastructure  and  Equipment  •  What  demands  will  GBL  put  on  IT?  Will  exisIng   infrastructure  accommodate  the  load  from  networked   mulI-­‐player  games  and  social  media?  •  As  more  content  moves  to  mobile,  will  students   access  that  content  via  the  insItuIon’s  gateway/ paywall,  or  receive  pointers/referrals  to  third-­‐party   sources?    •  Is  it  preferable  to  standardize  on  a  single  mobile   operaIng  system?  Device  category?  Vendor?  Carrier?  •  How  will  equity  of  access  be  assured  for  students  of   all  economic  status  levels?  
  18. 18. Fall  2011   Anne  Derryberry,  Sage  Road  SoluIons,  LLC   18  Content  Management  and  Maintenance  •  GBL  assets  must  be  kept  fresh,  just  as  textbooks  and   other  teaching  aids  must  be  curated  and  refreshed.  •  As  technology  trends  emerge  (e.g.,  new  access   devices,  operaIng  system  upgrades,  transport   protocols),  assets  must  be  updated  to  remain   compaIble.    •  Internal  faculty-­‐produced  assets  are  the  greatest   point  of  vulnerability  vis-­‐à-­‐vis  asset  currency.  
  19. 19. Fall  2011   Anne  Derryberry,  Sage  Road  SoluIons,  LLC   19  HosIng,  Licensing  and  Fees  Third-­‐party  providers  may  help  accelerate  Ime  to  adopIon.  Agreements  with  providers/publishers  must  contemplate  many  issues.  •  Hosted  access?  Version  access?  Upgrades  for  life?  •  Licensing  as  sokware?  Or  licensing  as  learning  resources/ textbooks?  •  Open?  Commercial?  •  InsItuIonal  tech?  Or  personal  tech  running  university   resources?  •  How  are  fee  schedules  constructed?  By  seat?  By  download?  By   course?  
  20. 20. Fall  2011   Anne  Derryberry,  Sage  Road  SoluIons,  LLC   20  Faculty  Readiness  and  Support  •  Faculty  need  to  know  how  to  incorporate  GBL   resources  into  their  syllabi  and  into  their  teaching.   How  can  instructors  learn  about  GBL?  Get  ideas  for   their  own  teaching?  •  Faculty  who  are  interested  in  developing  their  own   GBL  resource(s)  need  pedagogical  and  technical  skills   and  support.  Will  insItuIon  provide  this  support?  If   so,  how?  
  21. 21. Fall  2011   Anne  Derryberry,  Sage  Road  SoluIons,  LLC   21  Impact  on  Students  •  What  kinds  of  communicaIons/messaging  will  be   necessary  for  the  insItuIon’s  consItuents  (i.e.,   students,  parents,  employers)  to  embrace  GBL?  •  Will  students  need  to  purchase  new  technology?  Will   insItuIon  offset  cost?  Can  technology  and  content  be   rented?  What  are  limitaIons  to  renIng?  •  For  mobile  technology,  any  offset  for  wireless  carrier   fees?  •  Will  access  to  GBL  assets  fall  into  the  same  category   as  textbooks,  i.e.,  student  responsibility?  Available  in   library  or  lab?  
  22. 22. Fall  2011   Anne  Derryberry,  Sage  Road  SoluIons,  LLC   22   NEXT  STEPS   SECTION  3  
  23. 23. Need  help  geong  started?     Give  us  a  call  at  Sage  Road  SoluIons.               We  know  how  to  get  you  there.