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one year anniversary


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bridget and ryan

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one year anniversary

  1. 1. One year in a nutshell. Ryan and Bridget
  2. 2. How it all began on May 18, 2007...
  3. 3. That first hello led to an email… <ul><li>… and if I recall correctly this hello had something to do with a mountain lion and me stranded in the wilderness…? </li></ul>
  4. 4. An email led to a phone call… what is up u 13 year old piece of jail bait good 2 c u finally found my profile haha. Well write back and if u ever want 2 call me it's 830-2648 holla at your boy. Our first email: My reply: hey!yup, i found it, what r u up to? thanx for ur number, haha, bye
  5. 5. A phone call led to a date… Our first movie: Music and Lyrics
  6. 6. A date led to a kiss…
  7. 7. And a kiss led to Love…
  8. 8. Together we obviously like to be silly…
  9. 9. And might i mention that a certain someone likes to tease me with things i cant have…but of course i eventually get them and rub them your face 
  10. 12. Till death do us part…